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Lukas Graham

My daughter is obsessed with the Danish singer Lukas Forchhammer….who performs as Lukas Graham. If I am driving her somewhere she says, “Dad, put on the playlist.” That means, play “7 Years.”

Last week in Las Vegas, my wife and I heard a remix of “7 Years” and I thought…huh, that song *could* work punched up a bit. Little search on the old soundcloud and I found a few mixes. Here are two that I dug.

I liked that T-Mass trap style take. And here’s a tropical house spin by Mulshine that is ever more popular on soundcloud with over 9 million plays because hey… tropical house!


Oh god…new toys. I don’t *need* another controller…but I sure do want one!

On the weekends at the Starlight Casino, I actually DJ two venues. I set up my Numark NS7ii in Red Bar and an older Numark Mixtrack in Match. The Mixtrack is fine. It was cheap and still works buuuuuuuuut, it isn’t as fun to DJ on it and I mostly just use it blend some tunes. That works as it hasn’t been too busy in match and people aren’t dancing. But what if one day there iS a big party in there to rage? WHAT IF!?! OK, you’re right Blogosphere, I need this new NVii. NEED. If my new contract comes in and I feel solid I’ll be there for a bit, maybe I’ll make the investment.


Go with yourself.

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