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Brett Emmons from the Glorious Sons reflects on growing up in Kingston and the effect the Tragically Hip had on them.


The Glorious Sons return to Vancouver for a show on October 27th at The Vogue.

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The (other, other) pride of Kingston, Ontario, The Glorious Sons, shared a brand new song the other day called “Kill The Lights.”

It’s a nice mid-tempo, rifftastic, stomper.

The song will be part of a new record coming down the pipe this summer. The band wrote a letter to their fans.

Fans, Friends and Family,

It has been 455 days since we last released new music… one year, two months and 28 days. Since then we’ve lost band members, family members, relationships and a boatload of money trying to keep this train bound for glory. One thing that has remained constant throughout, is our love for what we do, and our belief in the music we write. Today is a celebration. It is officially Friday, January 27th… pour yourself a glass of wine, roll one up, step out into the garage for another dart and for the love of god enjoy yourself. Without further adieu, we give you our new single, Kill the Lights. Consider this a promise that one: we will never go so long without releasing music again, two: that the album is well underway and coming this year before the leaves start to fall, and three: that we will never stop loving you and all you have done for us. This song is simply a piece for you, and nothing more in gratitude for your patience and continued fan-ship, while we finish this godforsaken album.

We’re back and it’s never felt better.

Love always,
Brett and the boys

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brett glorious sons

Kingston’s The Glorious Sons are in Vancouver for a show at The Venue on Granville. Brett from The Glorious Sons stopped by to give us a preview on their next single, “Sometimes on a Sunday.”

Happy Friday! I’m back to Victoria this weekend for a DJ gig. And one of these days I’ll need to get my controller over in Vancouver for some practice. Looks like I’ll have a New Year’s Eve event to DJ! I’ve been really feeling the itch to DJ. Once I stop for a bit…but then when I do it all the time I just want to stop. Funny how that is eh?

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One of my favourites from Victoria… Northcote has a new record in the pipe. His third album will be titledHope is Made of Steel, and is due out on September 25th (Black Box Records).

We have our first single to listen to today called “Hope Is Made of Steel.”

Dave Genn produced the record (Matthew Good Band, 54:40) here in Vancouver.

“There is a clarity to the songs that I think I may have struggled with in the past.” (Matt) Goud said in a statement. “I remember playing at the Horseshoe in Toronto last summer and a friend asked me what a particular song of mine meant to me, and I didn’t haven’t a very clear answer. I feel on this record, I have written a batch of songs that are more direct and feel less safe. I challenged myself to be more lyrically direct on this album, and I believe I have accomplished that.”

 Here’s the first single featuring Hannah Georgas on backing vocals.

Northcote is touring in the early fall with The Glorious Sons. Here are the BC dates.

10/20 Cranbrook, BC – Key City Theatre
10/21 Kelowna, BC – Flashback’s
10/22 Kamloops, BC – Cactus Jack’s
10/23 Vancouver, BC – The Venue 
10/24 Victoria, BC – Distrikt

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