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Finally got around to buying the new M83 record Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

This double album is an exceptional trip in the most classical sense of the word.  Best enjoyed with head phones and a little buzz.

Honestly, I rarely make through the whole album in a sitting as I always drift off to sleep.  The album is fuzzy, and dreamy.  Filled with musical interludes, soundscapes and breezy codas.

I have blogged before about the song “Midnight City” which is one of my favourite songs of the year.

After a few listens, the song I look forward to is song 6 off the first record.

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire I think was an old kid’s TV show in France?  I don’t know… the wiki page is in like Jawa or something, I can’t understand it.

The song is so neat and wonderfully weirds me out every time it comes on.  Basically an electro  song plays while a small kid talks about touching a jungle frog and getting high on a hallucinogen.  It makes me feel odd thinking about a toddler getting fucked up.  What a space-trip that must be if you didn’t know any better or that it was wrong.

As I have been punching this record up at night as I fall asleep, I am not too sure what happens in a linear fashion.  I get through a few songs, fall asleep then wake up suddenly at some future moment in the record… sometimes I don’t and instead wake up in the morning all wrapped in headphone cable and my iPhone buried in the cushions of the couch!  I’m freezing cold and disorientated.  Maybe that is a good thing?

The album is cinematic and plays more like a score to a fantastical story.  I can’t really tell if its a romance or fairytale [(or both) or none of the above].

It does conjure wonderful and fuzzy feelings about escaping to a fantasy world… and maybe from the title alone, a bit of a desperation.  Like what these protagonists are doing they better do it quick!  Before it ends or they get discovered… and then that leads to the romance.  What if it is a forbidden love love?

I’ll tell ya, this record is becoming almost a nightly tradition (if something that I have done for only a week is a tradition).  The record also sounds mighty when cranked in the Honda as I barrel up the Pat Bay to pick up Madelyn.  After I pick her up I need to turn it down as she doesn’t like the music loud.  But she likes the album too… and so I put it on when she’s in the car.  Heaven forbid I subject her to the CBC.  She goes mental.

“Put Music OOOONNNNNNNNNN!” she screams from the bucket in the back that I strap her to.

“FINE! M83 it is.”

Go with yourself.

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