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anna of the north

Norwegian alterna-pop singer Anna of the North shares a new song today called “Someone.”

The song leans heavy on a vintage 80s soft-rock vibe…at least to my ears. Reminds me of listening to CFUN 1410 AM when I was a kid.

The song comes from her debut album, Lovers, which comes out on September 8th (via Honeymoon / +1 Records / Different Recordings).

Anna of the North is Norwegian Anna Lotterud….who legend has it, was doing an Eat, Pray, Love sorta thing in Australia when she met New Zealander Brady Daniel-Smith in Melbourne, where he was performing an acoustic set. They became friends and started created music.

The group talks about “Someone:”

“We think almost everyone has woken up after a big night, instantly regretting something that happened. It’s about how easy it is to break your promises when you’ve had a couple of drinks. Going deeper, the song is about accepting that you’re only human and to learn how to forgive yourself for your own mistakes and accepting that sometimes we need someone to save us from repeating any old habits.” 

I’m gunna need to pre-order that record.

Anna also lends her vocals to this Tyler, The Creator track.

Go with yourself.

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