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Max Kerman from the Arkells talks about his role in a viral wedding proposal video.

Chris Murray from Ottawa wanted to surprise his Arkells loving girlfriend with a memorable wedding proposal and asked Max to help out. He said yes and then she said yes. Neat.

Go with yourself.

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Its a bit of a retro hazy throwback style, but I dig Portland’s Blitzen Trapper.

I think it was either Cait Fraser or her old boyfriend that got me into the song “Furr.”  Such a groovy song.  I downloaded a couple other songs from the band.  The other day SubPop sent their album to the Zone and it caught my eye so I punched it up.

Its a cool, cool record.  If you enjoy the folky 70s summer-esque psychedelic rock & roll, you might like this record.

I have a few favourites and I’ll share a couple with you here.

Blitzen Trapper – “Girl in a Coat”

Download MP3 >> 06 Girl in a Coat 1

This song has all sorts of imagery going on.  I like to believe its a romantic ode to a “girl in a coat.”  Singing about seasons and adventuring… its a pretty song indeed.

The other song I like talks about space!  Maybe a great theme song for DW’s SpaceBook.

Blitzen Trapper – “Astronaut”

Download MP3 >> 08 Astronaut 1

OK… so its not really about space… its about a girl, of course, like ALL songs.  But like… I hope her brother’s don’t come after him!  Nice.  Spacesuits, grand “illusions,” then some good all southern style groove.

Righteous.  I was third and inches from buying the vinyl on the weekend… found an ounce of discipline and kept from spending my meager pay-cheque on music for a change.


It was my last wedding of the season yesterday under the tent at Sea Cider.  I’ll have a handful of events till the end of the year, but most the hustle and bustle is winding down.

It was a very nice, contemporary wedding in a light rain.  I think I like October weddings.  Wait… I got married in October! (so did my folks).  No wonder.  Neat.

I had posted the other day about Wedding First Dance Songs.  Coral and I got married in Vegas and had our reception at Dos Caminos… mighty TIME!  But no dancing, no first dance… there were kinda some drunken speeches yelled over the din of the restaurant, but definitely not a traditional wedding style.

BUT what would Coral and I have chosen as a wedding song?  Back when we planned such things, Coral saw on Ellen that she used this Joshua Radin song, “Today.” I imagine that in 2008/09 that was a very popular song to use for a first dance.

I would choose Grand Archives, “Swan Matches” or even The National’s “Slow Show.” I dunno if its like “romantic” in the traditional sense, but an important song to me personally.

Corjamorj texted me while I was at the wedding last night.  I guess she read this blog or thought about it or whatever… but she would pick Ray LaMontagne’s “Shelter.”

Then talking with Sea Cider’s Alix… I went, “wait a minute, I have emails from all the brides and grooms and all the songs they chose as first dances… maybe I should make a playlist with the songs.”

Last night, after the wedding… I changed into my pajama pants and bro-shirt, got comfy on the couch and sifted through old emails to find all the first dance requests.  Then made:

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> First Dance Songs Part 2

Have a listen.


I had a great weekend with Mads.  Saturday we all mostly did chores and cleaned our apartment.  Then I took Maddy swimming which she loves.  The public pool is just $6, which I think is good value for the amount of time it keeps us entertained and active.  A movie date would cost many times that, be a strong pull towards junk food, be sedentary and keep her occupied for less time.

So I’m bullish on investing in public pools!

Sunday I woke up oddly early.  I watched a movie then thought, I better use my day before I lounge it away… as I got ready to skip outta the house, Mads woke up too and asked if we could go downtown.  Sure, so I got her ready (well Corj did her hair like always) and we went record shopping (where I did NOT buy Blitzen Trapper) then to Shine for breakfast.  It was lined up down the block with a whose-who of hipsters, UVic kids and people-about-town.  But I was on Island time so Mads and I used the 30-40 minutes to explore the city (she really like going “downtown”) and playing train.

Then crushed back the most mighty of omelets, toast, fruit and bacon!  Being only 3-and-a-half.. Madelyn is a pretty cheap date as we share just one breakfast.

That’s all I got… I kinda want to go back to Las Vegas now after recalling our reception!

Go with yourself.

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Pol was talking on his show about the home stereo the other day.  Great discussion about how he still has a home stereo and he called it a “shrine” to music.  Neat.

I love my home stereo… and its still a goal to improve it dramatically.  I want/NEED a Rega turntable because I love them. A new amp (though I love my old one, its just a piece of temperamental shit sometimes) and maybe new speakers one day.

Right now, it all serves purpose and works (kinda) so its hard to take money to fix it up.

I do love just having it in my home.  Like a historic or religious artifact.


Yesterday on facebook. I asked friends to send me their wedding “first dance” song or the song they would use… if they ever decided to get married.  Lots of wonderful selections were sent in, so I made a podcast with some selections.

Mixcloud >> First Dance Songs Part 1

This podcast is part one, because I am pretty sure it’ll be a two-part or multi-part series as there are just so many great songs.

Go with yourself.

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boys a couple in

Vancityrockgirl was wondering about a restaurant review.  That is something I should leave to her as she knows and does a better job writing about grub than I ever could.  As you can see from the above picture, our reception was a drunken good time, but I’ll do my best to recall the food and service.

Coral and I had our reception at The Palazzo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas at a restaurant called Dos Caminos.

Coral and I wanted to do something either Mexican or Greek and there are no good Greek places we could find in Vegas online.  For Vancityrockgirl’s wedding she had us at Border Grill which was mighty, but since we had tried that one already we wanted something different and closer to The Flamingo.

Then there were some budget concerns so it had to be in our strike zone for cost.

We searched the the net and searched some more.  That was one of the fun things of planning was staying up late with Corj dreaming about different restaurants and what it *could* be like.  In the end we found that many places were just too expensive and/or not flexible.  The few that we felt were good value had brutal customer service and to be 100 percent honest, Dos Caminos won because Julie their marketing/event lady was excellent on the email, quick and accommodating.  Coral told her our budget, what we want and that we wanted it all and Julie made it happen.  We were so happy before we even left that we had made a good choice even though we were going on reviews from the intersphere and pictures of the venue online.

When we got to Las Vegas, Coral and I strolled up to The Palazzo to see the place and it was even nicer than the pictures.  We met Julie and she showed us the special menus that she had made for us which was a nice touch and something that I did not expect.  I think we brought one home so I’ll get it scanned to show you.

razer jenn and dad

On game day, things went super smoothly. We arrived, walked past the wall of skulls (yes they have a wall of skulls) to three large tables set back but still part of the action of the restaurant.  We had a couple servers who had the drinks moving promptly.

Coral and I had a special menu made for our guests, but really we were buying food ala carte, so if people didn’t like what was offered they could pick anything.

The servers kept the booze flowing which was nice as it was a timed open bar and drinks needed to be brought by servers.  They let everyone two and in a few storied cases three fist the drinks.  Jugs of sangria and margarita.  good times.  The serving team really went above and beyond to ensure our party was spectacular for our friends and family.  At one point, Razer had to leave before the food came out, so they took his dish back and re-made it an hour later when he could return!

The food was high quality if maybe a little small on the portions.  Luckily some people weren’t even hungry so I ate a little of everything.

I had the pork tacos, Coral the steak.  Her steak was excellent.  The flank steak at Border Grill is good and we had it the next night, but I think I prefer the Dos Caminos steak… the only thing, you get more food at Border Grill.

Coral giving an eye

I loved the service and quality of food at Dos Caminos.

I didn’t like the portion size and that is was buried in the bowels of The Palazzo which in turn is at the back of the Venetian.  The worst part of the Venetian is the goofy aroma they blast in that place, made me sick almost.  Luckily you don’t notice it as much in the restaurant.

Bob giving a gun

I am very thankful that Jane was there snapping so many pictures of the party!

That’s all I got for now, I need to get to work!

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I punched up some Stooges tonight to sit down and research and discover and explore on the internet.  I had the album ‘Fun House‘ rotating the hardrive and wasn’t feeling it.  Its not bad, but just makes me want to listen to Lou Reed.

Then I noticed I also have their eponymous record that includes “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”  Now I get it… that song completely destroys.  What I wasn’t wholly prepared for was the 10 minute dirges… trippy.

I got on this late 60s, 70s alt rock kick because I have been enjoying the Replacements all weekend.  And well, one the time machines goes back to the 80s, you can’t not let it take you all the way.

The Replacements are always a good go to band for me.  Help me get to a nice relaxed state if I feel some anxiety or whatever.  But their real beauty is they jazz me on classic jangly alternative music of the by-gone era.

Coral and I are getting ready to take off to Las Vegas on Wednesday and September has been a trying month for me financially.  It wasn’t any one thing, but a series of small things that all conspired against me in September, any one of them alone would have been no big deal (and some even a little welcome) but with the steady grind it whacked my bank account right before the trip.  Couple that with the fact that almost every wedding expense seems to be just a little more than my initial budget and it had my heart palpating a bit days before the rip.

Coral and I still have our warchest and we’re good to go… but there was a brief moment in early September where we had some confidence that we’d exceed our own expectations and I guess not reaching a goal that I had worked at kinda hurt me.  Coral is more zen about it, she says we have our initial budget and so we’re good to go and get married.  AND we bought wedding bands!  Ha, we briefly flirted with the idea of dropping that and then last minute (early in the month when projections were good) added wedding bands.  We went to a store called “Old and Gold” by Coral’s work.  They sell pawned or “re purposed” jewelery.  I bought a wedding band that had another date inscribed on it.  I wanted to keep the old date, but Coral and the jeweler said I could (or should) not.  Too bad, I think it would have been neat to keep that old marker on the ring.

So we’re off to Vegas on Wednesday and I managed to get sick over the weekend.  I took a day today to rest and hang out with Madelyn.  I don’t want to get too sick and push myself and stress out for fear of looking like a Swine Flu victim before trying to cross the border into America.

Already it is time to set my eyes toward the future.  I have tried hard to keep my focus on October 11th and not a day ahead.  But sometimes my mind gets away with excitement.  Coral and I have been talking about starting a business as we usually do, but seeing as she’ll be unemployed (barring some sort of miracle) come December, we might as well get serious about it.  Slowly the concept is taking shape.  We’re not going to re-invent the wheel.  Just pick something and be the best at it.

Oh, and on the broadcasting front, we’re working on some things at The Zone which I hope will raise my community profile (and the boss man says *might* lead to some money) so fingers crossed for that project.

That’s all I got for tonight, just brainstorming and I’m hoping sitting in the sun in Vegas around the pool will help me flesh out some new creative ideas and projects and bring some focus.

I really want a pizza sub from subway, like really badly.

Go with yourself.

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I can’t believe its less than a month away till Vegas.  I am very excited.  Last weekend Coral, mads and I packed up the Victoria family and journeyed to the wilds of Coquitlam.

My Mom and Dad threw us a most extravagant backyard wedding reception type party.  It was great to reconnect with friends, family and the family of friends.

A highlight for me was watching the gaggle of kids running around in the backyard getting up to no goodness, eating apples off the trees, and general tyke horse play.

Some scotch was drank (thanks ted!) and the bonds of friendship were strengthened.  I really am having troubles with patience as the final count down to Vegas is upon us.

Next party, there will be even more babies as Ted’s wife and my cousin Mo are expecting.  I was thinking that if Tracy had put her newborn son in Vancityrock‘s arms, she’d bee-line home and get baby making herself!

Thank you to my folks and sister and brother CJ for helping to create this wonderful party and to everyone that took a few moments in their life to spend a sunny late summer evening with Coral and I.


Today I woke up with a mad lust for tacos.  Lately I can’t seem to eat enough cilantro/Mexican or stop dreaming about Mediterranean food.  Weird.

The tacos were a force this morning that I had to indulge in.  I have a recipe burning a whole through the memory of my Blackberry that I had to cook (the Blackberry Food Network App is mighty).

The main issue I was facing, no cumin, no car, baby.  I put Madelyn on my shoulders and grabbed my shopping bag and huffed it overland to Fairways.

The advantage to this peregrination is that it kept Mads excited and engaged.  The disadvantage is that cooking with a toddler under foot is both dangerous and trying.

I quickly crafted her a tapas dish of tomatoes and bananas.  Weird but I guess the two go together well for Madelyn as she was content to munch on that salad while I prepared my tacos.

Pork Tacos with a Tomato Salsa and Creamed Avocados

You’ll be needing:

a package of ground pork
some shrimp
a bunch of chopped cilantro stems
2 TBSPN cumin
2 tspn paprika
1 chopped hot chili
1 clove garlic chopped
1 shallot chopped
the juice of half a lime
a pinch of sugar
a pinch of salt

tomato salsa

3 tomatoes diced
2 green onions chopped
a bunch of cilantro diced
the juice of half or maybe one lime
some salt
a pinch of sugar

for the creamed avocado

2 avocados roughly chopped
1/4 cup of sour cream
1  green onion chopped
juice of a lime
pinch of sugar
pinch of salt

Here we go:

Brown the pork in a frying pan.  When it is golden and cooked, add the shallots, garlic and chopped chili pepper and cook for another minute or two.  Then add the cumin and paprika and stir.  At this point, your house will smell fantastic.

Add the shrimp and cook till it turns pink.

Let it cook for another minute or two and then add the lime juice, cilantro stems and a pinch of sugar, stir and remove from heat.

While the pork is browning you make the salsa by chopping the tomatoes, green onion and cilantro.  Fire that into a bowl and toss it in lime juice.  That’s done.

To make the creamed avocado, peel and take the nut out of a couple avocados.  Chop them roughly and put into a bowl.  Add the chopped green onion, a quatre cup of sour cream and some lime juice and mash.  You might want to add a pinch of salt and sugar.

The recipe called for the juice of 2 and half limes… I only had two left and I used two and it was still WAY to tart.  I’d almost use no limes or maybe half a lime next time.  Or just make guacamole.

Get your hands on your favourite taco shells, or tortillas and pile a scoop of the pork/shrimp mixture on your tortilla with a nice big spoon full of tomato salsa and a dollop of creamed avocado.  Garnish with a little cilantro and yum it up.

That’s all I got right now.  Still dreaming about those tacos.  wow.  Cumin is not the most authentic Mexican seasoning but I don’t care, its just plain good.

My buddy Alex sent me a link to some rare Canadian history… apperently during World War 2 the German’s set up a weather station in Canada? That’s a CBC movie that needs to be made!

Go with yourself.

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My brother is getting married!

Now last I remembered… there was talk of it being on the beach in Mexico?

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Coral and I have always liked Mandalay Bay as our first choice of hotels for our Vegas wedding.  Vancityrockergirl had her reception there and it was pretty swank. However, when we were looking at costs, the price was prohibitive until today.

Vancityrockgirl found a price for Mandalay that puts it in the strike zone.  $119 for the weekend nights and $69 for the weeknights!  Insane.  She must have some kind of code or wizardry to get that price.

so whats that? $583 for a week in Vegas for Coral and I?  Do you think I could put the screws to Mandalay Bay and get two rooms for an even $1,000?

Needless to say, armed with this knowledge, I’ll need Flamingo to play ball if they want to be the vortex for the wedding.  Still getting married at Flamingo, but stay at Mandalay Bay?

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So it has been decided that Corj and I will be getting married on October 11th in scenic, historic Las Vegas, Nevada.

The talk was to stay at and get married at Mandalay Bay.  However, after some searching and digging… Mandalay Bay is expensive.  So… here’s what’s up.

If you are coming to the wedding, or maybe you don’t know me well enough to come to my wedding… but let’s say you were my friend… then the question is, where should we all stay?

Last May, Natalie and Tyler got married in Vegas and it was an outrageously fun time.  We stayed at the Flamingo, Coral and I know this place to be good (and likely we’ll be saying the “I do’s” in one of the gardens there).  Coral and I made a short list of Casino’s that we like for cost/pool/location/family friendliness.  What do you think?

01) Mandalay Bay – Best Pool on the strip.  Seriously, look at it from space on Google Maps, it crushes every other casino.  Sadly, one of the more expensive hotel’s and located at the beginning of the strip so not as central.

02) Flamingo – The cheapest of the decent hotels, great pool, centrally located, likely having the ceremony in the garden here.  Downside really is that Corj and I already stayed here for Nat’s wedding and we were thinking of trying a new place.

03) Monte Carlo –  Whoa… Coral and I hadn’t really thought of it till we searched “best pools in Vegas” and this place ranked just behind Mandalay Bay.   Central location, good price. ***Natalie says that is beside the City Center mega project construction which could be a problem and the pool is in shade a lot of the time.

04) MGM Grand – Epic Pool, alright rooms, a little on the more expensive side, alright location.

05) Luxor – The pyramid one.  Also down at the end, bit not as end of the strip as Mandalay Bay.  Neat rooms… alright pool, alright price.

06) Mirage – Lush pool just like Flamingo.  Centrally located, OK price.

What are your thoughts?  if you are planning on coming to the wedding, where would YOU like to stay?… and don’t be shy.  Coral and I are going to book next week or the week and your thoughts and ideas will make the difference! huzzah.

For all things travel related and especially Vegas related, hit Vancityrockgirl’s blog!

some thoughts from Vancityrockgirl that she posted on my Facebook:
of the hotel options listed, mandalay bay is definitely the best hotel and the nicest pool.
second choice would be the mirage. newly renovated rooms and pool area. their “bare” pool is very hot right now… lots of celebs.
flamingo is great, but as you said, been there, done that. so i don’t need to tell you anything about there.
luxor sucks. rooms are very old and run down and the pool area is very basic.
mgm has a great pool area, but the rooms are so-so. if you decide to stay here, upgrade to a suite. i’d avoid the basic rooms. Read More
monte carlo is a great hotel, i love it there…. and the pool area is great… but (and this is a BIG BUT) it is currently totally shaded all day long because of the mammoth construction next door at city center. the rooms are not quiet because of the construction and the pool area doesn’t get sun anymore. total bummer, but that’s why you see their rates so cheap.

lso, (and perhaps most importantly) keep in mind that when you book direct with the hotel, you can cancel your reservation with no penalty. promo codes for october won’t come out until the end of summer (prob august), so i’d book and then keep an eye out for deals and either change hotels in august/september or get your rate matched to the current promo rate.
if you book with a 3rd party (expedia etc) or a package, you will not have this option.

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According to my Last FM page, here is what has been getting the most play at home over the past 7 days.

01) The National
02) Jimmy Eat World
03) Face to Face
04) By A Thread
05) Explosions in The Sky
06) Coheed and Cambria
07) Led Zeppelin
07) Braid
07) Fleet Foxes
10) The Frames
10) Grand Archives

That sounds about right.  As you might notice, heavily influenced by the top 20n records thing I wrote the other day, revisiting some albums.  And Explosions in the Sky get played all the time.  They’d be higher on the list, but their songs are about 8 minutes each, so they get half the spins of say… Face to Face.

In car, its all the new Franz Ferdinand or even some Gaslight Anthem.


Madelyn turns one next Tuesday.  The big birthday party in on Sunday, fun.

She almost walks, she almost talks… but almost doesn’t pay the bills! do better baby!


I was thinking about adding some work to make some more money.  Before I even advertised that I was looking for work (kinda, there were some emails and some rejections or no replies…), two companies contacted me looking for my expertise.  Neat.  No deals closed so no job attained yet.  But if it happens then I can’t wait to share some future projects on here.

The work will be welcome.

We decided to up our level of catering for the wedding a few notches (OK a bunch of notches!).  Our good friend Alix works for a company called Feys and Hobbs and they do A-list event food.  We had a fairly frugal budget but they asked to make a bid anyways.  Sure enough, their price was above what we could pay but the quality is way above… so two things happened… we asked our friend Alix to get on her knees (as in begged, nothing sexual  you filthies!) to her boss for us to get us a better price (achieved) and Coral’s father stepped up with a contribution for our catering.  So Coral and I are basically back to our old financial commitment for the B-level food but we can deliver the A-level experience to our family and friends.  Needless to say, Coral and I are very happy and grateful.

Thank you Alix and Rob and Roberta!

This generosity comes on top of money already contributed by my folks which (depending how much people drink) should cover the bar… so the next morning when you’re puking up my Feys and Hobbs in the toilet cuz you’re so hung over, you can cheers, Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack!


It has been a challenging month for me but is now looking up.  The Clubhouse had a great crowd on Tuesday which I hope is the start of some momentum heading into Spring.  I have some stellar ideas and some contacts to try and make those ideas reality and finally a couple promising leads on some more work so I can pays me bills and save for our wedding.  Actually last night I started sketching out a game changer concept for wi-fi radio! whoa, blew my own mind last night.  Bad cuz I didn’t get much sleep, good because… well its a good idea.

Next week, an interview with the local author of the book “Becoming Batman,” Dr. Paul Zehr.  Capital Rock City has an interview with Carpenter, in town Friday to open for Gob @ Lucky Bar.  I am working on interviews with Chixdiggit and John Franco of By A Thread.

Go with yourself.

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