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Well god bless those sexy vampires… if there is something to take away from the Jabob and Wilhelm and Clumsy and… I can’t remember all their names…. Twilight puts a little effort into their soundtrack when it comes to finding something kinda interesting to expose all the 12 year-old-girls, their moms and radio DJs too.

The latest installment of the Twilight saga’s soundtrack features a Tennessee band called The Features.  Coral and I have been jamming out this song on Alt-Nation for the past little while and grooving on it.  I thought I better download and hopped on iTunes. Fiddlesticks!  It wa son the Twilight soundtrack which… made me feel like an idiot.  Damn you constructed fake indie hipster Hollywood-ism! damn you!  They tricked me… but whatever, I like the song so here it is.

The Features – “From Now On”

A fun, bratty, pop-rock song.  I dig it.  I don’t dig that the single is not available for legal download or included on any Features records or LP.  You MUST buy into the Twilight world to get it.  I might suggest you find clandestine means to source the song.


Also… I tried to go for a run last night.  My twitter and Facebook feed is (or are) constantly bombarded with people bragging about how they are “runners.”  I thought maybe it was fun club to be in.  Its not… man, its a lot of work and I am a fat mutha fucker.

That’s all I got… Go with yourself.

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