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Over the weekend I finally made my way to the new Ditch Records on Fort Street (between Douglas and Blanshard).  After Mads and I hit the toy store to buy a new toy! (she bought a pair of little plush cats) I got to sift through the rows of records.  Best part, Madelyn had new toys to keep here occupied and I also didn’t have to worry about stray nails sticking her like in the old store.

I just planned on buying a 45 or two… but then I spied The Replacements’ 1987 record Pleased to Meet Me.  As I am on a quest to collect the whole discography on record, I had to plunk down a further $20 some-odd bones.

As it stands for those keeping score:

[ ] Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
[X] Hootenanny
[ ] Let It Be
[X] Tim
[X] Please to Meet Me
[X]Don’t Tell a Soul
[ ] All Shook Down

Huzzah, I am over half way.  They also had a vinyl copy of their EP Stink. I hummed and hawed… but in the end decided that wouldn’t be fiscally prudent.  Besides, it gives me a reason to go back on a future pay day.

Pleased to Meet Me is the first Replacements record after Bob Stinson left the band.  The Replacements had drifted a little further away from punk rock on each record and by Pleased to Meet Me… the band was now firmly in a place where they were experimenting more with sound and style. (though they are still singing about public transit?  That’s pretty skid if you ask me.)

The Replacements – “Skyway”

This record sold a few copies and even showed up on the Billboard 200… though it was near the bottom.  There is a book called Our Band Could Be Your Life and the author says this record has sold about 300,000 copies.  Today, you’d be number with a bullet with those kinda sales.  But in the 80s, that makes you a hobo or “indie.”

The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”

Here is why Hollywood is fucked up… back in the late 90s, the suits decided that the best part of a teen comedy was the party scene, so the knuckleheads said, “easy, lets just make a whole movie one big party scene!”

Some bonus cheques were cashed and in 1998 the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt was unleashed.  The film however got one thing right, they lifted  the title from the Replacements song by the same name and even jam the song out at the end.

The Replacements – “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Go with yourself.

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