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The other day I heard My Chemical Romance‘s “Famous Last Worlds” on the AltNation.  Got me thinking of making a playlist of 2000s post-hardcore…. or screamo.  I ended up diving through some of my favourite bands of the early 2000s and made a pretty good set.  If I can make some time, I’ll get that up on Mixcloud.

One of the songs I remembered was a group called No Motiv.  They never had any radio hits…but I used to have this old Vagrant records music video DVD.  It had a collection of Vagrant bands on it… and No Motiv had a video for “Brand New Day.”

The band broke up more-or-less after the 2003 album Daylight Breaking.

No Motiv – “Brand New Day”

Download MP3 >> No Motiv – Brand New Day

Go with yourself.

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