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Coral and I have always liked Mandalay Bay as our first choice of hotels for our Vegas wedding.  Vancityrockergirl had her reception there and it was pretty swank. However, when we were looking at costs, the price was prohibitive until today.

Vancityrockgirl found a price for Mandalay that puts it in the strike zone.  $119 for the weekend nights and $69 for the weeknights!  Insane.  She must have some kind of code or wizardry to get that price.

so whats that? $583 for a week in Vegas for Coral and I?  Do you think I could put the screws to Mandalay Bay and get two rooms for an even $1,000?

Needless to say, armed with this knowledge, I’ll need Flamingo to play ball if they want to be the vortex for the wedding.  Still getting married at Flamingo, but stay at Mandalay Bay?

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