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Toronto indie band The Wooden Sky play a soft, melodic brand of folk or alternative country.  Very pretty and lush…but also sad.  The music is sounding good on a rare bright November day in the Forest Kingdom with a cup of coffee as I get ready for my radio show.  I’m going to post a few songs that I enjoy from their third album Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun.  The Wooden Sky are back form a tour of the UK where Uncut magazine said, gentle melancholy & warm, minor key rapture on the opening track from the third album from Gavin Gardiner and his TO based bucolic rockers fast turning into one of Canada’s most impressive exports.”   Impressive.  The Wooden Sky are now back in North America (New York right now I think).  They’ll rotate the tires, hit the duty free and start west.  They visit Victoria on November 19th for a show at Club 9one9.  Now the chewnes….

That song “Take Me Out” reminds me of the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance in Back to the Future.  And I thought that…. then read the comments on the song and sure enough another bro thought that too.  Rad.


I got up to hiking adventures on the weekend in the rain.  Saturday I hit Gowlland Tod and my wanderings took me to a spectacular waterfall.  The walk was vigorous but doable for Madelyn… and with all those government ads saying, “kids need 60 minutes of play everyday,” I thought… Sunday Funday repeat with the family.  It definitely pushed my four-year-old but she managed and walked the whole thing.  We started the trek with a brief dry period, the rain fell half way along… then stopped again.  We were all huffing and puffing by the time we hit the parking lot.

Started at the parking lot for the McKenzie Bight.  Followed the road to the start of the Timberman Trail.  Cut off at the Cascade Trail. (there are signs… you’ll hit a fork that is obvious.  Take the trail that says “To McKenzie Bight”).  You’ll start heading down and it’ll get steep.  You’ll see a waterfall… then you’ll be at the beach.  Take the McKenzie Bight Trail back up the other side of the creek.  Its pretty much just an UP… and you’re back at your car.

Total adventure time (or TAT), with lots of breaks and a stop for lunch at the McKenzie Bight was about one hour and 30 minutes.  You’ll get your stairs and vertical in with this little hike.

Go with yourself.

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