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photo: Chris Villa

Machine Gun Kelly’s fifth album Tickets to my Downfallis coming September 25th (Interscope).

We’ve heard a couple jams so far including “Bloody Valentine” and “concert for aliens.” Today we’re checking out the third listen called “my ex’s best friend.”

The song features singer/songwriter/producer blackbear and the album is executive produced by Blink 182’s Travis Barker. Real good.

The song’s themes don’t stray too far from the title. The press release says, “here, MGK and blackbear gloomily ruminate about a messy entanglement with their exes’ closest confidant. Instead of wallowing in depression, the Ohio titan finds solace in his ex-lover’s best friend to rediscover love.”

Happy Friday. Go with yourself.

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Canada Day 2016….new Blink 182 record comes out called California. Right…Tom Delonge is out, Alkaline Trio’s Matt Skiba is in and here’s the “Bred to Death.” Sounds like the later old Blink 182….does that make sense?

Blink 182 is on tour this summer. They come to Vancouver…errr Abbotsford on September 18th.

blink tour

Go with yourself.

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Scottish punkers PAWS worked with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus on their new record No Grace. The first single is simply called “No Grace.” Record is out on June 17th. Like the vibe of this cut.

This is silly.

Go with yourself.

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A girl called up the Zone today during the Picks @ 6 to request the January Band of the Month, On Call Heroes.

The song “That Guy” (mp3) is a neat song. Its about d-bags that end up with the hot girl. ¬†A story all us nice guys who finish last can relate too.

And of course… do they? ¬†What’s a “hot girl” and why are the nice guys being so defeatist… maybe a little confidence and the pole would get waxed? but yeah… that’s another debate.

Lets pretend then, that yes, the nice guy gets dumped on and the hottie is running around with the dude that has a neck tattoo.

Its a popular theme in movies, books, TV and of course music.

On Call Heroes the latest in a fine line of songs wondering aloud and with melody… “WTF hot girl, why do you waste your time with Johnny Daterape… I mean his last name is daterape, c’mon man”

Lots of 90s punk rocker dwelt on the subject… I am thinking songs by The Offspring (Self Esteem maybe) or Blink 182 (Dammit) or Green Day (Nice Guys Finish Last).

Green Day – “Nice Guys Finish Last”

My favourite jam is a little ditty by a gentleman that recorded music under the moniker The Mr. T Experience. His 1993 song “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend” nails it down perfectly. ¬†If you’re currently suffering through virginitis, this shit is the remedy for the lonely night (and the internet I guess).

The Mr. T Experience – “Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend”

“Even Hitler had a girlfriend, who he could always call. ¬†Someone to be there despite of all his faults. ¬†Hitler was the worst guy ever, despised and reviled… even Hitler had a girlfriend, why can’t I?”

Holy shit, if that doesn’t make your loneliness worse, nothing will. ¬†Hitler man…Hitler was getting laid. ¬†And you gotta think that back then, some German bureaucrat was pushing pencils in Nazi HQ thinking to himself… “WTF, douche bag gets the chicks. Every time, every time.”

This song is pretty magical… but I didn’t hear the MTX version… no this song was made popular (to me) at CiTR by a one Mr. Plow.

One of (if not) the first Mr. Plow records is a home burned creation called Shut Your Legs and Open Your Ears. ¬†6 songs recorded in Vancouver circa 2000. ¬†Track 6 is a cover called “Even Hitler…” and 20 year old Jeremy’s mind leaked out through my ears after hearing it. ¬†The song was a hot rotation on the old Morning After Show. ¬†I would end up becoming half decent friends with Plow for a few years in Burncouver (or was it Vanaby?).

Mr. Plow – “Even Hitler…”

Plow introduced me to the other bizarro-acoutic-punks in Vancouver.  We did some shows together at the Cobalt or the Java Joint in Surrey. He stayed up late and jammed out my radio show.  He took me around with him to pick up dead bodies one time.  Good times, great reflections.

Plow has put out quite a few records over the years and continues to perform to this very day. ¬†I think right now he might be in Portland hosting a weekly night at some bar? ¬†That’s the last I heard on the Facebook at least.

Right… what was the point of this? ¬†Oh, a girl requested On Call Heroes and it got me thinking of my old friend Plow and one of my favourite songs, “Even Hitler…”

Go with yourself.

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Where is my red baseball cap?  The playlist I am listening to right now makes me want to punch a clarinet player.

The Mega D-Bagger (some choice cuts)

Rise Against – “Savior”
Shinedown – “Devour”
Three Days Grace – “Time of Dying”
Hollywood Undead – “No. 5”
(yeah that just happened, MySpace music circa 2005)
“Lets take some shawtz!”
Rev Theory – “Hell Ya”
Hinder – “Get Stoned”
Hell Yeah – “Alcohaulin Ass”
Asher Roth – “I Love College”
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – “Damn Regret”
Sum 41 – “Some Say”
Apocalyptica – “I’m Not Jesus”
Chevelle – “I Get It”

*special bonus D-Bagger tune: Hinder – “Lips of an Angel”

Damn, I hate myself after rocking this set out, but you know what?  Even I break down and want to hear some base drinking tunes.

iTunes REALLY wanted me to download some Puddle of Mudd to you know, make it complete… but I gots none and I’m not sure if its worth the .99 cents.

Rise Against is an old favourite, that I got bored of once they started getting their due on the radio… but “Savior” is bringing me back into the fold.¬† When that track pops up on the rotation on the Zone, I stop stalking you on Facebook and crank it in the studio.¬† I thought RA would be a good jumping off point and low and behold, my listening took me into jock rock territory.¬† I figure if I played lacrosse for the junior Shamrocks, this is the sorta music I’d be listening to before challenging the skinniest kid in the room to a fight… who’d normally be me! ah, but this time I got the letter jacket.

Shinedown’s “Devour” is a song that my man James Sutton turned me on to.¬† I came into the Zone one day just before he took off to The Peak and he said, “don’t hate me, but I sorta like a Shinedown song.”¬† I don’t hate you James, just disappointed.¬† Fuck the song is catchy.

Three Days Grace… spooky, “I will not die! I’ll wait here for you…”¬† hmmm, future cut showing up on Edward Cullen’s mixtape for Bella?

Hollywood Undead, um… I have no excuse.¬† Kill me now.¬† WTF is up with these guys, seriously?¬† Its like the Mayfair Mall had too many ‘shawtz’ and puked out a band.

Rev Theory is the music I would fire up just before I broke into a drug dealers house to steal his stash.¬† This might be what dude cheerleader music sounds like?¬† “Give me a HELL!¬† Give me a Yeaaaaaaaaah!”¬† Oh boy, this will end poorly.¬† “I am a junkie 4 lyfe!”

Rev Theory had some iTunes recommendations for Hinder, but not “Get Stoned.”¬† You mean the band has any other song?

Oh right, “Lips of an Angel.”¬† Holy shit, I remember when this song was changing lives and we never played it on the Zone.¬† But oh man it was requested. all.the.time.¬† The odd guy… sure I get it, its a fantasy song about being a rock star and having a couple girls on the go… but the ladies that request it…for shame, have some respect for yourselves.¬† I asked Coral about it once, “Coral, what is up with girls requesting ‘Lips of an Angel?’¬† First off, ‘Get Stoned’ is the only song by Hinder anyone should care about ever, for the rest of time, on their tombstones, it should say… the guys that got stoned, lest we forget… and second, the song is about Johnny D-Bag lusting after some chick that has ‘lips of an angel’ while his boring ass girlfriend is sleeping in the other room?!?”

Coral said, “no girl is thinking they are the one sleeping in the other room.”


Hell Yeah… get it, “Alcohaulin Ass.”¬† cute.

Asher Roth had a brief, very brief, time on the Zone… then banished.¬† Too bad, hit my LastFM page and it is one of my most played songs!¬† ha.¬† I fucking loved college, I loved it so much, I did it twice and I’m trying to go back for a third round.

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is that type of “punk” band that ends up on Top 40 radio… so is that punk?¬† Is Good Charlotte punk?¬† Is anything really punk?¬† I think the second your song goes something like… verse chorus verse and you have a branded band name, you left “punk” behind.

Sum 41, the band I love to hate.¬† I first met these dudes when I did security for Blink 182.¬† I was trolling around back stage at some huge “punk” concert at Thunderbird Stadium and I happened by the boys.¬† I had noticed in one of their music videos a reference to the classic film Howard the Duck and thought I’d share it with Sum 41, finally finding my soul mate band that appreciates Lea Thompson and a puppet alien duck as much as I.¬† They weren’t too impressed and ignored me.¬† sadness.¬† The search continues.

(so you know what I’m talking about… 8:02 into this clip of the movie and then Stevo’s jacket of this video.¬† See! me and Stevo should be besties, not frenimies.)

Years later I had the chance to interview them outside the arena here in Victoria.  Still dinks.  Well Stevo is and the spikey haired one,  but Cone, Cone is cool.

Apacolyptica maybe shouldn’t be on my list.¬† But I don’t have any Slipknot on my playlist.¬† Do me a favour… never tell me you’re really into metal then tell me your favourite band is Slipknot… a little part of me dies when you do that.

Chevelle… a perennially guilty pleasure of mine.¬† They can do no wrong by me… fire your own brother from the band?¬† Hey as long as you keep making your super dreamy hard rock you can fire Obama!

At the end of my list, if you find yourself asking, “Where’s the Nickelback?” well friendo, you’re a bigger D-bag than me!

Go with yourself.

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