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There are just too many songs.  I JUST heard RAC‘s “Let Go” for the first time yesterday and the song came out last September.

The song came on yesterday and I thought I recognized the male vocal as that dude from Bloc Party.  When I got home to a computer I was able to see the song does in fact feature Kele Okereke. The song also has a female vocal provided by Amanda Warner of MNDR.

The song is very bright, until you dive into the lyrics. And now… a Sir Sly remix.

Go with yourself.

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Is rock & roll making a comeback in Modern Rock? I can feel it… or at least the artists trying to infuse a little grunge in their sound.  There is no denying that electronic dance music is hot… and indie rock has taken a turn toward the folk. Riff rock marches on and you could always hear that on the BIG RAWK radio stations…  But bubbling up around the edges is a great selection of aggressive and progressive rockers.  I’ll talk all day about Japandroids and Cloud Nothings if you let me, however today I bring you the tale of two different bands with a similar sound that may surprise you.

First up is the Bloc Party.  Their first record in 4 years… called… Four is out on August 21st.  We have already listened to the lead off single “Octopus.” Stellar cut… now I have a another called “Kettling.”  Very aggressive.  First listen, I thought the website I got the song from mislabeled it until I heard Kele sing.

Bloc Party – “Kettling”

An internationally “cool” band flirting with hard rock.  I don’t feel like they are alienating me, the long time Bloc Party fan… AND I think they are inviting a new listener in, someone who maybe rejects “indie” rock or new music.  I like it.

I want to compare this song with the new Three Days Grace.

Three Days Grace maybe isn’t as cool as Bloc Party. Pitchfork doesn’t reviews their records, they don’t get invited on Coachella Cruises and you don’t see any hipsters wearing their t-shirts at Lucky Bar.  They make radio rock music, and they do a good job at it.

Their forth record also comes out this October and it is called Transit of Venus.  First single is “Chalk Outline.”

Three Days Grace – “Chalk Outline”

I will say that when I heard this new Three Days Grace (which contains a lot of what 3DG has always done) and compare it to the new Bloc Party, there are many similarities.  Great energy, interesting textures.

How about it?  Aggressive Bloc Party?  New Three Days Grace?

Go with yourself.

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Summer is raging in Victoria.  Busy as ever with work… and Coral and I are planning on taking Mads on a road trip to Alberta.  Good thing there is an oil tanker FULL of new music.

New Bloc Party rolled off the assembly line yesterday.  The song is called “Octopus” and you’ll find it on their August 21st release, Four.  When I got home last night, I downloaded the song and it immediately got me jazzed on their 2005 record Silent Alarm…which to this day is still an amazing record. I like Bloc Party.

Bloc Party – “Octopus”


The problem with too much good new music (I know… #HipsterProblems too much good new music?) is that it is hard to focus on any one song or record in the way you might have in the olden days.  Its like weekly, or even daily, I get a few new songs across the desk or computer.  Diving in and really enjoying music can be hard.  I am looking forward to some playlists and long drives to soak it in.

The Killers are back with an album on September 18th… also their forth, called Battle Born.  The first single is called “Runaways” and the style is taking you back to Sam’s Town-esque Killers.  What did Pretty Much Amazing say….

“If you ever liked The Killers’ unabashed brand of escapism, “Runaways” won’t disappoint.”

The Killers – “Runaways”


That’s it for now friends.

Go with yourself.

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Somewhere out in the vastness of space… maybe 15 million light years from Earth is the spiral galaxy Messier 83.  This galaxy contains six, count ’em, SIX supernovae.  That is a party to the 6th power… AND multiple supernovas is spelled supernovae… or something like that.  Mental.

Messier 83 gets cut down to M83 for French multi-instrumentaliest Anthony Gonzalez’s dream pop/electro project.

M83 started making music back in 2001… but he didn’t start getting traction till 2005.  He got his hands dirty remixing other artist’s work.  Check out this epic remix of Bloc Party’s “The Pioneers” from Silent Alarm.  Whoa.

Bloc Party – “The Pioneers (M83 Remix)

2008 saw the release of Saturdays = Youth which is a great album.  A super duper dreamy 80s electro-pop superset… then years.  Now it is time for his 6th album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

The first single is a free download if you’ll throw M83 your email.  Small price to pay for a song that is garnering exceptionally high buzz around the internerd.

M83 – “Midnight City”

This disco-hipster romp is living on repeat right now on my MP3 machine.  I think if I met Anthony I’d call him Tony and we’d be friends.  He says that his new record was inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins 1996 record Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Gonzalez says,  “I saw when I was a teenager that I could dig into [the album]. It was like a treasure. If I were a teenager nowadays, I would try to find something as creative as this album. They had so much to say in their songs.”

Shut the front door Tony! I really dug into Mellon Collie as a teenager too… and the teenager living in me still wants to tuck into something as epic.  With your sexy saxophone fade out at the end of this song (saxophones are so hot right now) I can already tell I’ll love this new record (due out on October 18.  Vancouver show on November 12th).

yes, yes and yes.  This just another song that inspires me to make-out.


Earlier today I posted about how great Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down” is… and a cover from Vampire Weekend.  Remember that?  I sure do.

Facebook friend and humanitarian Danika Whatsherface sent me a link to Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) covering the song.

Florence Welch & Kid Harpoon – “I’m Going Down”

Download MP3>> 01 I’m Goin’ Down 1

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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Here’s one for Coral… she digs the Streets AND Bloc Party.

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I was jamming out Terra’s blog today (as I do most days) and she said that I one of her top referreres? neat.

hmmm, My top drivers for traffic here as of today are Vancityrockgirl, Terra, Jamie and Laura.

Fun.  Thank you guys!


I finally got through my Top 10 of 2008.  But I have a feeling I am missing some gems.  If they come to me later, I’ll fix that on here.  We’ll explore my top 10 in Youtube video magic.

10) Jack Johnson – Sleep Through the Static

I just put this record here to start and then as I thought about it, yeah I like Jack Johnson… so what?

09) Mother Mother – O My Heart

Fun poppy band from Vancouver.  I played this record a ton over Hallowe’en.

08) Bloc Party – Intimacy

There are a ton of cool songs off this record.  “Signs” showed up on Gossip Girl last night during a big scene.  “Flux” is my favourite but isn’t a “true” single as it was recorded between albums and included on the North American physical release of Intimacy only.

07) The Hold Steady – Stay Positive

This record didn’t change my world like Boys and Girls in America, but the disc did get lots of play and still lives in the Jeep.

06) MGMT – Oracular Spectacular

I think this was 2008…

05) Plants and Animals – Parc Avenue

One of my best surprises on the year, a go to when making a playlist, and a favourite night out with Coral back in the Spring.

04) Grand Archives – The Grand Archives

Another favourite for late nights when I am alone or feeling lonely.  The song “Swan matches” is the soundtrack to Madelyn’s birth and the first few days home from the hospital.  Actually this record should be number one… but I already handed it in, so I’ll call it a strong 4.

03) Radiohead – In Rainbows

A record that got lots of spins int he winter of ’08 and one of Coral’s favourites.  We had a Valentine’s Day dinner at home when Coral was pregnant and we put this disc on front-to-back and it was perfect.

02) Coldplay – Viva La Vida

No record got more play over 2008 in the Jeep than Coldplay.  It was the soundtrack to our summer holiday and big part of the hype for Pemberton.

01) Kings of Leon – Only By the Night

fuck this album kills.  Its a tie between Akon (anything he touches) and “Use Somebody” as my song of the year.


I also really jived on Alkaline Trio this summer, Nine Inch Nails, if only for the outrageous concert, I am late to the party, but Fleet Foxes is growing on me.  I listened to a ton of top 40 and dance music and Cut/Copy stood out.  Fucked Up is also new so I have not had time to digest it fully, but pretty rad.  Deerhunter is another solid one that I just downloaded but haven’t had time to full appreciate.

One of Coral’s faves might also include Jason Mraz.

hmmm, how’s that?

Go with yourself.


ACK!  I forgot Beck – Modern Guilt

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