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Another Bear Mountain post?  Yup.

I saw this song bouncing around the intertron today and immediately liked it.  Toronto producers Natural Animal put their pixie dust all over one my favourites off Vancouver based Bear Mountain’s XO record, “Faded.”


Young Galaxy will be in Victoria on Wednesday, September 25th for a show at Lucky Bar.  The band was up for a Polaris Music Prize but ultimately lost out to conscientious rockers Godspeed You! Black Emperor.  Who knows… maybe that’s for the best? I punched up Young Galaxy’s new single “Crying My Heart Out” on the radio and people called up all grouchy bemoaning how horrible this song is.  Weird…. I hear this song and I wanna make out.  When Catherine McCandless sings “and its hard, when I’m playing ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart'”… I melt.

I’m an old man. I have a parent/teacher talk at some weird hour Thursday morning…. but godspeed me! Imma try to be there tomorrow night.  haters goin’ hate.


CHYEA… I got a Tea Time jam for you.  Randomly stumbled on this band Vaults outta London Town.  This blog says MYSTERIES!

Go with yourself.

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