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painting of a panic attack

I mocked up a new playlist on the weekend to soundtrack our adventures and I was sure to include what new Frightened Rabbit music was out there.

Their new record is called Painting of a Panic Attack and comes out on April 8th from Rough Trade. The Scottish band went to the Ditmas Park area of Brooklyn to record the album with Aaron Dessner of The National.

I have this song on repeat!


Back from a whirlwind tour of Victoria. I went for the day yesterday to do some work on our rental apartment….met up with my brother. Had a lunch at Spinnakers, met a wedding couple, a few other chores and back to the ferry. Too fast! Gunna have to make a time for a proper visit.

Go with yourself.

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the revenant

This sounds nice. Bryce Dessner of The National composed a song for the Leonardo DiCaprio film The Revenant.  The movie that may or may not feature a Bear Rape scene comes out on Christmas day.

Go with yourself.

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Photo by Deirdre O'Callaghan

Photo by Deirdre O’Callaghan

Matt Berninger from The National was showing up in the music newsers today because of his new project El Vy AND the tease that The National are recording a new record. Or starting to think about recording a new record. El Vy is a project with Brent Knopf of Menomena and Ramona Falls.  They have a song out in front of their October 30th record called “Return to the Moon.”

Go with yourself.

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the national

Brooklyn mood rockers The National released a new song today called “Sunshine on my Back.” The song was recorded during the Trouble Will Find Me sessions and is a free download if you rent or download their “documentary” Mistaken For Strangers from VHX. The song features the vocals of Sharon Van Etten.

Read more: Consequence of Sound // Pitchfork

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Thursday, Jon Williams and I got spoiled at the Radio Factory.  We had our Zone Band of the Month Geoff Lundstrom in to perform his single “Wash The Dirt Off.”  But then the dude stuck around and recorded a cover of Lorde‘s Much Mega Hit, “Royals.”  His trio consisted of himself with Amy and Chris on keys.  Amy let Jon hold her 1948 Martin D 28 acoustic guitar!

Earlier, we had Victoria’s Zerbin in studio.  The boys dropped a beautiful take on The National‘s  “I Need My Girl.”

Maybe you’ll be able to get behind one of these covers and you’ll share it with your friends.

Go with yourself.

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catching Fire
The premiere of the second Hunger Games film Catching Fire is tonight at Silvercity Tillicum.  The film promises to be one those Hollywood Blockbusters that everyone is lining up to see.

The soundtrack for thefilm  is an interesting mix of pop and modern rock heavy weights.  Coldplay, Christina Aguilera, Ellie Goulding and Lorde sharing disc-space with The Lumineers, The National, Imagine Dragons and Patti Smith?  Sure.

Digital Spy said the best song on the soundtrack is Sia’s “Elastic Heart.” The song  features the sounds of Canadian R&B star The Weeknd.

Let’s have  a listen to a few of the contributions from Zone bands….

And here is that Lorde cover of Tears for Fears that some people love and some people pan.

Go with yourself.

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The Hunger Games is one of these mainstream, mass-appeal things that weirds me out. Children fighting to the death for our entertainment?  Put that film in EVERY theatre because boys and girls, young and old are lining up to witness that!

I dunno, I watched the film.   Seeing Jennifer Lawrence murder children is pretty entertaining, so I get it.  But how about that soundtrack!?!  The National?  Yes please.

Go with yourself.

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Boardwalk Empire, the HBO series set in the age of American Prohibition, will be releasing the second volume of their soundtrack on September 3rd.  The record features a variety of contemporary artists performing the swinging tunes of the 20s and 30s.  Matt Berninger of The National fame sings “I’ll See You in My Dreams.”

Go with yourself.

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See you at The National

I was DJing a wedding up at Merridale on Friday and so that gave me a chance to chat with Jess. She asked if I had bought me tickets for The National w/ Frightened Rabbit in Vancouver on September 22nd.  We reminisced about all the great National shows we’ve been to over the years… I looked at my schedule…it will be a weird (and expensive) weekend, but I *could* make it happen…and what’s the point of money right?

Backtracking a bit…. While driving the highways and multi-lane freeways of Holleywoodland, USA I felt the urge to listen to Trouble Will Find Me but I had forgot to upload it on my phone.

When we got home, the need to listen to this record, really listen, would not go away.  Back in Victoria, most my driving happens in the Purple Minivan and its audio technology harkens back to a previous century.  I thought… hmm, I already have the record on vinyl, and MP3, what the heck eh?  What’s $15 MORE dollars on The National and off to Ditch I went for the compact disc.

My campsite on Salt Spring on Mount Bruce looking over at Mount Maxwell and Burgoyne Bay.

My campsite on Salt Spring on Mount Bruce looking over at Mount Maxwell and Burgoyne Bay.

It was a wise investment as this weekend saw my little mobile disco on tour with the previously mentioned party at Merridale and then on off to Salt Spring Island.  Lots of music time.

I love The National.  I can’t explain why, I think its because they write music that speaks to married Dad type dudes who need to work for a living.  I dunno.

But the other thing about The National.  I never like the new record when I first hear it.  But something happens, and I love it more than the last. I need to sit with it, Listen to it.

When I rolled into work this morning, I was pretty amped.  It was  a mighty weekend of DJing parties out in natural settings for folks that were there to party.  I camped.  I listened to The National.

I fired up my morning email…. Bob Lefsetz.  Of course.  And an email about how the album is dead.  He likes ripping into The National which I always found kinda weird.  Its like he says all the time, “work hard, make good music, tour, be honest, be all over social media.” Which they do, but then he hates that they don’t write hits and you need to actually listen to the albums.

“Wait a minute, maybe you’re one of those people who believe the vinyl revolution is gonna conquer our society and you truly are listening to albums, albeit the National and other modern acts(…)”

He is going off about how the world hates records (stats don’t lie, they do) but that is not the music fans problem.  Who cares?

“Don’t extrapolate from your musical addiction to the entire world.

The entire world doesn’t live and breathe music, doesn’t give a whit about your so-called career and only has time for excellence, because they’re so overbooked, their online calendars look like the Rosetta Stone.”

I will admit, that was a hard lesson to learn early in my radio career.  I LOVE music, I made the assumption that EVERYONE did.  Nope, most people just kind of hang out.  But with a couple years, shaking a lot of hands, meeting a few people.  That’s cool.  They love other things, everyone loves something.

“No one’s got that much time to waste. No one wants to hear that much bad music. No one wants to listen to your album ten times to get it. That’s what we did when we had no cash and could only afford one disc, play it ad infinitum, now we just play what’s phenomenal.”

Wasting time is awesome.  People should do it more.  A record you have to sit with and listen to a few times when you’re navigating a switch backed logging road in the rain on an Island somewhere in the Pacific is amazing.

In conclusion. The national is great.  Bob Lefsetz gets a C- for hating on The National but an A+ for digging In-N-Out Burger.

See you at The National!

Go with yourself.

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hannah georgas
Just stop talking for three minutes and forty-six seconds and listen to this!

You know what’s crazy….  its possible that Hannah Georgas was at The National show at Richards on Richards in 2007, and I was at the show.  whoa.

Now I’m not saying the song is about me, but it probably is, whatever.  I’ve moved past it.

I want to believe.  Go with yourself.

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