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Lately I’ve been pretty much obsessed with the idea of camping.

I used to camp more… but now I almost never do.

I have no time, too many responsibilities, but those are things I have control to manage, so I’ll just make some time and push some work aside.

Not only that, but I can forecast the need for a tent a few times this summer already as I’ll be DJing a couple weddings outside of the Capital region and I think tenting will be a good way to catch some ZzzzZzzzs after a night of the chicken dance.  Coral is off to Sasquatch with her girls… and somewhere in there, I plan to try and do a bike camping trip with Dave. Try an easy(ish) 2 day, 1 night hike trip, explore Bamfield, and also jettison off in the car for some Vancouver Island beach camping.

Long term… well there is camping in Hawaii on my to-do list.

I went to Capital Iron and Mountain Equipment co-op and looked at some tent ideas.  They have those big family dealio’s that maybe you remember from your childhood.

I don’t know if that is my style.  I kinda like these little 3-person tents like this Black Diamond or the Tarn 3.

I’ll need to research more about camping and hiking and hiking/camping to understand what the difference is in all these things.  But basically, I want something kinda compact if I go on a solo or bro adventure with Dave or my brother… but big enough if Coral and Madelyn and I need to do some camping.  Also, double as our shelter for if/when the earthquake comes.

If you are a modern day adventurer and have some insight into different tent ideas please do leave me a comment.  I am some-what price sensitive but will save and buy something more expensive if there is true value in it.

What sort of stuff do I NEED to camp, what kind of stuff is fun to bring?

Go with yourself.

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