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Lukas Graham

My daughter is obsessed with the Danish singer Lukas Forchhammer….who performs as Lukas Graham. If I am driving her somewhere she says, “Dad, put on the playlist.” That means, play “7 Years.”

Last week in Las Vegas, my wife and I heard a remix of “7 Years” and I thought…huh, that song *could* work punched up a bit. Little search on the old soundcloud and I found a few mixes. Here are two that I dug.

I liked that T-Mass trap style take. And here’s a tropical house spin by Mulshine that is ever more popular on soundcloud with over 9 million plays because hey… tropical house!


Oh god…new toys. I don’t *need* another controller…but I sure do want one!

On the weekends at the Starlight Casino, I actually DJ two venues. I set up my Numark NS7ii in Red Bar and an older Numark Mixtrack in Match. The Mixtrack is fine. It was cheap and still works buuuuuuuuut, it isn’t as fun to DJ on it and I mostly just use it blend some tunes. That works as it hasn’t been too busy in match and people aren’t dancing. But what if one day there iS a big party in there to rage? WHAT IF!?! OK, you’re right Blogosphere, I need this new NVii. NEED. If my new contract comes in and I feel solid I’ll be there for a bit, maybe I’ll make the investment.


Go with yourself.

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Feeling like a little ball of energy lately. Building on some radio ideas and I think I’ve hit on a podcast idea.

I’ve been struggling with my Numark NS7ii DJ controller. I was about ready to light i ton fire this past weekend. The machine has never really worked as advertised. On my old Intel 2 Duel Core Macbook Pro…it glitches, or locked up. The Serato and Numark people were both like, “it’s your computer.”

I bought a new Macbook three weeks ago and the second time I use it, glitches hard. Sunday night, it wouldn’t even play a single song. I plug in my old Macbook, works the best it has ever worked. I don’t know. It is frustrating especially now as I am thinking of trying to DJ a lounge night somewhere in Vancouver. I’ll need it to work. I’ve been on with the tech support people at Serato, and yapping with my friend Tyson (who programs hardware for a different music company) and we (they) think we have it figured out. I hope. PRAY. Tyson thinks it’s a software conflict too.

“The best controller ever built. period.” Jeeeeezus. To be fair…when it works…it works so gloriously that if I get this thing sorted out, I am sure I’ll change my tune and be singing its praises.

Which brings me to today’s song. Four Tet. I’ve been thinking of my lounge set lately. And all the great chill wave and downtempo artists I used to play at the Veneto Lounge like Four Tet. In Victoria on the weekend I stumbled into Ditch Recorts (to buy Kurt Vile…well actually I wanted Titus Andronicus‘ new album but it was $40!) and I found a 2015 record from Four Tet. Four Tet’s new album is called Morning/Evening. Keiran Hebden inherited some Indian music from his grandfather and pulled some samples out of a 1983 song called “Main Teri Chhoti Behana Hoon” by Lata Mangeshkar.

Toro y Moi happens to have some new sounds too…and I always enjoyed his stuff.


I was putting my kids to bed tonight when it dawned on me that one day I won’t. Sometimes it’s a chore. Sometimes I don’t want to do it. But then when I don’t have to, I’ll miss it so much.

I was talking to my Dad the other day about how funny and great little baby babble is. I kinda wish I could record it all the time and save it for when I’m an old man. My Dad said I really should make a pint of recording. The thing is, as soon as I pull out my phone (so far at least) Jack stops babbling. Like he knows…or he gets distracted by the phone. I strapped him in to the car seat today on a quest to buy more coffee beans and I got 15 seconds out of him before he saw my phone and was more interested in swiping at it.

Go with yourself.

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My man Drex posted this song the other day from San Francisco ambient electronic artist Tycho.  The song is “Awake.”  Such a beautiful, chill song.

This mysterio cut came from an email.  Wade sent over a song from the artist Zhu.  Zhu is based out of LA…maybe its the sunshine, but California music always seems to be so chill and/or hazy.

Here is what Wade says of the mysterious Zhu: “His name is ZHU, and since launching 6 weeks ago has been supported by Pete Tong, added to regular rotation on Triple J, and amassed over 1 million plays online. He is the singer/ songwriter/ producer on all of his records who believes that music is faceless.”


Numark NS7ii
Picked up a new controller this weekend.  Looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of the Numark NS7ii.  I had a chance to play with it on Saturday night at a gig.  Its like DJing on a dream.

Now, I just need to book some gigs so I can pay for the thing. (oh and then buy the new Yorkville powered speakers.  Those things pound).

Go with yourself. (Hiya friends, please “like” The Morning After on Facebook)

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My man Ryan from The Paper Cranes left a comment on my blog from the other day about which computer program might help me master the beat production.  he recommended the Mac program Logic.

Ryan Awram from The Q! also rocks Logic so what I would like about that is that we can share knowledge at work.  I think Logic also has some similar attributes to Garageband which comes standard on the Mac.  That might allow me to learn the Garageband as I already have it, then graduate to Logic if/when I get the hang of it.

I went down to Simply Computers on Quadra, where I normally go to stare at Apple stuff, to look at Logic.

I asked the sales rep about Logic and he steered me toward Ableton… again.  Always with the Ableton.

Ableton is expensive, BUT the sales rep said I don’t need the super duper version… the basic $500 package would be good for me.  And he said that Ableton is working with Rane (they make Serato mixers) to be compatible with Serato DJ software (and I hope my Numark???).

yeesh.  brain hurts.

Its all pretty amateur for me right now and will one day require me to make a decision and jump in.  The issue I mainly have is money.  Coral is hoping to go to University or college in the fall and will need tuition/computer/earn less money for the family.  I’ll need close to $1,000 to rock the wedding fair in the fall and that has to be the priority as success there will guarantee me the opportunity to earn the money I need for fun toys (and to pay the mortgage).  Fun toys now… wasted chance at future business.

man, being an adult sucks.  Garageband for now.


In other news, my set for the party Friday Night is taking shape and I like the direction.  I am stressing about it as I don’t really know what people will want to hear.  But I think if I play what I like, I’m opening… no harm no foul and like any performer… all I can do is what I do.

I’ll practice it tonight before bed and if its a good hour, its gold for Friday at Sugar. It’ll be some Brooklyn meets Ibiza chillwave and blisscore beats with some classic soul/funk/R&B.  Might be a trainwreck, but last night at 2AM… it sounded good.  I’ll try it again on the decks tonight, if I can mix it together and the story makes sense in my brain, it’ll be what you hear as you file into Sugar. if this mix that is my head doesn’t come together I was also feeling a modern rocky/remix/local beats set.  Maybe I can do both… a side A and a side B kinda dealio?

Details >> – Well Served – @ Suagr Nightclub

Lastly… I still love Four Tet.

Go with yourself.

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