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Nardwuar the Human Serviette and The Evaporators have a new compilation album called Busy Doing Nothing.  The record features some new original songs, some cooperative tracks and a few covers.  Some being other bands covering the Evaporators and some being random bands covering other random bands but showing up on the record.  An interesting song I heard was Scottish modern rock giants Franz Ferdinand covering 1970s Vancouver punkers Pointed Sticks. The new compilation comes with a calendar and the calendar has a story… this is the part where Nardwuar talked about Franz Ferdinand covering the Pointed Sticks.

If you
look closely at the back
of the record you will
see Alex from Franz
Ferdinand wearing a
headdress while wolfing
down a Skookum
Chief Hamburger at
The Tomahawk BBQ
in North Vancouver,
BC, Canada. Alex
was in town producing
The Cribs at the
Warehouse Studios, which
interestingly enough is
owned by Bryan Adams,
who once worked at the
Tomahawk doing the
Not too far from the

Warehouse in Gastown, lies
JC/DC Studios where with David
Carswell and John Collins, Franz Ferdinand
recorded a version of The Pointed Sticks’
Real Thing. JC/DC Studios is in the same space
as Studio J, where Cub had their New Years Eve
1993 gig with Dimwit of the Pointed Sticks on
drums! Furthermore, Kate Nash has eaten at the
Tomahawk, so perhaps you can see where this is

Not really… but I am glad Nardwuar is here to draw all the lines together.  I think this cover is pretty cool.  It sounds modern and Franz Ferdinand-y but also classic.  The song apparently features guest vocals Nardwuar….but I have a hard time picking it out.

Franz Ferdinand – “Real Thing” (Pointed Sticks Cover)

Dig it.

Interview with Nardwuar on The Zone @ 91-3 Victoria

Go with yourself.

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