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Holy shit… I totally forgot about Ought. I’m such a dummy.

I used to love those guys (and they soundtracked a couple adventures to Seattle…huh). Now they are on Merge records in the US and Royal Mountain in Canada.

There is just too much music, it hard to keep up with everything all the time.

Ought’s third album is called Room Inside a View.  The record comes out on February 16th. The first single is “These 3 Things.”

Ought out west with a band called The Flasher. I should road trip to see them in Seattle…for old times sake.

03-22 Portland, OR – Mississippi Studios 
03-23 Seattle, WA – Chop Suey 
03-24 Vancouver, British Columbia – The Cobalt 

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On the @mvcoho. Off to #Seattle.

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Go with yourself.

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downtown boys

When there is shit going on in the this world. A movement, a happening, it is music that provides the soundtrack.

There is something special about punk rock and people need to articulate something. Victoria Ruiz fronts the politically blistering Downtown Boys. Their record Full Communism comes out in May. The first feature song is called “Monstro” and features a fast-forward thought bomb from the Rhode Island based singer who spits between English and Spanish. The song survives and advances into a nice saxophone hook .

I was trolling Montreal based-American-Australian band Ought’s twitter to see if they had any new music. They retweeted Downtown Boys, but I did not find any new music.

I’ll have to settle for “Pill” from their Once More With Feeling ep.

Once more with feeling!

Go with yourself.

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Back to the grind for a couple more days. I’ll be jamming my final two radio shows on The Zone @ 91-3 this week. Then I am off to Vancouver to take on the Afternoon Show on CFOX!

This past weekend was spent in Redmond, Washington. My wife’s sister and her family moved to the Seattle suburb and it was our first chance to catch up with them since moving to the Pacific Northwest.

I always LOVE exploring Washington State. We took the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles and meandered east to a town called Kingston. We took a quick ferry across the Puget Sound to Edmonds and then criss-crossed northern Seattle to Redmond.

Our soundtrack pretty much the whole way there? Montreal based Ought and their record More Than Any Other Day.

I was reading Paste’s 20 Best New Bands list. (Ought was number 14)

I am now obsessed with their post-punky vibes that remind me of 80s alternative or even Modest Mouse.

We had this record on repeat for our cruise through the temperate rainforest.

Go with yourself.

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Possible future band name for my 80s-inspired dance dark pop/chillwave project: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.  Don’t steal it….

Email from Dine Alone Records, sharing the new solo music from Yukon Blonde’s Jeffrey Innes.  he calls his new project High Ends.  The email did say, “a mix of ‘80s-inspired dance pop as Innes croons tuneful hooks over a slithery backdrop of electronic syncopations and spooky arpeggiators.”

That “80s-inspired” line is sadly turning into the worst cliché in modern alternative. Lucky for me the song leans more toward the “spooky.”

Pitchfork had nice things to say about the song “The Weight.”

“(…)more akin to American weirdos of various unseemliness from Ariel Pink to Jim James, tapping into a bygone era of retro-futurism and resulting in something so out-of-time that it sounds timeless.”

This song by a group called Ought keeps popping up on my Soundcloud feed, and I oddly dig it.


Lastly… another cut from Bastille.  Thinking of featuring this next on the radio.

Go with yourself.

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