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Well god bless those sexy vampires… if there is something to take away from the Jabob and Wilhelm and Clumsy and… I can’t remember all their names…. Twilight puts a little effort into their soundtrack when it comes to finding something kinda interesting to expose all the 12 year-old-girls, their moms and radio DJs too.

The latest installment of the Twilight saga’s soundtrack features a Tennessee band called The Features.  Coral and I have been jamming out this song on Alt-Nation for the past little while and grooving on it.  I thought I better download and hopped on iTunes. Fiddlesticks!  It wa son the Twilight soundtrack which… made me feel like an idiot.  Damn you constructed fake indie hipster Hollywood-ism! damn you!  They tricked me… but whatever, I like the song so here it is.

The Features – “From Now On”

A fun, bratty, pop-rock song.  I dig it.  I don’t dig that the single is not available for legal download or included on any Features records or LP.  You MUST buy into the Twilight world to get it.  I might suggest you find clandestine means to source the song.


Also… I tried to go for a run last night.  My twitter and Facebook feed is (or are) constantly bombarded with people bragging about how they are “runners.”  I thought maybe it was fun club to be in.  Its not… man, its a lot of work and I am a fat mutha fucker.

That’s all I got… Go with yourself.

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Oh wow.  Coral showed this to me today and it brought the lolz.

The ladies are all collectively obsessing over a greasy, awkward, creepy, fake American accented Vampire named Edward.  Us boys used to have an obsession, with a blond, perky tittied, stretchy, ass-kicking vampire slayer!

It was a video mash-up made in heaven!

At the end, look for the random Harry Potter clip thrown in.  SWA?

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Floating woman balloon head on a string?  check… cue up Damien Rice.

oh c’est dommage, those bloody kids sling shotted her!


In another life I used to sling coffee for the Starbucks corporation.  Oddly, one of my favourite, favourite things about the gig was the music.  Man, I wanted to work for Hear music so badly.  I used to send email after email to the Seattle office to some senior vice president chick trying to get a gig and god bless her, she returned every email and did her best to steer me in some sort of direction.

Of course, you know the story, I never got some radical music programming job in Seattle picking the coffee shop tracks for Starbucks compilation CDs but I did discover a whole world of music that I had not been introduced to before hand.

Now here I am, years later and I got a gig picking music for a restro-pub here in town.  In a round about way, living the dream.

The manager and owner gave me some direction in the style they want for the different day parts which is groovy and I am almost done, but then I stumbled on Damien Rice and I want to make a coffee shop inspired list.

I have a fond place in my heart for Damien.  When Coral and I started dating, she turned me on the man and that was about the time I went back to Starbucks (for the third time in life!) and Damien’s latest record was in rotation at the cafe.  Every morning, being up at 5:30 AM grinding the coffee of the day, jamming out some Damien Rice.  Good Times.

Maybe I’ll make one anyways, might be too mellow for the restro-pub but I’ll have the playlist for me.  It’ll have Damien Rice for sure… some Frames, Sia cuz she’s adorable… The Black Ghosts (its from the Twilight Soundrack… right at the beginning of the movie… I know I know, but its a really great song).  hmmm… what else?


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Turns out Burrito Pie from yesterday was ganked from Mr. Lady.

At first I didn’t know what that is (well, other than who Jimmy James made out with one time on a drunken night in Vancouver).

Turns out it is a Mommy blog?  or a Daddy blog?  I dunno, other than Coral reads this person’s blog and then I was all… “oh right, I recognize it.”

Burrito Pie was delicious last night.  A triumph.  So Mr. Lady, you might not have your gender figured out but your cooking is A-O-K.


Now I promised BCK over at Radio West that this would not be a “Daddy Blog.”  Well, hmmm, I don’t think I promised but he implored that it not “go there.”

So, just  a little link on parenting to  all those single mamas out there.

Married or Not, Moms Spend Lots of Time With Kids

Twilight continues to dominate the world and soak movie theatre seats across the movieland.  Tween Heartthrob Robert Pattinson was on Jay Leno last night and Corj and I checked it out.  How wonderfully awkward.  I think I want to be a movie star.  I am a fairly fugly dude that can barely act with no proven resume of success.  I think I need more jaw and less moustache.

Corj and I laughed and laughed and then watched Seal perform… and then really laughed.  So Pattinson… you’re alright.  Such a hippy that was never meant for worldwide fame.  He does a lot of drugs. a lot.

Here is a picture of me looking like a vampire.

whoa ladies, back up… this vampire is taken!


In other Twilighty type news,  Robert Pattinson does the folk singer thing (which I think the man is far more suited to) and he has teamed up with a singer/folky type from Vancouver named Sam Bradley.  On New Year’s Eve, Mr. Bradley will be perforing in North Vancouver and Corj and I were thinking of going.  Perhaps you fine Mainlander types that are as equally obsessed with Twilight as my lovely finacee will want to do a field trip with us.

: Sam Bradley


FUCK, I keep splilling coffee on myself.  Get it together man.

Go with yourself.

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Last night was the all candidates meeting.  It was an interesting time.  It was basically 14 people all saying the same thing, differently.  hmmm.

Earlier today I took part in the 2nd annual MARPAC (Maritime Forces Pacific) Media vs. navy hockey game.  It was a close one, but media did lose 6-4.  Navy potted an empty netter (my fault, I missed the puck when I had the chance) right at the end.

But man was it fun.  They treated us spectacularly, felt like a “real” hockey game.  Jerseys, marching band, national anthem, intermission.


I filled out a ton of questionnaires today in regards to the election.  I’ll post them tomorrow… This weekend, Coral and I will be doing some door knocking.  Next week we are taking a mini holiday to Port Angeles!  No, really, we are.  The boat is $12.50 each if we walk on.  We’ll find the cheapest motel we can walk to and we’ll wander the town. and maybe get drunk.  and probably get wet.  I think the rain has finally come and it ain’t leaving till March.


I created my Movember page.

Check it out and make a donation please.


Lastly… hmmm.  Some dude who was in the Power Rangers back in the day just got convicted for a horrific murder.


Yeah… its real… and terrible.

So that got me thinking about the Power Ranger… started getting the wikipedia all going (when I should be studying sewage treatement… bad Jeremy, bad!) and I stumbled on Amy Jo Johnson. The Pink Ranger.

Pink Ranger Amy now puts put music… and is on the CTV Police show “Flashpoint.”  Good for her.

I went to iTunes, and sure enough, she has a few albums.  They all sorta suck, but way to try.

Everything you need to know about Amy Jo Johnson.


Johnny B. Shields at the ole Zone Facotry is all about Beth Hart lately.

Beast’s “Mr. Hurricane” is the iTunes free single of the week.  Go get it!

Grey’s Anatomy was another gooder.  The show had some groovy indie rock as per.  I liked  the last track played.  Shady Bard’s “Torch Song.”

Myspace: Shady Bard

They also jammed out a track by Erin McCarley’s “Gotta Figure This Out”… but I think she is a socialist or someone that doesn’t care about money because her music… well the song featured on the show seen by millions today is not available for download… so no .99 cents for her.

MySpace: Erin McCarley

and I think the show featured Brazillian Girls doing “Good Times.”  Which is weird, but also wonderful.

Coral stumbled on this singer songwriter feller form Vancouver (kinda…. he seems to be a citizen of the world that has or maybe IS living in the terminal City).

I believe our hero, Sam Bradley is friends with Robert Pattinson… aka Edward the glittery vampire from the Twilight series.  And they wrote a song called “Too Far Gone.”

and its sorta good.

Myspace: Sam Bradley


OK, that is all I got.  I am tired.  i should have started writing earlier, because then I could have given more.  But right now, I want to jam out the songs I just blogged about and decompress.

Go with yourself.

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