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Called up the Flamingo today… turns out we had players club cards from our stay there last year.  turns out they were willing to crush Mandalay Bay’s already fantastic rate.  said they might even do better and to check back next month… so Flamingo it is.

Coral will now get ready on invites.  She ordered a stamp and I think it has arrived or will soon.

The scoop is, you can feel confident in booking now if you like.

Coral and Jeremy (me) are getting married on October 11th at the Flamingo in Las Vegas.  Coral and I are staying and booked at the Flamingo now, October 8th thru to 15th.

You can call anytime you like and book, they just take your credit card and charge the first night, the balance is due when you arrive.  For me, the charge was $50.

Flamingo Hotel Las Vegas

Next up will be saving a bit more money and booking our flights.  Right now the plan is to fly WestJet and fly direct from Victoria, however I am going to explore a flight from Bellingham as well as I have heard sometimes the deal is so good, its worth the ferry ride.  Vancouver friends and family might really consider Bellingham as well.

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David Eleanor was talking about this trip of a music video today on the inbox.


Couple groovy things I wanted to share about the wedding planning.

Coral was made aware of this great offer from Mandalay Bay.  Unfortunately it does not run while we’re there, but hopefully there might be something like it.  The Lion King will be playing?  Hakuna Matata!

The Lion King at Mandalay Bay

And my Mom was checking out the West Jet website, and there will be some savings there for the wedding.

West Jet Group and Wedding Flights

I’ll get on calling West Jet and getting that figured out by the end of the week.  I think we’ll wait to book at Mandalay Bay till some Fall specials come out.  I think Vancityrockgirl said that we should start seeing them soon… or early summer.

The other thought I am having is that I might book the whole week off… and after the wedding and all the partying it might be nice to drive around the desert.  It was the plan to do the “circuit” anyways… but now I am thinking it might be fun to try something more ambitious, like a drive to Reno, or else maybe to Laughlin or even Arizona.  If time and money were no barrier, then I’d go to California and visit the Salinas Valley and explore all the areas of “East of Eden.”  Might be a little ambitious for me… maybe I’ll visit the Salinas Valley when I’m an old man on my motorcycle (or scooter).

Go with yourself.

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