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You guys already know how much I loves me AJR. It was a pretty easy ask when the PR sent over Steve Aoki’s new single asking for a spin and I saw it was featuring AJR.

Song is called “Pretender.”


Last week I judged a chicken wing contest. That was neat!

Tomorrow, my wife Coral and I are off to Vancouver Island for a buddy’s wedding. Tyson and Leanne are gettin’ hitched somewhere north of Victoria and I’m looking forward to MCing and seeing some best buds. Living in wilds east of Vancouver means I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like so this weekend should be red hot. Maximum fun.

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

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CRi is from Montreal, PQ. Love this super chill, slow build, “Rush.”

His debut ep is out now. It is called Someone Else.

“Over the past year, many experiences led me to question my path. A real duel emerged within me, between my dreams and my fear; with time, anxiety often took the best of me. In an attempt to fight against this feeling, I’ve decided to let go and submerge myself in creation. The conception of this record allowed me to meet a ton of inspiring people, to collaborate with super talented artists, and, ultimately, to learn a bit more about myself. This release is certainly my most personal to date and I am very proud of it.”


Here’s a (S)haan remix of Steve Aoki’s “Just Hold On.” What’s up the brackets (S)haan. Everyone’s gotta be so weird all the time.


Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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