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Dave, Christi and Me somewhere in Nevada. photo: chrstwzrd

While driving around the deserts of Nevada, the HIGH desert, where it is fucking cold as fuck.  Fuck.  We saw lots of a gas stations that we fondly called Dinosaur Gas.  We started looking for them and only filling up there.  When we’d roll through some town that had a population far lower than its elevation, Christi Wizard would point and shout, “Dinosaur Gas!”  And we’d look at the gas gage of the Chevy Cruze and stop or not.  Sometimes we would just stop and take a picture!

Maybe it was the lack of sleep, or lack of food… or both, but we came up with a pretty hilarious cartoon for Dinosaur Gas (narrated by actor Paul Walker).  I think the Wizard has it on her “to do list.”


Ian White is rumoured to be heading to Vancity to become a Canuck?  hmmm.


In other news…

I got a great message the other night from Dustin McLean.  This Victoria artist is in the band The Wicks.

Their song “Geese” has a superbly pleasant alt-country vibe going on.  I almost think about Leeroy Stagger a bit when I hear it… and then wonder, Leeroy was a bit ahead of the curve with his brand of music.  Its so hot right now and I remember seeing Leeroy Stagger at Steamers in like 2003?

I think The Wicks will be your new favourite band if you like a serving of fibre with your rock & roll.

The Wicks – “Geese”

Download MP3>> Wicks_Geese

That piano key poke at the beginning.  boing boing boing…. love it, gets rooted in my cranium.

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Go with yourself.

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