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Coral and I punched through season one of Friday Night Lights over the weekend.  Yeah, we have a minor obsession.

Nothing like a gorgeous soap opera of pretty kids, great music and football to waste away a lazy weekend.  Now we’re in the hunt for season two. (we’ve been watching season three on TV every week)

“Devil Town” is the song they play at the end of season one when the team is having a parade through Dillon after the final game.  At first I had a little bit of challenge drawing parallels of the lyrics to the scene, but I think my brain was tired last night when we watched it because today it is wickedly clear what  the song is talking about and how it applies to the people of Dillon.

It is amazing how hearing a song used in a particular context can make the song stand out.  The original is ancient (well 80s I think, not ANCIENT) and the song has been used in soundtracks and commercials before… but after watching an entire season of FNL and then hearing the song play at the end of all that, late at night, made the song sear into my head.  I’ve been singing it all day.

The show plays a version of the song by Tony Lucca, but I downloaded an interpretation performed by Bright Eyes (posted above).  Originally the song is from the man Daniel Johnston.

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