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I am a romantic.  I listen to way too much Rascal Flatts, more than any red-blooded male should ever admit to.

Coral is into texting and the W network… I wanna sit in the rain and makeout.  Fucking weird shit like that.

Its probably why I gravitated to chillwave.  Its just a genre dedicated to the makeout jam.

FYI (this Rascal Flatts video is so terrible.  Terribly great!)

I was excited yesterday when Dave opened the Zone’s music mail and out tumbled Washed Out’s Within and Without.

I already have and love the ep Life of Leisure.  Then I collected what remixes popped up on Pitchfork and now… debut full length!  Savage.

Lots of songs to love on this record and I’ve only listened once, quietly on a shitty Zone stereo in an office.  Can’t wait to punch it up in the car on a sunny day (or rainy).

First listen, I’ve already started to lean on a couple great songs.  I like song three “Amor Fati,” the cello flourishes of number five “Far Away,” and this jam that was hinted at before as a free download.

Washed Out – “You and I”

Download MP3 >> Washed Out – You and I [ft. Caroline Polachek]

This is a lazy weekend record, or the soundtrack to a night that will end with romance.

Go with yourself.

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