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Stream from Mixcloud: Mixtape >> When its sunny in December

A playlist that began to take shape after I heard a few interesting songs. The first couple of jazz numbers I heard when I read one of my favourite male fashion blogs (yes I have a favourite male fashion blog).


I also tracked down Ben Kweller after watching the movie “The Change-Up.” (don’t make fun of me, I already feel like a weirdo jiving on Ben Kweller… and to discover the song on a Jason Bateman film… shameful… but thus is fate)

Then it became a matter of trying to draw some parallels and connecting some dots and this is the playlist I sported.

I little melancholy, but at times erotic or desperate. Sprinkled in the forlorn… I heard brightness and rounded out the little set with some Afrobeat.

The idea of December came from Vampire Weekend drinking horchata in the winter. And The Green Arrows are an African band from the 70s. There style reminds me winter holidays in sunny places.

I hope you enjoy the mix.

The flip to this playlist…. when its raining in December is coming soon….

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Oh man… do I ever feel like a tool.  There is nothing worse than watching a formulaic Hollywood comedy and at the end they play a song and its so good.

No, wait… there are tons of things worse than that.

Ben Kweller, is a name I’ve heard but never really listened to.  I was watching The Change-Up last night (Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde’s tits… yeah you know the one).  The movie was hilarious enough… I mean, I did see a baby projectile shit in Jason Bateman’s mouth and Ryan Reynolds put his thumb in the anus of a Lorno star. Neat.

OK, I am getting off topic… Olivia Wilde has nice side-boob… OK, no seriously….

The movie ends, credit roll, good job everyone, and a Ben Kweller track from his 2006 album named after himself plays.

Ben Kweller – “Sundress”

Download MP3 >> Sundress

What a super cute song. Nothing like an adorable forlorn love song about a nostalgic era in a relationship.


also, whenever I try to type “from” I always type “form.”  Always, even when I’m aware.  I have to go back and fix all the forms to froms.  Fucking weird.


That’s all I got.

Go with yourself.

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