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Oh man… do I ever feel like a tool.  There is nothing worse than watching a formulaic Hollywood comedy and at the end they play a song and its so good.

No, wait… there are tons of things worse than that.

Ben Kweller, is a name I’ve heard but never really listened to.  I was watching The Change-Up last night (Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde’s tits… yeah you know the one).  The movie was hilarious enough… I mean, I did see a baby projectile shit in Jason Bateman’s mouth and Ryan Reynolds put his thumb in the anus of a Lorno star. Neat.

OK, I am getting off topic… Olivia Wilde has nice side-boob… OK, no seriously….

The movie ends, credit roll, good job everyone, and a Ben Kweller track from his 2006 album named after himself plays.

Ben Kweller – “Sundress”

Download MP3 >> Sundress

What a super cute song. Nothing like an adorable forlorn love song about a nostalgic era in a relationship.


also, whenever I try to type “from” I always type “form.”  Always, even when I’m aware.  I have to go back and fix all the forms to froms.  Fucking weird.


That’s all I got.

Go with yourself.

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