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What is up with Australian bands from Brisbane naming their projects after Canadian towns? First there’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic and now we have Banff. Banff is the brand of BrisVegas musician Benjamin Forbes. IndieShuffle says he sounds like Beruit, Midlake, or #1 Dads.

The music chill. Pretty. Kinda like Banff, Alberta.

Go with yourself.

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Australian Bon Iver

The CBC had an author on the radio the other day who called Australia, “Canada in a Thong.”  Basically… good people like Canadians, just sexier.

Being Canadian…. yeah, that sounds about right.

Check out this dude from Brisbane, Queensland.  He goes by Vancouver Sleep Clinic (good band name bro)….  He channels a serious Bon Iver thing.

I like it!  So does this blog!

OK good talk, go with yourself.

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