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Matt Goud and his band Northcote have a couple great videos bouncing around right now. I am loving this cover of The Tragically Hip’s “Springtime in Vienna.

The band also recorded a video for WANTED! Live in Toronto. This is their song “Bracelet.”

Northcote will be at Legends Fest in Lake Cowichan on August 27th.

Top photo from Northcote’s Facebook: “Photo from Oshawa, ON. One of my favourite shows of the summer.”


OK, back to being on Staycation….took the week off at CFOX to hang out in Coquitlam. Went hiking at Buntzen Lake today. Then burgers, then I checked my bazillion emails for this blog and the Northcote stood out as I love these guys and wanted to get it up on the blog.

Go with yourself.

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One of my favourites from Victoria… Northcote has a new record in the pipe. His third album will be titledHope is Made of Steel, and is due out on September 25th (Black Box Records).

We have our first single to listen to today called “Hope Is Made of Steel.”

Dave Genn produced the record (Matthew Good Band, 54:40) here in Vancouver.

“There is a clarity to the songs that I think I may have struggled with in the past.” (Matt) Goud said in a statement. “I remember playing at the Horseshoe in Toronto last summer and a friend asked me what a particular song of mine meant to me, and I didn’t haven’t a very clear answer. I feel on this record, I have written a batch of songs that are more direct and feel less safe. I challenged myself to be more lyrically direct on this album, and I believe I have accomplished that.”

 Here’s the first single featuring Hannah Georgas on backing vocals.

Northcote is touring in the early fall with The Glorious Sons. Here are the BC dates.

10/20 Cranbrook, BC – Key City Theatre
10/21 Kelowna, BC – Flashback’s
10/22 Kamloops, BC – Cactus Jack’s
10/23 Vancouver, BC – The Venue 
10/24 Victoria, BC – Distrikt

Go with yourself.

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[New Rock Now] Northcote sounded amazing opening for The Gaslight Anthem

Last night was stellar. The Gaslight Anthem performed a sold out show at the Commodore Ballroom.

The place was packed, the energy was high and the music was top shelf.

The band that performed before Gaslight was a group based out of Victoria called Northcote. I’ve known Matt for years as he brought the project into focus. A couple years ago he released his debut self-titled record.

Since then, he has criss-crossed the continent, the UK and Europe performing in the growing folk-punk thing happening right now. He has been out there with Dave Hause, Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Billy Pettinger, and The Gaslight Anthem.


And from my radio show the other day….

It is becoming a thing in the NHL this week. Goalies and food stuffs.

Vancouver Canucks’s goaltender, Eddie Lack, is known for his love of the mighty taco. And in Vancouver, there are infinity places to get an amazing taco.

The Vancouver Canucks tweeted that Eddie Lack wouldn’t mind if fans threw tacos on the ice after a game. But that doesn’t sound right…. or is it? Let’s call the Canucks to find up what is real.

Go with yourself.

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First day back to the blogging grind after a few weeks away.  On December 29th my son Jackson Hale was born.  It has been a wonderful adventure so far, tomorrow it is back to the Radio factory.

The past few weeks have been filled with family.  And music.  I’ve been using my time to dust off old records, listen to new records, and enjoy the pleasure of listening for the sake of listening.  It’s funny how listening to music for work can take away so much from the joy of a good song.


Listen to THIS! >> Alternative to What?

I put together a little mix of a few of the songs that I’ve been enjoying lately.

The day my son was born, Cursive’s “Gentleman Caller” was blaring through my thoughts.  The part where they sing “the worst is over…”  During a brief chance to rush home form the hospital while my wife rested…I grabbed my album The Ugly Organ and popped it into the compact disc player.  Its sat in the Honda since.  Such a perfect record.

My buddy Razer came over to meet my son the other day.  When Mom and Babe drifted off to sleep, we pulled out a couple beers and got talking music.  Razer was talking Victoria performer Northcote and his tour with a guy named Dave Hause.

While listening to Dave Hause of RDIO, a song form Dave Hause came on that brought Razer’s attention back to the computer, he recognized it…. it was a cover of The Promise Ring’s “Skips a Beat (Over You).”  Then we got into 90 alternative bands like The Dismemberment Plan and then Sunny Day Real Estate.  There is a documentary about the Foo Fighters that tells the story of the band and Dave Grohl recruiting the Seattle band’s bass player and drummer.

The mix ends with a song from Volcano Choir.  I’ve been looking at the album on the shelves at the record store…but haven’t pulled the trigger yet.  My friend Tyson Elder was yapping about it on twitter and sent me a copy to check out.  Pretty solid.  I liked the song “Acetate.”  Such a pretty album…but then what would you expect from Bon Iver‘s Justin Vernon?

I hope there is something in the mix you’ll enjoy.  Go with yourself.

Listen to THIS! >> Alternative to What?

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Matt Goud aka Northcote, stopped by the Radio Factory for a live performance in front of his trip to Germany to take part in the Pirate Satellite Festival.  If you’re checking out this blog from parts beyond the Rain Forest Kingdom… we’re bullish on Northcote, we love him.

Folk Punk… or Punk Folk, so hot right now.

Go with yourself.

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Talking to Dylan at the radio factory this morning about how great Northcote is, the man pointed me in the direction of a new song on his soundcloud.  Wow…. lots of “whoaaaaaa” and a damn fine catchy chorus.

One of my most anticipated Victoria records of the year for sure.  Let’s go, whooooooaaaa!

Hey Canada!  Find a Northcote show near you and go to it.

Go with yourself.

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 Northcote is a suburb of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, and the pseudo name for Matt Goud’s musical project in…. Victoria, British Columbia.

Northcote has a new single alive on soundcloud called “Burn Right Past Them All” from his upcoming self-titled record in May.

Such an amazing song.

To get us excited for the May 7th album…. check out part 1 of a series of videos, “Painting an Album.”

Go with yourself.

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