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A record that is currently living in the Purple Minivan is The Replacements’ TimThe 1985 album is one of my favourites (wait, ALL the Replacements records are one of my favourites…. its one of the Replacements records I have on compact disc!).

The Replacements played their final concert in Chicago on July 4th, 1991.

On November 7th, 1996…. Ella Yelich-O’Conner was born.  At 12, she would be discovered at a talent show and signed to a record deal transforming into Lorde.

One month ago, she posted her cover of The Replacements’ “Swingin’ Party.”

Pitchfork reviewed her record Pure Heroine today, and their spin on the Lorde persona speaks to the beauty of this selection for her.  They call her style “post-internet.”  I liked the line, “(Lorde) has fashioned herself a correspondent on the front lines of elegantly wasted post-digital youth culture and working-class suburban boredom.”

Elegantly wasted?

We go with ourselves.

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The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson recently sat in the same room together to record the first “Replacements” music in years.   The extended play they recorded is a collection of 4 covers that will benefit Slim Dunlap (Replacements guitarist ’87-’91) who suffered a severe stroke last winter.  The ep also features drummer Chris Mars covering a Slim song and he created the art of the record.

SPIN has all the info on how to buy this limited press to support Slim.  Trolling the net, I also found this great 2008 interview Paul Westerberg on Pitchfork.  Good times.


The other day SPIN featured up a very pretty song by Shannon Whitworth.  I heard this track and it got me thinking it would make a pretty good wedding first-dance type of jam.

Shannon Whitworth – “You Are In Love”


The Black Keys… pretty good band.

Their record El Camino came out December 6th, 2011 and became a modern rock legend.  The album is huge.  We were sitting around here at the radio factory yesterday talking about what music to have in our “heavy rotation” and what new music to add in when Bossman Johnny said, “where are we at with “Little Black Submarine?”

We were poking around and were surprised to find the song is one of the most played modern rock songs on some pretty groovy Modern Rock FM stations.  Got us thinking (and me in particular) about the speed of sound…I like finding out new music and listening to all sorts of stuff, but the average music fan…happy to jam the forth single on a record that is over a year old.  And is a year old record…. old? Does the Zone churn on the songs too quickly?   How about The Black Keys?  Seems they are ready to march forward, they have some new music in the pipe…but to a Radio Programmer….the forth single is hot.  huh…


I wanted to add something from this article about music sales this week that is related to the above discussion about The Black Keys.

If there’s a silver lining here, it’s the slow, honest rise of the Lumineers who scoot up from No. 9 to No. 8 as their “Ho Hey” picks up radio adds and on-demand plays since their Grammy nomination and despite their album (The Lumineers, 51K) having come out all the way back in April.

To illustrate the “speed” in which the world turns their attention to music…. this song has 2,000 on The End in Seattle…but its brand new to so many people.

Go with yourself.

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Music at Christmas time is the best.  My wife picked up The Replacements documentary Color Me Obsessed from Ditch Records.  The story is a second-hand account, told by the fans (and few producers/ancillary insiders, but no band members) of America’s unknown greatest rock & roll band.

The movie travels in a linear path through their creation, their records, the ups, the downs, and then the end.

I loved how the film went through every album and talked to fans who then said why different songs or records were their favourite.

I didn’t discover The Replacements until I was in my 20s and I first purchased the box set Left of the Dial, then later the compilation Don’t You Know Who I Think I Was?  If you’re scratching your head going, The Replacements?  there was Alternative music in the 80s?  You’d do yourself a service starting with either of those compilations to get educated.  Both solid collections that I still listen to often to this day.

Since the 2006 collection of Replacements songs I have gone on a mission to collect Replacements records/books/now films.  I have most their discography except the first and last albums which JR at Ditch said can be a little harder to find unless I get all internety and pay some bucks.  I am not there yet in my fandom.  Just waiting for either to show up in the bin at Ditch for a moderate price.  After watching the documentary I found out their live record, Shit Hits The Fans was a cassette only release.  Limited and never re-issued.  So maybe that might be a mission to track down one day.  Their ’82 ep Stink was originally issued with a hand-stamped cover.  That would be a fun thing to try to track down one day too.

Trolling the net today I stumbled on a cover from Edmonton singer Jessica Jalbert.  She does a very pretty and dreamy cover of the Tim era cut “Swingin’ Party.”

Happy New Year!  I’ll be DJing at The Veneto Lounge on the big night….. and this here blog has a Facebook page.  I would appreciate a “like.”

Go with yourself.

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Oh man, last night was terrible.  I must have been experiencing a bout of anxiety or something, but I had the stresses and could not sleep.  Hard to breathe, hot, tight chest…I couldn’t fall asleep till close to 4AM then Coral was waking me at 6:30 when she got up.  Just a long, miserable, lonely night.

But I did do two things before this panic set in.  I watched the film Young Adult and I downloaded Dinosaur Jr’s “Feel The Pain.”

The movie is about a 30-something writer (Charlize Theron) who comes back to the small Minnesota town where she grew up to try and win back her married high school sweetheart.

Tragic hilarity. I really enjoyed it.

The film is heavy on 90s nostalgia rock.  The de facto theme song is 1991’s Teenage Fanclub single “The Concept.”

Teenage Fanclub – “The Concept”

The song comes from the record Bandwagonesque which in 1991, beat out Nirvana‘s Nevermind in Spin Magazine as “Album of the Year.” Neat.

The movie takes place in Minnesota, so that means a Replacements‘ song.  “Achin To Be.”  Good pick.

AND, Dinosaur Jr‘s “Feel The Pain” dials in as well.

Dinosaur Jr – “Feel The Pain”

“Feel The Pain” was Dinosaur Jr’s biggest modern rock hit…. peaking at #4 in ’94. It is also the only Dinosaur song we have on the playlist at The Zone!

What’s especially neat about these two songs… “The Concept” and “Feel The Pain” is that Teenage Fanclub is/was often compared to Dinosaur Jr… and with these two songs, I think you can really hear some similarities.  Especially, when it comes to the guitar noodling.

OK, that’s all I got.  Its like noon right now, and I am so tired.  And still so much to do today and tonight.

Go with yourself.

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“Mark it zero dude!”

No… how about an ‘X?’

As it stands for those keeping score in my quest to collect The Replacements discography on vinyl:

[ ] Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
[X] Hootenanny
[X] Let It Be
[X] Tim
[X] Please to Meet Me
[X]Don’t Tell a Soul
[ ] All Shook Down

Record Store Day was on Saturday… and yes I took a more than a few text messages from Kirsten to make my way down to Ditch Records at some bizarre hour to line-up.

Blah, I could not get out of bed to save my life Saturday morning, but I still had to take part.

When I finally rolled in around what?  noon?  Jeremy (hey same name as me!) said he had something special for me.  Sure enough, the next and arguable most important treasure on my quest to collect the Replacements discography on vinyl.  Their seminal 1984 record Let It Be.

When I first got into the Replacements later in my life, the first song I heard was track one, side one off this album, “I Will Dare.”

The Replacements – “I Will Dare”

This first song I heard on a compilation collection  a bunch of years ago opened me up to what would become one of my favourite bands!  It makes having this record so special in my collection.

I made a time late last night to make a cup of coffee (I didn’t want to fall asleep!) and drop the needle with my fancy headphones on and have a listen.

One thing that became clear… I need yet another record player and probably a much better amp.  There were challenges with sound.  People talk a mean game about how much “better vinyl is.”  But basically, its work.  I like the work, don’t get me wrong… but its not for everyone.

I sat, and listened to the whole record while staring at the cover.  There was no liner notes or guts to the record I bought… just the sleeve and the record.  But that is fine.

Side one still had flares of the 80s punk/hardcore roots.  Especially after “I Will Dare.”  I really enjoyed “Favourite Thing.”

The Replacerments – “Favourite Thing” errrr “Favorite Thing.”

Let It Be is ofter considered one of The Replacements better (if not best) albums.  Having listened to much of their discography, I personally am not so sure.  There are some misses on this record sandwiched between my all-time favourite cuts.

I found on side 2, the record bogged down a bit in the middle.  However side 2 also is home to “Unsatisfied” and “Answering Machine.”  Both those songs are so emotional, exceptional and powerful.

The Replacements – “Unsatisfied”

Wow right?

So what is the best Replacements’ record?

That is hard one, I think track for track, I might lean to Tim.  But I personally enjoy “I Will Dare,”  “Unsatisfied” and “Answering Machine.” Those three I’d put at or near the top of any list of “Favourite Songs” in my life.

If you are a Replacements fan, maybe you have some insight or favourite… please do share a comment.

Go with yourself.

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I am about half way through the book Our Band Could Be Your Life” by Michael Azerrad so I thought I’d put down a little mix of some of the bands featured.

The first 7 bands featured on the set are all profiled in the book. The last 3, D.O.A., R.E.M., and Meat Puppets don’t have a profile in the book.. but they get talked about a bunch and I wanted to round out the set.

I hope you like this little 30 minute set of 80s alt. rock.


DJ Notes

01) The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”
02) Husker Du – “Don’t Want to Know if You Are Lonely”
03) Mission of Burma – “Academy Fight Song”
04) Sonic Youth – “Teen Age Riot”
05) Minor Threat – “Good Guys (Don’t Wear White)”
06) Minutemen – “History Lesson Part 2”
07) Black Flag – “Nervous Breakdown”
08) D.O.A. – “Take A Chance”
09) R.E.M. – “So. Central rain (I’m Sorry)”
10) Meat Puppets – “Plateau”

Stream from Mixcloud >> I’m in love … what’s that song?


Go with yourself.

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What was Huck saying the other day?  “It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your courage?”  Something like that… maybe essence.  Courage twice doesn’t even make sense.

Huckdoll was lifting a line from the most excellent Baths‘ song “Maximalist.”  I am sure I blogged a cut from this kid before… BUT, today during this weekend’s adventure to Ditch Record with Madelyn, I happened to come across Baths’ record Cerulean.  It was just what?  $22.99.  Still has the sticker on it, I haven’t dropped the needle.   Had to have it.  Which also reminds me… I gotta bug Smiths Pub to let me DJ another vinyl set on a Wednesday… if they’ll have me.

Baths – “Maximalist”

Download MP3 >> 03 Maximalist

OK… took a break from this post to message Smiths, did you miss me?


The other gem I bought from Ditch is not a record at all, but rather a book.  I was talking to Jeremy (hey! same name as me!) and my love of the Replacements.  He recommended  “The Replacements: All over but the shouting.”

I love books about war… and I love books about music.  Bah, but the only issue is I am still working my way through “Our Band Could Be Your Life.”  I hate getting two books I wanna read because sometimes I start the new one before the old one is done.  Not this time, no sir… Imma read my books in due time, cover-to-cover like a grownup.

Please download some Baths as he is great (and download this one too).

Go with yourself.

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Over the weekend I finally made my way to the new Ditch Records on Fort Street (between Douglas and Blanshard).  After Mads and I hit the toy store to buy a new toy! (she bought a pair of little plush cats) I got to sift through the rows of records.  Best part, Madelyn had new toys to keep here occupied and I also didn’t have to worry about stray nails sticking her like in the old store.

I just planned on buying a 45 or two… but then I spied The Replacements’ 1987 record Pleased to Meet Me.  As I am on a quest to collect the whole discography on record, I had to plunk down a further $20 some-odd bones.

As it stands for those keeping score:

[ ] Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out the Trash
[X] Hootenanny
[ ] Let It Be
[X] Tim
[X] Please to Meet Me
[X]Don’t Tell a Soul
[ ] All Shook Down

Huzzah, I am over half way.  They also had a vinyl copy of their EP Stink. I hummed and hawed… but in the end decided that wouldn’t be fiscally prudent.  Besides, it gives me a reason to go back on a future pay day.

Pleased to Meet Me is the first Replacements record after Bob Stinson left the band.  The Replacements had drifted a little further away from punk rock on each record and by Pleased to Meet Me… the band was now firmly in a place where they were experimenting more with sound and style. (though they are still singing about public transit?  That’s pretty skid if you ask me.)

The Replacements – “Skyway”

This record sold a few copies and even showed up on the Billboard 200… though it was near the bottom.  There is a book called Our Band Could Be Your Life and the author says this record has sold about 300,000 copies.  Today, you’d be number with a bullet with those kinda sales.  But in the 80s, that makes you a hobo or “indie.”

The Replacements – “Alex Chilton”

Here is why Hollywood is fucked up… back in the late 90s, the suits decided that the best part of a teen comedy was the party scene, so the knuckleheads said, “easy, lets just make a whole movie one big party scene!”

Some bonus cheques were cashed and in 1998 the movie “Can’t Hardly Wait” starring Jennifer Love Hewitt was unleashed.  The film however got one thing right, they lifted  the title from the Replacements song by the same name and even jam the song out at the end.

The Replacements – “Can’t Hardly Wait”

Go with yourself.

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Madelyn standing in the pouring rain. Chinatown, Vancouver

Part of me thinks I’ve titled my blog with those same Japandroids lyrics before?  huh.

I had a very fulfilling adventure to Coquitlam and Vancouver with Madelyn.  Over the couple days we covered a lot of ground.  Had some fun times with Grandma and Grandpa and Matt and Andrea.  Visited with Paul and Sarah.  Saw some sights, explored some city.  All the while, pissing rain.

Whenever I visit the lower mainland I get nostalgic and think I want to move back.  But then I drive in rush hour traffic and scratch my head.  How and why do any of you do it?  Life is too short.  I’d be a transit cat for sure.  (which I love and so does Madelyn).

Driving around one afternoon and sampling the radio I heard the DJ talk about a band called Sick Puppies.

This Aussie band sometimes gets requested on the Zone by people that are into “alternative rock.” I’d never heard of them before so I was intrigued and cranked it up.

Sick Puppies – “Maybe”

I guess.  Rock, kinda.  Alternative, no.

The DJ even quoted the lyrics on the radio like they were some sort of deep manifesto.  Change?  Being Unique?  Fear? Challenge?  Trying for something more?  All these great points lost in distortion, soaring vocals and syrupy production.

Alternative rock should push you a little. Its should be vulgar, off center, and intriguing.    All I take from “Maybe” is a smooth and even listening experience, if I forget the lyrics.  Listening to the message of the song makes me mad. The song takes some basic human emotions and puts virtually no unique spin on them… just presents them.  The melodrama violated my ears.  Think of the word genuine… then to described Sick Puppies use the antonym.  I need something a wee bit more left of the dial. God bless ya if that’s your style of Alternative rock, but it ain’t mine.

I don’t want to be hard on the Sick Puppies.  They’re just a band trying to make a buck at rock and roll.  They wrote the best song they could and it got played on the radio a half world away.  Anyone should be commended by that feat which is truly a unique and challenging thing to do… Maybe I am more upset in the mass buy-in required to create the half world where that is possible.  There are worse songs that get played in the mainstream more and better songs that never do.  Weirds me out man.

The Replacements – “Left of the Dial”

Go with yourself.

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I added a new record to my collection on Friday.  The ReplacementsDon’t Tell A Soul.

I’ve been jamming this record heavy all weekend.  I put it on at night when Coral and Mads are all tuckered out and snoozing.  I plug my good DJ headphones into the amp and drop the needle.  I really love this record.

I am sure in the pantheon of Replacements albums, this isn’t the critical darling.  That accolade generally gets handed to Tim or Let It Be. Two great albums… but I am finding that the music on Don’t Tell a Soul is speaking to me right now.

The song that is completely dominating all my thoughts is “Anywhere’s Better Than Here.”

Its an evil song but it gets wormed right in my brain and I can’t shake the lyrics or even the vibe the song.  Its a bit of a downer to think about it… why can’t a happy song get stuck in my head?

My collection of Replacements records is coming along.  My goal is to collect the whole discography.  I have Hootenanny, Tim and Don’t Tell a Soul.

I am almost half way there! yeesh.  Next up, I really want Let it Be. It has most of my fave Replacements songs on it, but Jeremy at Ditch records says it is also the most sought after and can be harder to track down. Gotta keep my eyes open for it.


I am putting my wedding DJ cap down for a moment to DJ an event this Friday at Sugar Nightclub.  Opening for a real grab bag of artists… hip hop, electro and reggae all on the stage,m but first, I present some music.

Check out my DJ site for details >> Spin The Black Disc

Go with yourself.

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