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What a story!  14 year old (with Dad’s help) kid in Ottawa launches a 2,000 watt pirate radio station.

Ottawa boy ordered to shut down his radio station

I saw the story had 338 comments and assumed it was 338 freedom loving rock and rollers coming together to say fuck yeah!  But when you assume, you make an ass of u and me.

I read this blog post where people want to put him in jail?  Throw the book at him!  Get child services involved!  rar rar rar.

“Yes, he should be fined to the maximum extent of the law, which is at least $5000 and possibly more. And all of the equipment should be confiscated, including the antenna and tower.” Gordon Dewis

First off….

look at this kid.  I don’t think he normally crushes a lot of vag, he needs to be on the radio.  I should know.

Second… WTF Canada?  When do we cheer on the government to champion the rights of uh… ginormous corporations? I missed that meeting, maybe I am supposed to be on the government’s side?

Calm down everyone, its a pirate radio station… they make movies about these things.

I’ve always wanted to start a radio station and have bold plans for my own pirate station if the Lotto Max thing works out.

I’ve wanted to start my own station longer than I can remember.  When I was a kid taking Marketing in high school we had to do a year end project where we make a business plan for a business.

All the kids pick clothing stores or restaurants.  I made a radio station.  I felt very strongly at the time that Ozzy Osbourne needed to be on the radio way more than he was in 1997.  I made a business plan for a station called CHMR, the Hammer!  All Metal ALL THE TIME!  Grrrrr.

The station had a mascot, the Phantom Dreamer… it was this character my friend Adam invented.  He was this boy/man with a blank stare that carried a two handed sledge hammer that was always dripping blood.  Fucking hard core man.  This station’s target demographic was virgins, the unemployed, LARPers and most of the residents of Mission.

I don’t remember my grade, but it was most probably a A.

The Morning After Show was the closest I’ll likely ever get to what MY radio station would sound like.  Indie rock interrupted by 40 minute tirades that consisted of half-informed political opinion, sexism, and Art Bellesque Conspiracy theory diatribe.

Now I am older and oh so wiser and the plan if far more sinister and basic.  A low watt FM, 40 watts maybe.  A tall building in the WestEnd of Vancouver… and the cool sounds of freedom.

That is low key, the “oh my god, you mean I have to actually invest my own money on this” sorta plan.

My lotto max radio station will be even more fun.

An AM radio station.

Easy, the corporations abandon them all the time, so I figure anyone can have one now.  The ones that still exist that aren’t news/talk/sports are a joke.  I’d play rock and roll and just generally be groovy.  Seems radical I know, but funny story, no AM radio station does that? weird… you’d think the old duffers that haven’t shuffled off the mortal coil would be into some “Crimson and Clover” spinning on a 45 played by some guy way to stoned to be standing upright.  But maybe not?  Maybe they’re all too busy, logging onto the CBC message boards demanding the government take decisive and swift action against Puberty over in Ottawa?

Maybe CHMR should fire up, I can count on the virgins and LARPers.

Go with yourself.

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My head actually hurts tonight from trying sop up all this fine music I’ve been jamming.

Coral and I went to see the movie Pirate Radio on Friday night.  A very groovy film about the years of pirate radio in the UK in the mid 60s.

The film was entertaining and as a broadcaster, mind boggling.  How could radio stations in the 60s have been so rad, but you punch up an oldies station today and no one is unzipping their pants on the air or broadcasting live on remote from a deflowering of a virgin?  (heck why isn’t my show doing that now?)

The movie had an insane soundtrack of mostly 60s classics.  One song that I downloaded after the film that is changing my world is Tommy James and The Shondells – “Crimson and Clover.”

This guy was a capital R rock star.  Collapses on stage in 1970 because of a drug overdose, is pronounced dead medically… and uh, wakes up?  Continues to rock?  Priceless.

The man has an autobiography coming out in 2010 called “Me, the Mob, and the Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James and the Shondells.”  Put that on my list of books that must be read.

If you’re thinking, “sure Jeremy, I’ll bite.”

Download “Crimson and Clover” for sure, but also consider “Mony Mony” or “I Think We’re Alone Now.”  You recognize those titles, because they were covered in the 80s, but the originals are mighty.  “Hany Panky” is kinda quirky fun too, and the song that shot Tommy to rock and roll fame.

I better pick-up my lotto max ticket this week.  After I win I’ll be buying one of those second (or third) rate AM stations in Vancouver, doing a ton of drugs and spinning vinyl records on a radio console that looks like it from the set of Star Trek.


In other news, what is up with that chick Ke$ha?  She is dominating top 40 right now.  Why do we all love her?  Oh right, she puked in Paris Hilton’s closet when she was on the Simple Life.

Well done cute popster, well done.

Go with yourself.

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