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Jumping jigawatts, last Saturday night at The Veneto Lounge, I had one hell of a spooky encounter.

Now, I have no idea what Madelyn will look like when she gets older.  I reckon some sort of wonderous mash-up of Coral and … someone.

I had no idea what she’d look like, till she was born, then I saw her and thought, “huh, yeah that is what she is supposed to look like.”

But when it comes to future 30-something Madelyn… being all hipster in the year 2038… well my brain has a hard time computing that time-line of events.

Until last Saturday night!

I was DJing at the lounge and a couple lovelies saddled up to the bar.  One of the ladies appeared to be in her 30s.  Attractive like so many people in the Capital of British Columbia, but something about her struck me as odd.  I didn’t want to stare or creep her out but it then dawned on me…

The lady at the bar was Madelyn, from the future, back in the year 2010 to visit her old Dad.

Great right?  Who wouldn’t want to visit with their future daughter.  But is it really?

Why would Madelyn risk fucking with the space-time continuum unless it was very serious? Dire?

Do I die?  Does she know of some sort of catastrophic event in my near future that she has come back to set right? Does she grow up, not knowing of her father… and so motivated by this great loss… studies the mysteries of time… invents a time-machine and travels back to 2010 to learn about me?

Perhaps she is on another mission and thought, “hey, well I am in Victoria, circa 2010, might as well drop in on my old Dad to see what he was up to?”

I just couldn’t imagine I’d raise a daughter so inconsiderate of the perils of time travel that she’d just “stop by” and risk me finding out facts about the future. That’s just dumb.

Go with yourself.

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Where the Wayback Guy takes us on a journey 600 years into an apocalyptic future and we meet his robot friend.

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Wayback Guy is produced by Sheldon Hovde.

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