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vance joy

Listening to some Vance Joy today. The song “Georgia” is so pretty.

Here’s a live cut I found on Soundcloud.

Got me thinking about the time I got to meet Vance. Great dude.

Go with yourself.

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unnamed (21)

New Zealand’s premiere electro-alt modern rockers The Naked And Famous have a new single out called “Higher.”

Their third record is called Simple Forms and is out on October 14th. The album follows in the footsteps of 2011’s smash Passive Me, Aggressive You and 2013’s In Rolling Waves.

The band is now living in California and put this record together in Echo Park.

The record talks about the breakdown of the 8-year relationship between co-vocalists Thom Power and Alisa Xayalith. They said it “almost tore the band apart!”
No shit.

I can always respect people that can push through what would likely be a great personal challenge for their art.

“There’s pain and passion behind this art,” says Alisa, picking up this theme. “Pop techniques are all about maximum impact. And it’s not like this is an album of bangers but it’s the most immediate thing we’ve ever done.”

They have some shows in the Pacific Northwest this fall!

10/26 — Porltand, OR — Roseland Theater*
10/27 — Seattle, WA — Neptune Theatre*
10/28 — Vancouver, BC — The Vogue Theatre*

All those shows are with XYLØ.


Sorry….still hyping Tall Tree…but seriously music blog friends, it’s a pretty unique festival on an Island full of pretty unique experiences.

My man Nick Rassenti was there and wrote a recap for Rocktographers website.

And look at that…my little Thursday afternoon set got a mention: “a white hot set from DJ Jeremy Baker that sparked a sudden Gn’R-infused afternoon dance party.”

Give this blog post a hit if you wanna read (and see) what a pretty rustic little music festival on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island looks like.

Happy Friday! Off to Harrison Hot Springs this weekend. My old man is turning 60 and some family from Prince George and Quesnel are coming down. Lots of BBQ, beers, lake times, pool and hot springs for my kids with their cousins, uncles, aunts, grandparents, GREAT-grandparents. Good times.

Go with yourself.

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I go through little phases where I love and then love less… the Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs record.  Right now, it is back to friends on.  Friends way on.

Sometimes it just takes a lyric to get me to get interested in a song and I heard it listening to the Arcade Fire’s title track the other day on the radio.

“So can you understand?
Why I want a daughter while I am still young
I wanna hold her hand
and show her some beauty
before this damage is done.”

Wow right?

Listening to that song the other day while driving gave me goose bumps.  And its funny because I have listened to not only the record, but that song in particular… infinity times… but just the other day those lines jumped out of my speakers and into my head.

Arcade Fire – “The Suburbs”

I love the entire concept of this album as a “letter from the the suburbs.”  Having spent my formative years trolling the streets of Coquitlam (a suburb of Vancouver) so many themes of the record hold elemental truths for me.  Like the ideas of the song “The Suburbs (continued).

“If I could have it back
All the time that we wasted
I’d only waste it again
If I could have it back
You know I’d love to waste it again
Waste it again and again and again

I’ve got to ask
Sometimes I can’t believe it
I’m moving past the feeling again
Sometimes I can’t believe it
I’m moving past the feeling again
Sometimes I can’t believe it…”


Some interesting and exciting news today.  An artist had to cancel at this year’s Rifflandia Festival and so DJ Boitano and myself were asked to DJ.

We’ll be operating as “Zone DJs Jeremy & Boitano” and you can find us Friday, September 23rd on The Phillips Brewery Stage.  I do believe the idea for the set will be modern rock remixes.

We just got added today so that means our set is in a week and half!  We’ll be preparing a setlist this week and we’re both pretty jazzed.  It should be a great party and I hope that if you’re reading this blog, then that means you’ll care enough to make the time to join us.

Go with yourself.

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Download: “475-0913/Zone DJ”

The Zone will be unleashing some crazy devil science during our back to school crawl.  Some sort of “push” technology. We’ll be up at the University and College campuses over the next week or two and asking people if they want to add some content to their phones.  The experiment will be Tuesday, 11AM-1PM at Camosun Landsdowne.  The first bit of content will be a ring-tone.  The above spin on the Tommy Tutone 1982 hit anomaly, “867-5309/Jenny.”

I was looking for some help brainstorming ideas for a ring-tone when a facebooker named Alexandra sent the link for the song.

The next day, I hopped in the studio with Cassie and she banged this out with the help of Megan, Tess and Kim.


A gorgeous rainy day.  Its Labour Day and so to celebrate, I labour.  Its started pouring rain last night and to have an honest moment, I enjoyed it.  After watching the Kurt Cobain documentary, “About a Son,” I went out on my deck and just sat watching the rain.

Today I was excited to dig my rain pants out of the closet: “CORAL! Where are my rain pants?”

“I don’t know, have I ever wore your rain pants?  Where did you leave them?”

“NO! You must have moved them because they are not… oh, here they are.”

And off into the rain I go.

Go with yourself.

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