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A Victoria music collective has got together for a chilling, light-electro cover of Mumford & Sons.

The group is called The Raven… this single leans heavily on the female vocals of Steph MacPherson, with production from Brandon DeLyzer and the studio/mastering talents of Joby Baker.  The credits for The Raven Collaborative are mostly suedo-names I think…. it reads:

Featuring Petit-Loup, Snakebite, Lunawolf, Remington, Cinder, And The Raven.
Produced by Brandon DeLyzer
Mastered by Joby Baker

Whatever, lets just get to the song.

Such a pretty take.  Great video too.

Great job team!


Woke up this morning feeling generally overwhelmed.  Not a good feeling at all.  I get that vibe after I play too much video games.  Its the worst time suck that accomplishes little (though my Dutch colonies on Greenland are very profitable).

My buddy Bob told me about this game called Rocksmith that lets you play an actual guitar on the Xbox and gets you learning and rocking.  That sounds better…. though I should really work on dusting off my Maschine. I was working through some tutorials but then just stopped and I tucked it in a drawer.


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Go with yourself.

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