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Neil Sanderson of Three Days Grace talks about the music video for the song “Human Race,” it’s themes, the themes of the album ‘Human,’ and the bands thoughts out on the road.

The music video (below) was directed by Mark Pellington, the same Mark we talked about with the new Silversun Pickups video.

Three Days Grace performs this Saturday at the Hard Rock Vancouver.

Go with yourself.

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Is rock & roll making a comeback in Modern Rock? I can feel it… or at least the artists trying to infuse a little grunge in their sound.  There is no denying that electronic dance music is hot… and indie rock has taken a turn toward the folk. Riff rock marches on and you could always hear that on the BIG RAWK radio stations…  But bubbling up around the edges is a great selection of aggressive and progressive rockers.  I’ll talk all day about Japandroids and Cloud Nothings if you let me, however today I bring you the tale of two different bands with a similar sound that may surprise you.

First up is the Bloc Party.  Their first record in 4 years… called… Four is out on August 21st.  We have already listened to the lead off single “Octopus.” Stellar cut… now I have a another called “Kettling.”  Very aggressive.  First listen, I thought the website I got the song from mislabeled it until I heard Kele sing.

Bloc Party – “Kettling”

An internationally “cool” band flirting with hard rock.  I don’t feel like they are alienating me, the long time Bloc Party fan… AND I think they are inviting a new listener in, someone who maybe rejects “indie” rock or new music.  I like it.

I want to compare this song with the new Three Days Grace.

Three Days Grace maybe isn’t as cool as Bloc Party. Pitchfork doesn’t reviews their records, they don’t get invited on Coachella Cruises and you don’t see any hipsters wearing their t-shirts at Lucky Bar.  They make radio rock music, and they do a good job at it.

Their forth record also comes out this October and it is called Transit of Venus.  First single is “Chalk Outline.”

Three Days Grace – “Chalk Outline”

I will say that when I heard this new Three Days Grace (which contains a lot of what 3DG has always done) and compare it to the new Bloc Party, there are many similarities.  Great energy, interesting textures.

How about it?  Aggressive Bloc Party?  New Three Days Grace?

Go with yourself.

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