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Phoenix from a speeding motorhome SWAGed from my Mom's Facebook.

Coral and I sometimes harbour fantasies of picking up and moving away to live somewhere different.

Its no secret that I want to move to the desert.  But lately I’ve been reading so much negative stuff about Arizona and their general distrust of immigrants… that well, doesn’t make me want to be an immigrant there.  That leaves Nevada or maybe even New Mexico.

Coral is less enthused about the US in general… maybe I could talk her into Nashville?  Music City USA, that has a nice ring.  Or maybe Texas!  If we moved to Nashville I’d make records and if we moved to Texas I’d obviously take the Panthers to State.

Jeff Gentner/Getty Images

I read that Nashville recently flooded.  Nashville, being a center for music in the US had a lot of damage to the things that make music industry spin round.  Guitars, piano’s, musical venues and touring equipment.

NPR: Flood Wreck Havoc on Music Scene

I wonder if this will effect us here on our imported rock & roll the same way it effects the price of oranges when there is a frost in Florida?  Jack White records will cost double per pound?

ahhh, maybe we’ll stick to Canada.  The Canucks let me down, but they got further in the playoffs than the Coyotes of Predators.  Could you picture me wearing a Predators sweater?  not so much.

Ugh, but that Canucks game last night?  I get that the Canucks are going to lose some hockey games.  The Blackhawks are a great hockey team and favoured to win.  But the way they lost… it is all just so… typical.

The Canucks are NEVER the team that exceeds expectation, and I think that is the worst part of being a Canucks fan.

Every year for the past lot of years, the Canucks generally ice a competitive hockey club only to then fall to pieces in the playoffs.  The villains change, but the Canucks lack of progress doesn’t.  600 divisional titles but zero Stanley Cups… its just not right.  I only derive so much joy from the yearly spanking of the Leafs and the bouncing of the Oil and Flames from playoff contention (But OIL, they surprise you some years and charge to the Cup… and all the history, and the future prospects in their system!!).

Oh well, next year right?


Trying to squeeze a couple bucks out of our little budget to buy bike for Coral and a trailer to pull Madelyn.  Then we can go for bike rides with long suffering Oil fan Dave.

Something that felt really good last night.  Coral and I went on our online banking account payee list and deleted two.  One credit card and one monthly bill that we payed up and eliminated.  That oddly had a level of satisfaction I wasn’t expecting.  Best use of the delete button for sure.

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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Cue up Kings of Leon’s “Knocked Up (Lykke Li vs Rodeo Remix)

I’ve always wanted to live in the desert (and oddly, Omaha, Nebraska… I have a recurring dream where I move to Omaha to be on the radio and live by the airport… weird).

But the desert, the desert is somewhere where I think I could live.  I suppose in a pinch I could settle for the Okanagan… but that’s not really what I’m thinking.  I want to live where its flat, desolate, strange creatures dwell, and its hot.

Living in the desert shouldn’t be that challenging of a goal to achieve one day.  No one wants to live there, so it should be matter of just going, and finding a patch of sand to settle.

What got my imagination turning was reading the story of the Meat Puppets.  The Meat Puppets started in the late 70s and early 80s in Phoenix, Arizona.  But not even right in Phoenix the city, but a suburb.  The Meat Puppets began as this crazy hardcore lo-fi (I guess all 80s indie rocker bands would be lo-fi by today’s standards) band but then evolved into a pioneering alternative group.  The Kirkwood brothers, Curt and Cris started the band in a town called Paradise Valley.  I don’t know what Paradise Valley might have been like in the late 70s, but today its one of the more affluent areas of Arizona.  I was reading their bio on wiki, and its a pretty straight forward, they did this, then this happened, then they did this and then this happened and next… you know how it is.  Doesn’t paint much of a picture.  But I was interested in what life might have been like, being a teenager in suburban Phoenix in 1979… being into hardcore music and starting a punk rock band.  What was happening in Curt and Cris’ world to shape them and create the Meat Puppets?  History tells us what happened after.  It took some time, but their sound gelled, they influenced Nirvana, they had some success in the mid 90s when the world went ape shit for grunge… but a lot of that happened 10 years or more after they were high school kids.  I wonder….

Does anyone remember that movie SLC Punk?  What a cool movie, a little goofy but maybe it kinda reminds me of the film I wish I could see about the Meat Puppets.  Fun fact, Jason Segel (who is 8 days my junior) makes one of his first movie appearances in SLC Punk.  huh?  He’ll later go on to star in I Love You, Man, Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Knocked Up.

jeeze, all this talk on the 80s has me listening to old Fear and Exploited records.  Oi.

“Hold it, hold it! No way, pal. That’s a bald-faced lie! We caused $500,000 worth of damage, a cool half a million dollars worth of damage, ‘cause we’re professionals, and I counted the damage myself.” – Fear leader Lee Ving talking to the New York post in 1981 about trashing the set of Saturday Night Live.

Go with yourself.

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“Hey, can you play that ‘what do you know’ song?”

and thus is how half a dozen phone calls on the Zone begin for me each and everyday.

The majority of people that rock the radio every day only half listen to what is going on (heck I work on the radio and I only half listen!).  One of the most popular songs in modern rock right now repeats the line “What do you know?” a whole bunch so you can be forgiven to think the track is called “What Do You Know?”

The song is actually called “The Mission” and it is from Puscifer.



AKA: Maynard James Keenan


I know right… the same guy that brought us so many fine rock songs from Tool and A Perfect Circle and even provided the vocals to best song off The Deftones White Pony record, “Passenger.”

Now Maynard rocks a vineyard in Arizona’s Verde Valley (verde means green in Spanish!) and has a Puscifer store on top of some tattoo parlour in Jerome, Arizona.

Hang on a second, Puscifer sure don’t sound like Tool! there is some chick singing!

Oh you bet… that lovely is none other than Milla Jovovich.  She’s an actress best known for playing the hot one in The 5th Element and the hot one in that video game movie.  But I’ll always remember her as ‘Michele’ in Dazed and Confused.

Puscifer? … that sure is a funny name.

It IS a funny name.  Maynard lifted it from the first episode of Mr. Show, a funny show.

fast forward to the 3:36 mark.

Holy Moly… Ronnie Dobbs… that’s… that’s

Yeah that’s that guy from Arrested DevelopmentThe Blue Man group guy

Oh right, he was married to Ellen’s hot wife!  What is her name again?


Now where were we?.  Puscifer is the band playing the “Ronnie Dobbs” song and Maynard plays the lead singer guy.

But how come it isn’t that easy for me to steal the song off the internet?

Good question, maybe your goggle-fu is weak?

Go with yourself.

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David Eleanor was talking about this trip of a music video today on the inbox.


Couple groovy things I wanted to share about the wedding planning.

Coral was made aware of this great offer from Mandalay Bay.  Unfortunately it does not run while we’re there, but hopefully there might be something like it.  The Lion King will be playing?  Hakuna Matata!

The Lion King at Mandalay Bay

And my Mom was checking out the West Jet website, and there will be some savings there for the wedding.

West Jet Group and Wedding Flights

I’ll get on calling West Jet and getting that figured out by the end of the week.  I think we’ll wait to book at Mandalay Bay till some Fall specials come out.  I think Vancityrockgirl said that we should start seeing them soon… or early summer.

The other thought I am having is that I might book the whole week off… and after the wedding and all the partying it might be nice to drive around the desert.  It was the plan to do the “circuit” anyways… but now I am thinking it might be fun to try something more ambitious, like a drive to Reno, or else maybe to Laughlin or even Arizona.  If time and money were no barrier, then I’d go to California and visit the Salinas Valley and explore all the areas of “East of Eden.”  Might be a little ambitious for me… maybe I’ll visit the Salinas Valley when I’m an old man on my motorcycle (or scooter).

Go with yourself.

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