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I biked downtown today to pick up a copy of The National’s High Violet on vinyl.  It is a very pretty record.  When I got to Ditch at noon, they had already sold out of their first box and I was a sad panda till Longshanks said, “wait, it might be in this parcel that arrived today.”  Sure enough, it was.

Fingers crossed, my record player acts like a well adjusted machine and spins the platter all proper like and I’ll get the chance to dive into all four sides of deep brooding guitar driven indie-awesome.

I was staring at the record package before a meeting today at The Canoe Club.  My waitress had never heard of the National, so I did my boy-scout deed of the day and gave her the MP3 download card that comes with better LP purchases.

The cover art of High Violet is a sculpture by an artist named Mark Fox.  The sculpture is called The Blinding Force.  It was neat to see the original on the web, but I picture of a sculpture doesn’t seem to do it justice.  I’d have to see it in a gallery I think, to fully appreciate.

The sculpture has a bunch of hand written words blasting out of that wood base.  On the record cover it is hard to make the them all out and I don’t really understand their meaning or theme right now.  I think that is why I’d need to see it in person, to make out more of the words… maybe drink a box of wine with the artist and listen to his ideas.

And then, why did The National chose this piece of art over all the others pieces they could or would have seen in New York City?

I am now pretty sad I’m not going to Sasquatch to see The National in May.  I just got my email approving my media pass.  c’est dommage.

They play in Vancouver in September ( a day I likely won’t be able to swing) and then in Redmond, Washington the next night (an easier date for me).


Coral bought me a present yesterday… new Jamie Oliver cookbook.  Does it have a chapter of food inspired by the desert of Arizona?  Why yes it does, thank you for asking.


Go with yourself.

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