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Have a listen to this! NEW (old) Pantera!  The only complete unreleased Pantera song known….

Pantera – “Piss”

Unbelievable.  20 years after the initial release of Vulgar Display of Power… one of the defining groove metal records of all-time… Vinnie Paul uncovered this gem from the vault. He says its the only complete unreleased Pantera song.

This is from the press release.

While combing through the Pantera vaults for the 20th anniversary reissue of VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER, drummer Vinnie Paul made an astounding discovery: “Piss,” an incendiary blast of vintage Pantera from the original recording sessions that had long been forgotten. After 20 years “Piss” is finally making it’s debut.

‘Piss’ is the only unheard complete Pantera track in existence. It was recorded at the same time as VULGAR DISPLAY OF POWER and it’s 100 percent Pantera with attitude and our signature groove!” said Paul. “After mixing it, I can’t believe it didn’t make the record! So it’s 2012 and 20 years later and new Pantera music has been delivered. Cheers!”

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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ZAS >> I pissed in a cup

It was a long day at the old radio factory today.

Friday night, during the request hour at 6PM…. I had to urinate so badly, but the phones was ringing off the hook. What is a frazzled Zone @ 91-3 radio DJ to do?

Go with yourself.

Listen at Mixcloud: ZAS >> I Pissed In A Cup

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