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You guys already know how much I loves me AJR. It was a pretty easy ask when the PR sent over Steve Aoki’s new single asking for a spin and I saw it was featuring AJR.

Song is called “Pretender.”


Last week I judged a chicken wing contest. That was neat!

Tomorrow, my wife Coral and I are off to Vancouver Island for a buddy’s wedding. Tyson and Leanne are gettin’ hitched somewhere north of Victoria and I’m looking forward to MCing and seeing some best buds. Living in wilds east of Vancouver means I don’t get to see them as often as I’d like so this weekend should be red hot. Maximum fun.

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

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all american rejects

The All-American Rejects are a power poppin’ emotional rock band that started in 1999! Great vintage and I think I vaguely recall jamming a couple jammers when I was in Victoria at The Zone (jeezus, “Gives You Hell” has over 121 million spins on Spotify).

Prepping for a DJ set at a Law School grad party I came across this house remix of The All-American Rejects. I don’t know what I think about it. Are there other emotions house remixes out there? where are they? who made them? why?

Throwbacks almost always work. Now I’m an older DJ…I DJ parties for older people…generally… I can throw down Estelle’s “American Boy” with Kanye West and it still rips. But let’s modernize with a remix and see what happens. Lasers, wobbly modern bass sounds. Kanye is still there. Bless.

Lauv shows up on Sirius XM Hits 1…my wife Coral tends to like Lauv songs, so when this remix drifted by I had to hit play.

We don’t spend enough time talking how fucking dumb it is that Marshmello wears a ‘marshmallow’ hat/mask/helmet thing on stage in the year 2018. Does he have zero close friends that can take him aside and say, “what are you doing?”

Whatever, he probably has Selena Gomez’s number in his phone and I never will.

One of my current faves on Hits 1 is Zedd’s “Middle.” (please don’t tell me he wears a giant novelty ‘z’ helmet on stage, I am too fragile to process that right now).

The song is lovely, but like most modern pop right now, the song doesn’t pump like I need it too. Off to the Soundcloud! I found a couple remixes I like.

And here’s a David Guetta remix cuz sure.

Last night Coral and I took our daughter Madelyn to see AJR. They were in Vancouver with Ocean Park Standoff…a band that features Samantha Ronson. Huh. They were half decent too! They hit a lot harder live than they do on the music released. They vibe out to me like a positive Imagine Dragons. But let’s be real… every modern rock band that mucks around on Ableton and has the bass turned up and distorted sounds like Imagine Dragons.

I likes me AJR’s “Weak” and “Sober Up” but other than that, I had no idea what I was getting into. They too channelled Imagine Dragons but we’ll filter that through Christian Rock and The Greatest Show soundtrack? Sure, I haven’t seen too much like it. It was weird and wonderful. Their show looked like theatrical festival stage EDM. I’d share a remix of “Weak” but all the ones I heard on Soundcloud were “weak” to my ears.


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Thank you @ajrbrothers…fun night in #Vancouver.

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Happy Monday! Go with yourself.

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