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I am enjoying a minor obsession with a country jam.  Its an older song, but new to me, and I can’t listen to it enough.

The group is called Old Crow Medicine Show.  they’ve been around for years and their biggest song, “Wagon Wheel” is from their 2004 record O.C.M.S.

I download this song for a wedding awhile back.  The first time I heard it I didn’t think too much about it.  I remember thinking it was an odd wedding request… but then wedding couples always request the odd odd song.  Something that means something to them from a holiday, camping trip, growing up, whatever.  I did stress about how I’d work the song into a dance set…

The wedding comes and I don’t play the song.  near the end of the night, the groom a few in… comes over and says, “Its time for ‘Wagon Wheel.'”

OK, its your wedding… I play the song and the dance floor goes off… all the friends knew the song and sang it word-for-word.

That was a nice moment and I filed that away in my brain.  Then this weekend, the couple enjoyed country music, so as I researched my playlist, there is OCMS sitting on the hard drive.

I played it again, and again everyone got into it.  And this time, I too got into the song.

Now I can’t hear it enough.

Its the first time… well in a long time I can remember really being into a country song.  There are country songs that I like.  And I’ve had some great times hanging out with my sister or friends…and they’ve played some country.  But here I am… choosing to hit play on a country song.  Geez, not since the Rascal Flatts incident of 2006 have I been into a country song so much.

Go with yourself.

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I am a romantic.  I listen to way too much Rascal Flatts, more than any red-blooded male should ever admit to.

Coral is into texting and the W network… I wanna sit in the rain and makeout.  Fucking weird shit like that.

Its probably why I gravitated to chillwave.  Its just a genre dedicated to the makeout jam.

FYI (this Rascal Flatts video is so terrible.  Terribly great!)

I was excited yesterday when Dave opened the Zone’s music mail and out tumbled Washed Out’s Within and Without.

I already have and love the ep Life of Leisure.  Then I collected what remixes popped up on Pitchfork and now… debut full length!  Savage.

Lots of songs to love on this record and I’ve only listened once, quietly on a shitty Zone stereo in an office.  Can’t wait to punch it up in the car on a sunny day (or rainy).

First listen, I’ve already started to lean on a couple great songs.  I like song three “Amor Fati,” the cello flourishes of number five “Far Away,” and this jam that was hinted at before as a free download.

Washed Out – “You and I”

Download MP3 >> Washed Out – You and I [ft. Caroline Polachek]

This is a lazy weekend record, or the soundtrack to a night that will end with romance.

Go with yourself.

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This is scary, a Sasquatch monster bearing down on you with Miga strapped to his back packing heat.

Yesterday I posted about Portland, Oregon’s The Thermals and their new song “Canada.”  Using that cut as a spring board, I jammed out a quick little 34 minute set to get you jazzed on some Olympic Hockey (or luge or biathlon or ice dancing or whatever).  Best part, no Gary Glitter!  Worst part, Rascal Flatts! I can’t wait, lets go….

01) The Thermals – “Canada”

The 2  minute fist pumper leads off the playlist and sets the tone.

02) Japandroids – “Sovereignty”

The Japandroids’ song has a line that rattles through my brain all the time.  And after watching my new favourite sport this morning, Biathlon, and all the rain it makes even more sense.

“Its raining in Vancouver, but I don’t give a fuck… because I’m far form home tonight.”

Is biathlon not the best sport? It combines two of the greatest things, insanely disciplined accurate killing technique and skiing!

03) Constantines – “Trans-Canada”

I searched “Canada” into my iTunes… now i have a lot of songs but I was surprised how few have the word Canada in them.  This is one of two.  The other being track one of our playlist.

Driving beat… it reminds me of driving the trans-Canada highway when I was younger lad.

“There is no short cut, there is no straight line.”

Whoa, they drove through Saskatchewan too!

04) Sloan – “The Rest of My Life”

When I first heard The Thermals “Canada” I immediately thought of Sloan, and this song in particular.

“One thing I know about the rest of my life, I know that I will be living in Canada.”

05) The Replacements – “I’ll Be You”

The Minnesota 80s alt-rockers must have spent some time in Winnipeg.  Must have…

“Lonely, I guess that’s where I’m from.  If was from Canada, then I’d best be called lonesome.”

Maybe that is some old 80s Canadiana?  Do we say lonesome?  sure, I do now.

06) The Tragically Hip – “Lonely End of the Rink”

Hockey metaphors explode in this song about Gord Downy’s days of playing minor hockey and being a goalie wishing he was joining the rush… and about his old man who’d come and hang out behind the net at the “lonely” end of the rink to cheer his boy on.

07) Tom Cochrane – “Big League”

Talking about kids and hockey, then we should be talking about one of Tom Cochrane’s most enduring hockey anthems.  This one is lot more somber.

08) Rascal Flatts – “Life is a Highway”

A throw back to my days working at Starbucks with Ashley, Michelle, Jayne and Rachel (well actually I shouldn’t lump Rachel in there, she always fired up good music! ha).  Rascal Flatts was on heavy rotation during those early morning hours slinging lattes in the suburbs.  I heard it so often it grew on me… and this song has maximum use of “Vancouver’s Lights” in the song.  Originally down by the man, Mr. Tom Cochrane… I decided to change gears and include the Rascal Flatts cover to spice up the end of the playlist a bit.

09) Moneyshot – “Blades of Steel”

The Canadian male hockey experience would not be complete without Moneyshots greatest creation about the game.  A song about working hard and having fun in Midget Triple A when the scout form Kamloops catches a game, and gives you shot at Junior.

10) Stompin’ Tom Conners – “The Hockey Song”

Its a bit of a cliche, so kill me.  Last song, time this playlist out to have this song playing just as the puck drops and their is no reason why Team Canada’s Olympic Women’s team can’t put 19 goals in the net!

Go with yourself.

Check out Quatchi's tattoo. Bad ass.

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