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bad suns
An email today from Vagrant Records asked me to check out their new band, Bad Suns.  Vagrant says it will appeal to fans of Imagine Dragons, The 1975, Grouplove… that sorta modern rock.  Sure.  I also hear that classic Vagrant sound I remember from the 2000s.

Good thing they post the lyrics on their soundcloud, I was like, “huh, why is this dude singing about wearing a vest?”

Its catchy for sure… and he is saying “how much do I invest.”  I get it.

Here is the press release from Vagrant.

And here is a blog giving the LA band BIG UPs back in October…and when they blow up and become the “next Imagine Dragons” we can all be like… pshhhhh, I was into them back in October.

AND here is a blog that says the Phoenix SUNS are not that BAD.

Go with yourself.

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