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Download: “475-0913/Zone DJ”

The Zone will be unleashing some crazy devil science during our back to school crawl.  Some sort of “push” technology. We’ll be up at the University and College campuses over the next week or two and asking people if they want to add some content to their phones.  The experiment will be Tuesday, 11AM-1PM at Camosun Landsdowne.  The first bit of content will be a ring-tone.  The above spin on the Tommy Tutone 1982 hit anomaly, “867-5309/Jenny.”

I was looking for some help brainstorming ideas for a ring-tone when a facebooker named Alexandra sent the link for the song.

The next day, I hopped in the studio with Cassie and she banged this out with the help of Megan, Tess and Kim.


A gorgeous rainy day.  Its Labour Day and so to celebrate, I labour.  Its started pouring rain last night and to have an honest moment, I enjoyed it.  After watching the Kurt Cobain documentary, “About a Son,” I went out on my deck and just sat watching the rain.

Today I was excited to dig my rain pants out of the closet: “CORAL! Where are my rain pants?”

“I don’t know, have I ever wore your rain pants?  Where did you leave them?”

“NO! You must have moved them because they are not… oh, here they are.”

And off into the rain I go.

Go with yourself.

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ugh… woke up at 6:30 AM this morning.  Haven’t been sleeping too well but it really butters my biscuit today because Mads is at Nana’s and I really could have and should have woken up at 10AM.

Compounding problems; I hit the bourbon  last night (just one!) and woke up feeling a bit like Don Draper.  but not, “I just rocked January Jones last night” Don… more the, “I got in a fight with Peggy.”

mmm so good going down last night, but I woke up with that evil liquor taste on my tongue.

I did manage to jam out a ton of music this morning sitting on the couch before Coral woke up.  Then when she finally did… she was a little tasmanian devil of activity getting ready for her job… and out the door and I am back alone listening to music before my bike ride to the Zone.

I listened to Tommy Tuton’s 1982 hit, “867-5309/Jenny” which is a weird little power pop song.  VH1 listed as the 36th best of the 80s!  praise indeed.

I think I might do a spoof ring-tone based on this song.  Thanks Alexandra for sharing the link with me.


In other wonderfulness… did you know that yesterday was 90210 Day?  Of course you did… you have twitter.  Yesterday was September (9), 2nd (02), 2010 (10) so put it together and!  hilarity.

My favourite tweet: so today’s date is 90210, but I am still looking forward to 5/31/8008 so I can flip the calendar upside down and giggle.

And I was thinking about 90210, that 90s juggernaught of teen high drama, and thought about this strange bit of rock and roll history.  Remember when The Flaming Lips played the “After Dark?”  It happened and lives on forever on the internets.

Flaming Lips perform “She Don’t Use Jelly” on 90210.

Go with yourself.

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