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I can’t believe I’ve been sitting on this great cover of Awolnation’s “Sail” for so long.

Back in 2011… my man Josh at Veneto turned me on to Geoff Lundstrom.  He was doing a groovy thing down at Canoe on Thursdays (does he still?).  Lots of covers…and one standout is his take on “Sail.”

Fast-forward to today and I am organizing the cover songs we have on our playlist at the radio factory.  I get thinking some local bands with covers… Maurice’s “Robin,” Jon & Roy tackling Ledbelly, Acres of Lion’s jamming “Never Surrender”…. and “Sail.”

Go with yourself.

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Blame it on my old sick pride

Wells, Nevada. photo: chrstwzrd

Is it good to be back in Victoria?  Kinda, ha.

It is nice to not be in Wells.  Truth. And I missed my kid more than I thought I might.  I hope you missed my blog at least a little bit?

Where was I?  Last week, David Eleanor, Christi Wizard and I took off to Las Vegas for a radio/Chevy Cruze adventure.  If you’re into checking out, hit The Zone dot FM.  I do hope to blog some stories on here but right now, I am more interested in music.

Because… music soothes even the savage beast.  And I could use some of that.

When I got back early yesterday morning, there were many correspondents to correspond with.  One was an email from my ganger Jason Cook sharing with me Geoff Lundstrom’s cover of AWOLNATION‘s “Sail.”

If you love that cut you gotta check this out.  If cover songs are not your style, move along.

Geoff Lundstrom – “Sail” (AWOLNATION cover)

Download MP3 >> Sail

Geoff and Jason perform as Adults on Thursday nights at the Canoe Brewpub. My man Josh heard the song the other day and implored me to check it out… so just before we were off to Vegas, Dave and I popped in and were impressed with Geoff’s interpretation.

The song takes on a whole different and sadder direction when the party beats and anthemic driving bass is removed.  What we’re left with is a very mellon collie bluesy tune that boils the song down to some very humbling and basic truths.  There is a lot of remorse and regret permeating throughout the song.

Jason and the rest of Geoff’s band, continue to push the song forward with the drive of the original, but where the original has the bass as the central story, the insecurity of the character shines to wrap you in his misery.

And of course, maybe it sucks and I’m an idiot or perhaps I just heard the song in the right frame of mind and it grabbed my ears.

Love your thoughts.

I have a mixtape welling up in me, might bubble out tonight if I find the energy, look for that if you care.

Go with yourself.

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