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My head actually hurts tonight from trying sop up all this fine music I’ve been jamming.

Coral and I went to see the movie Pirate Radio on Friday night.  A very groovy film about the years of pirate radio in the UK in the mid 60s.

The film was entertaining and as a broadcaster, mind boggling.  How could radio stations in the 60s have been so rad, but you punch up an oldies station today and no one is unzipping their pants on the air or broadcasting live on remote from a deflowering of a virgin?  (heck why isn’t my show doing that now?)

The movie had an insane soundtrack of mostly 60s classics.  One song that I downloaded after the film that is changing my world is Tommy James and The Shondells – “Crimson and Clover.”

This guy was a capital R rock star.  Collapses on stage in 1970 because of a drug overdose, is pronounced dead medically… and uh, wakes up?  Continues to rock?  Priceless.

The man has an autobiography coming out in 2010 called “Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James and the Shondells.”  Put that on my list of books that must be read.

If you’re thinking, “sure Jeremy, I’ll bite.”

Download “Crimson and Clover” for sure, but also consider “Mony Mony” or “I Think We’re Alone Now.”  You recognize those titles, because they were covered in the 80s, but the originals are mighty.  “Hany Panky” is kinda quirky fun too, and the song that shot Tommy to rock and roll fame.

I better pick-up my lotto max ticket this week.  After I win I’ll be buying one of those second (or third) rate AM stations in Vancouver, doing a ton of drugs and spinning vinyl records on a radio console that looks like it from the set of Star Trek.


In other news, what is up with that chick Ke$ha?  She is dominating top 40 right now.  Why do we all love her?  Oh right, she puked in Paris Hilton’s closet when she was on the Simple Life.

Well done cute popster, well done.

Go with yourself.

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