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What is up with Australian bands from Brisbane naming their projects after Canadian towns? First there’s Vancouver Sleep Clinic and now we have Banff. Banff is the brand of BrisVegas musician Benjamin Forbes. IndieShuffle says he sounds like Beruit, Midlake, or #1 Dads.

The music chill. Pretty. Kinda like Banff, Alberta.

Go with yourself.

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Tame Impala Lonerism

Perth, Australia’s psych band Tame Impala put out a record October called Lonerism.  A very groovy record revered by the folk’s in the know.  I like to hit the vibe-out music while plugging away in the office.

The song “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” is an interesting reflection of style and sound.  Dig it from All Things Go:

“Tame Impala’s musical time travel is a beautiful, post-modern adventure elevated to high art. This isn’t conscious revivalism, but a sort of subconscious exploration of our musical id. And it’s updated by new school technical tact. Their psychedelic collage of 60s and 70s rock is married with a more modern electro-psych genius — pairing classic rock instrumentals with electronic tinkering in a way that’s reminiscent of the musical canvases of Beach House or the Flaming Lips.” – ATG

I wanna live in this song.

While plugging around… the song ended and another random Tame Impala song came on Soundcloud…. “Jeremy’s Storm.”  Hey, that’s my name!

I like “likes.”

Go with yourself.

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My hiking pants are tumbling in the dryer…though I don’t really see the point as it looks like my hike at Gowlland Tod will be in the rain.  Sipping a coffee and checking some emails while I wait for adventure and I punched up a song that came from Perth, Western Australia. Probably less rain there.

The group is called Water Graves and they describe their music as “lo-fi textures combined with watery synth and dreamy harmonies.”  Sounds like my kind of chillwave for a rainy weekend in the forest kingdom of Victoria.  Debut ep is out later this year.  Until then…

I think my pants are getting pretty close to dry.  Time to hit Red Barn for a sandwich to pack and then a muddy trail.  See you tonight at Veneto (I am DJing a Saturday for a change).

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday was Australia Day.  A day to celebrate the First Fleet’s arrival to New Holland back in the olden days…

In order to connect with my Australian friends and family in Brisbane… I tried Vegemite.  hmmm…. yeah.

Soundcloud:  ZAS >> Eating Vegemite 

Happy Friday!

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday it was Robbie Burns Day.  A day to celebrate the life of the great Scottish 18th century poet.  Today is Australia Day… like Canada Day but backwards and upside down… less snow, more Vegemite. (is there anywhere to buy Vegemite in Victoria?  huh.)

I have been listening to a few bands form both Australia and Scotland lately and thought… if ever there was time to merge a playlist of these two geographically opposite Nations… its today.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> North Sea // Coral Sea

01) Frightened Rabbit – “Scottish Winds” Selkirk, Scotland
02) Altas Genius – “Trojans” Adelaide, Australia
03) Biffy Clyro – “Many of Horror (live)” Kilmarnock, Scotland
04) Gotye – “Eyes Wide Open” Melbourne, Australia
05) Twin Atlantic – “Free” Glasgow, Scotland
06) Twin Atlantic – “Crash Land” Glasgow, Scotland
07) Angus Stone – “Broken Brights”  Sydney, Australia
08) Angus & Julia Stone – “Big Jet Plane” Sydney, Australia

I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for listening and go with yourself.

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It is funny how songs can get rooted in your head.  I have a couple currently battling to be played on repeat.  Dinosaur Bones, a couple AWOLNATION songs, Blitzen Trapper‘s new record… and this slinky pop song I heard on XM’s Alt. Nation last night.

Adelaide, SA is Australia’s 5th largest city and ranks high up on the list of Most Liveable Cities.  Turns out they have the internet or something too… as I was able to hear music from this Adelaidian? band Atlas Genius.

These kids seems all right by me.  The song reminds me of the underhanded bright shiny pop rock that’s been so hot as of late.  Bands like Phoenix and The Kooks get tossed around when describing.

Have a listen to this!

Atlas Genius – “Trojans”

Download MP3 >> Atlas Genius

I really wanna go to Australia sometime.  I think we’d get along.

Go with yourself.

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I bought a domain name for my DJ /Music Consultation business yesterday. Spin The Black Disc dot com.

Right now it just forwards to this blog but I think one day I’ll create a page just for the domain to highlight and develop my professional music business separate from this here blog.

The title is a play on the Pearl Jam song, “Spin The Black Circle.”  Rad song, about playing records.  I flipped it up a bit so that way when you search for it, I hopefully will become the the number one ‘Spin the Black Disc’ on the net and not get lost in endless pages of Pearl Jam lyrics and youtube videos. (and with disc, the dot com was available!)

My logo branding concept is taking shape.  I’ll be using the colours and style of Australian Highway signs because… I have an odd fascination with the city of Perth and I like them.

Rozie said she’d give me a crash course on photoshop so I can try to manipulate my own logo.  Fun!

… coming soon! Actual business cards.

Go with yourself.

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Movember is quickly winding down.  I am just a handful of dollars away from $500, so if you have the time, please hit my Movember page and drop a few virtual pennies into my virtual jar.

My Movember Page


I went onto Movember to find my page and I entered “Jeremy Baker” into the search.  There are two other Jeremy Bakers on this planet growing an ugly moustache for prostate cancer.

They are:

Jeremy Baker from Turner, ACT, Australia.  I am not too sure what ‘ACT’ is?  Australia Capital Territory?

The dude hasn’t done much with his Movember page… but has raised $100, so good on him.


Jeremy Baker from Wantage, Oxfordshire, England.  He is doing a little better than our Aussie cousin and has raised $200!

Wantage is famous for being the birth place of King Alfred the Great!


Zoner Capt. Kirk sent me a startling public service youtube video today.


I went and listened to, then downloaded a couple a Guns & Roses tracks yesterday.  At first I hated the record, but DW and David Eleanor swear by it… so I gacve it another spin.  I don’t hate it now… but I still don’t like it.  Sorta average.  The track “Chinese Democracy” is growing on me.  Dave says I need to get the song “Better” which is number 3 on the album.   He is telling about an insane guitar part that sounds like a xylophone.

Then he told me about this book “Last Exit to Brooklyn.”  whoa… I think I’ll need to check it out. He no steered me wrong with his last recommendation, “Night.”

We need a David Eleanor Book club to battle Oprah!

Go with yourself.

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