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New music from M83 today. The new record is called Junk is out on April 8th. He has a mega tour on the go (no Vancouver date…sadness), and first listen. Song is called “Do It, Try It.”

I’m sorry, I’d upload some pics today of cover art and stuff, but for last few blog post wordpress seems to be having a glitch and the uploader isn’t working. C’est la vie.

Go with yourself.

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Tom Cruise’s sci-fi adventure Oblivion comes to screens on Friday.  The film features music of Anthony Gonzalez, aka M83.

Last night, M83 brought Susanne Sundfør to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Consequence of Sound LOVED it saying, “Sundfør warped us into another dimension. Wow.”

The soundtrack howver is not receiving widespread.  Hitfix reviewed the film and felt the soundtrack felt a little forced.  The writyer said the film “felt only vaguely human and incredibly staged.”  They then say that is how they’d describe the soundtrack.

I’ll need to reserve judgement till I see the film.  I am a homer for M83, so I am sure the tie will go to the runner.

Go with yourself.

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It can feel like a challenge, thinking about summer in Victoria in June.  The weather has been cold, grey and wet for the most part.  On Thursday, I had the chance to DJ on the Rooftop Surfclub for their Solstice party.  I was the first DJ up at 6PM and had a 45 minute set before Boitano turned it up and Marshal A and DJ Speedyshoes closes out the night.  I posted my mix on Mixcloud if you’re into it.

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Children of Summer

A few weak mixes in here…but for the most part I think you’ll enjoy the set if you normally listen to modern rock.

Some of my favourite songs on the list… Cloud Nothings.  I could listen to them all day.  I dig the Passion Pit and Imagine Dragons remixes.  Alex Clare is growing on my with every listen.

My next mixtape will be an Osheaga festival mix similar my Sasquatch mix.

Go with yourself.

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I don’t know who Annie Mac is, but I love her.  She has an accent and sounds like a sexy Replicant!

Annie Mac hosts a dance music show in England on the BBC.  Turns out I have a Annie Mac megamix on my iTunes of a Vampire Weekend/Lykki Li mash-up song she did.  Solid.

I was reading on Pitchfork about M83 doing a remix of the song “Reunion.”  They also are performing in Vancouver on April 27th at the Vogue.  Not sure if I’ll be able to make that show, but damn, I sure wish I could.  The sample of the Reunion (Mylo Remix) that Pitchfork links to is a rip from Annie Mac’s show Friday night and posted to Youtube.  Gosh dang, Annie Mac has a smooth voice, I’ll forgive the M-8-3 when she introduces the song (unless of course they pronounce their band name that way…in which case, please forgive me).

M83 – “Reunion (Mylo Remix)”

Download MP3 >> M83 – Reunion (Mylo Remix)


Plants and Animals were in town yesterday to perform at a packed Lucky Bar.  Being an old man, I only stayed for part of the set then had to retire.  Just HAD to… so tuckered out.  I am so thankful they were able to stop by my radio show to perform my current favourite “Light Show” just for me (and you).  Its not our best mix job here at the radio factory… but still, sounds pretty good.

Soundcloud >> Plants and Animals on the ZAS


Read THIS ARTICLE in the New York Times about the Old Fashioned cocktail.

Now I want to see if Ryan at Sauce will let me make a Don Draper Old Fashioned.

Surely, Don Draper, the essence of the Esquire Man, would have been acquainted with this compendium. Mr. Draper has been shown making his preferred drink, step by step, only once, in Season 3. His execution wasn’t the daintiest, but it was probably period-correct. He used rye, diluted the drink with club soda and muddled the cherry.


Lastly… do I have any angel investors reading my blog?  I have two price points for you to show your love.

01) $20 million dollars.

Recently it was announced that Canadian mega corporation Bell wants to buy Canadian mega  corporation Astral.  Neat.  However… both companies already own a Clear Channel-esqueian amount of radio stations as is… and the Government will likely force Bell to divest itself of a few frequencies.

I propose that YOU give me something like $20 million… I buy the Shore (for way less than the $20 milli, don’t worry, I need the rest to buy a house with a waterfall)… turn it into the radio version of this here blog… and like, I’ll totally pay you back.

02) $4,230 (plus tax and shipping!)

To buy THIS!  First release?  THIS! (on coral coloured marbled 7-inch)

Go with yourself.

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What a wonderful weekend.  Had lots of opportunity to hang out with Madelyn and Coral.  We did some swimming, record shopping, thrift-storing (now a verb!) and coffee stops.  Saturday night was the co-op pre-school fundraiser.  Being the resident DJ Dad in the school, I got the gig of jamming the tunes.  I’ll tell ya, that was a night.  These folks went hard and raged it.  Lots of Moms having a couple and getting weirdly close-talky to request Flo Rida cuts…should be an interesting Tuesday morning dropping Maddy off.

The night had good energy. I think any party where the beer comes in a can and the wine comes in a box will end well.  Coral bounced a little early to hit the Acres of Lions show and I rushed there as soon as I could to hear the last four or five songs.  Wild.

Also on the weekend I got to punch up M83 on the modern rock countdown.  It was fantastic to get a flood of positive reaction from Zoners jiving on the cut, “Midnight City”.

Watch Midnight City on Carson Daily

The album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming came out last fall… but as often happens with these things, sometimes it takes some time for the great songs to reverberate.

The song “Midnight City” is moving up the modern rock charts in the US pretty fiercely, propelled by its Phoenix-esque hazy vintage synth sounds.

Like an good electronic jingle… there is a remix.  Check out this one.

M83 – “Midnight City” (Eric Prydz Remix)

Download MP3 (low quality) >> M83 – Midnight City (Eric Prydz Remix)

Go with yourself.

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Picking a top 10 list of favourite records is always excruciating fun.  I always think it will be easy until I sit down and start going through my records. I enjoy remembering, but then quantifying and sorting those memories can be a challenge.

The radio consultants at the Zone always say that “your heavy rotation songs should be easy to pick.”  I agree that my number 1 this year (like previous years) was an easy pick.  But then after that… I dunno.

Another challenge is trying to weigh something I listened to heavy in January to something that is bright and new and shiny right now… Generally I figure, if I am not rocking it now, then probably not a top 10 list type of band.  But then… Awolnation I used to listen to all the time.  But couldn’t find a spot on the list.  Also, Destroyer or Fleet Foxes I jammed out for a time…but not on the list.

Lots of bands had songs that I adore, but couldn’t include the record because:

A) I don’t actually have it
B) Not that good, even if I listened to a particular song a trillions time.

Man, I loved songs from Holy Ghost, Atlas Genius, We Are Augustines, Dinosaur Bones, The Strokes, Airborne Toxic Event, Gold Panda, Bell X1… hmmm there are bound to be even more… I jammed out tons of country, metal and electronic this year… but no records that get played heavy.

And then there is The Black Keys.  Record comes out on Tuesday.  It’ll come out in 2011… but I haven’t heard the whole thing yet so.

11) The Black KeysEl Camino

I have only heard part of this record… and I already know I’ll love it. The band dominated the Zone (and rock radio in North America) this whole year.  4 number 1 singles on the Modern Rock Countdown.  My goodness.

I know doing things on margin is what caused the financial crisis but I had to include El Camino on my top 10 list!  Even if its Number 11.

The theme song to my Hockey! segment… “Lonely Boy”

10) By A ThreadBy A Thread

Over 10 years I waited for the follow-up to post-whatever band By A Thread’s The Last of the Daydreams.  Over 10 years!

I loved this record when it showed up in the mail back in April.  I put the record aside for most the summer… but once the weather turned, I dunno, but this record has featured tons on my listening habit.  When I walk to the Zone, this record get blasted through the headphones and transports me back to my college radio days.  I love this record because it has both a timeless feel to me, while sounding somewhat modern .  I say “some what” because sometime I get tricked.  maybe you’ll listen to this record and go… “hmmm, sounds like late 90s post-alt rock to me.”

all you need is “Fashion.”

09) Coldplay – “Mylo Xyloto”

Haters gunna hate… but whatever, this is a pretty good record from Coldplay.  I enjoy the singles on the radio, I enjoy them when they pop up in mixes, and I enjoy the record which lives in my van for long drives. Just a plain, good old fashioned well produced mega slick, great big record.

Live to be a 40-year-old virgin listening to “Paradise.”

08) Foo FightersWasting Light

Another big, slick mainstream record that is just good.  I enjoy all the songs we play off this disc on the radio.  The album was so super hyped before its release I was a little concerned I wouldn’t like it. But hitting play on this album is a rewarding experience and is another point on the list of why Dave Grohl is a living legend.

Shower in a truck stop with friends to this song, “Rope.”

07) ArkellsMichigan Left

Arkells are the band that demanded to be on my top 10 list.  The story goes… I knew of the Arkells as a band.  A Canadian rock band like a billion before them and a billion after them… then I saw them open for Tokyo Police Club and rattle the cage that was my brain.  I quickly became a convert and devoured the back catalog.  I was primed for the release of Michigan Left and was not disappointed. A fantastic, front-to-back album of rock & roll music.  This CD lives in my van and I punch it up often.

If I had a friend named Matty that rocked ‘Women and Songs 2’… well I don’t what I’d think about that. “Book Club”

06) Washed OutWithin and Without

Just look at that album artwork… don’t you wanna make-out?

An album of easy listening.  I have a sweet tooth for this type of chill electronic music.  I can’t deny it.  This record is a staple of my lounge set at Veneto.  This record also lives in the Civic and sounded so awesome this summer barrelling up the Pat Bay Highway.

You’ll get to third base if you drop the needle on “You and I”

05) The Naked and FamousPassive Me, Aggressive You

Tricky… this record was technically released in 2010… but then re-released to a world-wide audience (and on vinyl) in 2011.

A super fun and catchy record that contains a couple of my favourite songs of the year on it.  “Young Blood” and “Punching in a Dream.”

Jon Williams was a big champion of this album and randomly showed up at the Zone one day with a vinyl copy tucked under his arm; which he then gifted to me.  Nice.  This record was the soundtrack to most my summer… and spring… and actually I jam out “Punching in a Dream” during many of my club DJ sets.

its a banger… “Punching in a Dream”

04) The DecemberistsThe Kings is Dead

A record that came out in January of 2011… King is Dead is the first Decemberists record that I truly loved…

I went to see the Decemberists in the summer with Simon from the Veneto and his wife.  There I met up with Dan and Laura visiting from France and had one of my great summer nights of 2011. I drank a cocktail that night that tasted like a spicy Chicago Dog! (in the best of ways)

“Rise to Me” would also make my list of top 10 songs of the year.

03) Foster the PeopleTorches

What do I say about Foster the People?  Their song “Pumped Up Kicks” went sub-atomic on not only rock radio… but a bonafide top 40 jam.  Soccer Moms hum along to a song about Columbining your school.

This record was played all-the-time around my home in the Spring and Summer.  Coral and I don’t really jive on the same bands much anymore.  So I do find it special when we both have a record we could put on and crank.

I swear, I could take any song off this record and play it on the Zone and it would be a hit.  If anything, this record is TOO sugar sweet on the ear drums.

I like the song “I Would Do Anything For You” because I am a romantic (and a dork). Ooh-la-la

02) M83Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming

My top two records both win because they are chill-out records and most my (as in MY) listening… is late at night (what time is now… shit, 1AM).  I put on headphones, hit go… and dream.  So my Top 10 has a lot of records that reflect that as they are the records that I listen to.

M83 is a record I wish came out anytime prior 2006 when I smoked way too much pot.  This is a pot record in the best way.  Lots of weird audio wickedness to pet your ear-holes.  I’ve blogged lots about M83 and could go on all day on why he’s so awesome. You’ve read it and taken it to heart, or you haven’t… so what Imma gunna do is post “Midnight City” again and hope this time… this time it is the time you go… “riiiiiiiiight.”

M83 could and almost should be my number 1, but it doesn’t win for a few reasons.  As much as I love the sonic oddities… sometimes I’m not in the mood.  I do find myself occasionally skipping songs which I never do with…

01) Bon IverBon Iver

I said at the top of my list that picking the number 1 should be easy and this year it was… My end of the day go to record when the weight of the world is pushing me down.

Hot dog, its good.  A front-to-back masterpiece of modern light rock.  I am sure in like 20 years Bon Iver will be the Hall & Oates of this generation… but fuck, whatever.  Hall & Oates is cool again, so maybe that says something?

This is another record that both Coral and I listen to… cute attack!

This album is not a rocker or very pop.  So if you need growls, distortions, tattoos, testicles… this album won’t be for you.  But if you like to strap in and explore time and space in some sort of out-of-body astral projection experience… then you’ve found the soundtrack.

This song is so beautiful, “Holocene”

That’s another list of some of my more memorable albums of 2011.  If I can find the energy, I wouldn’t mind trying to lay down a top 10 songs… but now that would be an even greater challenge.  Maybe top 20?  Top 50?  Zoinks.

As with anything, music is subjective so unless we’re already musically compatible, you might scratch your head at some selections… and that’s cool, maybe it’ll inspire you to write your own list?  Just be sure to post a link in my comment section so I can read your’s too.

Ugh, I always feel like I am forgetting something…. I am sure that I am.

Thank you for reading my blog.  Go with yourself.


Because lists are fun:

Top 10 Records of 2010
Top 10 Records of 2009
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My Favourite Records of the 00s
Top 10 Zone Shows of the 00s

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Finally got around to buying the new M83 record Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

This double album is an exceptional trip in the most classical sense of the word.  Best enjoyed with head phones and a little buzz.

Honestly, I rarely make through the whole album in a sitting as I always drift off to sleep.  The album is fuzzy, and dreamy.  Filled with musical interludes, soundscapes and breezy codas.

I have blogged before about the song “Midnight City” which is one of my favourite songs of the year.

After a few listens, the song I look forward to is song 6 off the first record.

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire

Raconte-Moi Une Histoire I think was an old kid’s TV show in France?  I don’t know… the wiki page is in like Jawa or something, I can’t understand it.

The song is so neat and wonderfully weirds me out every time it comes on.  Basically an electro  song plays while a small kid talks about touching a jungle frog and getting high on a hallucinogen.  It makes me feel odd thinking about a toddler getting fucked up.  What a space-trip that must be if you didn’t know any better or that it was wrong.

As I have been punching this record up at night as I fall asleep, I am not too sure what happens in a linear fashion.  I get through a few songs, fall asleep then wake up suddenly at some future moment in the record… sometimes I don’t and instead wake up in the morning all wrapped in headphone cable and my iPhone buried in the cushions of the couch!  I’m freezing cold and disorientated.  Maybe that is a good thing?

The album is cinematic and plays more like a score to a fantastical story.  I can’t really tell if its a romance or fairytale [(or both) or none of the above].

It does conjure wonderful and fuzzy feelings about escaping to a fantasy world… and maybe from the title alone, a bit of a desperation.  Like what these protagonists are doing they better do it quick!  Before it ends or they get discovered… and then that leads to the romance.  What if it is a forbidden love love?

I’ll tell ya, this record is becoming almost a nightly tradition (if something that I have done for only a week is a tradition).  The record also sounds mighty when cranked in the Honda as I barrel up the Pat Bay to pick up Madelyn.  After I pick her up I need to turn it down as she doesn’t like the music loud.  But she likes the album too… and so I put it on when she’s in the car.  Heaven forbid I subject her to the CBC.  She goes mental.

“Put Music OOOONNNNNNNNNN!” she screams from the bucket in the back that I strap her to.

“FINE! M83 it is.”

Go with yourself.

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New M83 record is out tomorrow… I hope the iTunes download goes hot tonight, I am going to buy it for sure.  Actually… if Ditch has the vinyl tomorrow… I’d really like that.  I wonder?

Initial reviews have been promising.  I adore the first single “Midnight City.”

Today I have been jamming out track one/side one, “Intro”  Easy right… first song should be called intro.

Pitchfork loves this cut… I’m a little more meh on it… I am sure, in the context of the whole double album, this song serves well.  As a stand alone single or song, it doesn’t have the payoff that I enjoy in a 5 minute ditty.

This is an epic, building, bright cut that you can imagine really crushes down for the next song…  have a listen.  It features vocals from Nika Roza Danilova of Zola Jesus.

M83 – “Intro 9feat. Zola Jesus)”

Download MP3 >> M83 – Intro

Its alright, but not changing my world.  What I did enjoy… M83 remixes!

If I ever get my shit sorted and learn to make beats and samples… I’ll glitch out all night.


Finally made it to a Victoria Royals hockey game.

I brought Mads so I couldn’t stay the whole time… but I will say that Madelyn is finally getting to an age where she can enjoy the process.  She sits in her chair.  Loves to clap.  Pays attention enough to know that Victoria is the “Purple” team (the jersey is more blue-ish but shhhh). Yells “Go ‘Toria!” And loves her treats.

The Royals played the Kelowna Rockets (Grandpa Rob’s team) and gutted out an overtime win!

We also got to see super-stud #9 Kevin Sundher assist a Soudek goal.  He is tied for the top scorer in the WHL right now.  Nice.

I hope that I am fortunate enough to get another pair of tickets to take Madelyn again this season.

In other hockey news… Coral and I will be heading to Van for a game verse CBJ in November.  Fun attack!


It was an eventful weekend.  I kinda like not working my weekends away.  I get that whole mantra that to be successful you gotta be working and creating all.the.time… but I’ll save that Radio Stars of the world.  I’ll take some pleasure in a glorious Fall hike.

My brother CJ is turning into a true weekend warrior on the trail.  I had to miss out so much on the hikes because of work, but this weekend was about living Island Time and having fun.  CJ and Caitlin and I hit Gowlland Tod Park for an “easy” assent up to a lookout that offered an amazing picnic spot.  We spied the Saanich Inlet and Malahat Mountain.

I kinda want to do it again next weekend… but I think CJ already has designs on East Sooke.  Though, my bro will need a rain coat as we won’t always be so lucky to hike in the glorious sun in our temperate rain forest.

Do you have any favourite hiking spots that are an easy drive from the city?

Go with yourself.

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Finished the most mighty of weekends… a couple fundraisers and a couple weddings made for a busy 4 days.  Somewhere in that mix I had to try and be a dad and do you know… my actual job on the Zone.

Focus was required, but hard to come by as I have my eyes firmly planted on Friday, September 23rd… Rifflandia!

OK, so Rifflandia actually begins on the Thursday, Friday is when Boitano and me DJ at the Phillips Brewery stage.  Friday night at 9PM.  After DJ Anger… and later that night; Michael Rault then one of our favourites at the Zone, Toronto’s Ko takes the stage.  Boitano says that Broken Social Scene ends just as we start… so I get if you have them as a “must see!” but maybe you’ll truly endeavour to bee-line to Phillips to catch the end of our set.  We’d really love to see some friendlies in the audience.

For our set… we are thinking that we’ll mainly try and focus on Modern Rock Remixes (Think Boitano’s Mixtape) to keep us on point for people that come to check us out.  That said… well I love my modern electronic stuff from M83 and the new Neon Indian.  I’ll try to squish them in if I can… early in the set.

I did fin a monster remix of the True Blood soundtrack!  Heavy electronic… and Vampires!  Oh My!

Jace Everett – “Bad Things” (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Download MP3 >> Bad Things (True Blood Theme) (Mister Gray Dubstep Remix)

Savage.  I heard that jammer on the XM Alt Nation remix show on Saturday night.  DJ Liquid also played this remix from Oasis.

Oasis – “Wonderwall” (Figure Drumstep edit)

Download MP3 >> Wonderwall (Figure Drumstep Edit)

I’ll be choosing about half the songs so I want to include M83‘s “Midnight City” because I am obsessed.

Another song I am enjoying is Neon Indian’s “Polish Girl.”

Neon Indian – “Polish Girl”

Download MP3 >> 02 Polish Girl

I also have a remix of Two Door Cinema Club‘s “What You Know.”

OK so that is almooooooost 30 minutes.  Any requests?  And before you ask, yes I have made a commitment to end the set with Brian McNight’s 1999 slow jam anthem “Back At One.” (uhhhh if Boitano will let me and the people don’t have a revolution against me).

Right, requests… whaddya got?

Go with yourself.

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Somewhere out in the vastness of space… maybe 15 million light years from Earth is the spiral galaxy Messier 83.  This galaxy contains six, count ’em, SIX supernovae.  That is a party to the 6th power… AND multiple supernovas is spelled supernovae… or something like that.  Mental.

Messier 83 gets cut down to M83 for French multi-instrumentaliest Anthony Gonzalez’s dream pop/electro project.

M83 started making music back in 2001… but he didn’t start getting traction till 2005.  He got his hands dirty remixing other artist’s work.  Check out this epic remix of Bloc Party’s “The Pioneers” from Silent Alarm.  Whoa.

Bloc Party – “The Pioneers (M83 Remix)

2008 saw the release of Saturdays = Youth which is a great album.  A super duper dreamy 80s electro-pop superset… then years.  Now it is time for his 6th album, Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.

The first single is a free download if you’ll throw M83 your email.  Small price to pay for a song that is garnering exceptionally high buzz around the internerd.

M83 – “Midnight City”

This disco-hipster romp is living on repeat right now on my MP3 machine.  I think if I met Anthony I’d call him Tony and we’d be friends.  He says that his new record was inspired by The Smashing Pumpkins 1996 record Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

Gonzalez says,  “I saw when I was a teenager that I could dig into [the album]. It was like a treasure. If I were a teenager nowadays, I would try to find something as creative as this album. They had so much to say in their songs.”

Shut the front door Tony! I really dug into Mellon Collie as a teenager too… and the teenager living in me still wants to tuck into something as epic.  With your sexy saxophone fade out at the end of this song (saxophones are so hot right now) I can already tell I’ll love this new record (due out on October 18.  Vancouver show on November 12th).

yes, yes and yes.  This just another song that inspires me to make-out.


Earlier today I posted about how great Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m Going Down” is… and a cover from Vampire Weekend.  Remember that?  I sure do.

Facebook friend and humanitarian Danika Whatsherface sent me a link to Florence Welch (Florence + The Machine) covering the song.

Florence Welch & Kid Harpoon – “I’m Going Down”

Download MP3>> 01 I’m Goin’ Down 1

That’s all I got.  Go with yourself.

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