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Eli from Two Friends reached out to the blog to share his production team’s songs.

This “Pacific Coast Highway” song is bright and fun. Hey I took a road trip on that highway once with my wife Coral and our daughter. Awww, fun times. Nostalgia.

Here is their newest song. Born new to the world today!

ohhh jeezus are you kidding me? A remix of Tove Lo’s “Cool Girl?” I love that song.

And being a modern rock radio DJ for the last …bunch of years….I know and love The Killers.

Happy Friday! Throw me a follow please on the twitter. @TheMASBlog

Go with yourself.

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Hanging out at home before racing off to Match for a Thursday night.

He doesn’t look a thing like jeeeeeeeesus.

OK, you got me, not a remix. I just like San Holo.

Anderson .Paak is my go to these days. Love these easy and bright remix. “If she can’t can’t dance then she can’t woo”

I better go! My wife is chirping at me to spend some precious moments with one of my kids…I don’t which one, I can never remember their names 😛

Go with yourself.

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Happy Friday! Let’s celebrate.

Future Bass as a genre in general, not my favourite, but I love the original song and this remix does scratch the itch.

and Papa.

The Killers  are in Vancouver tonight for a special return to the legendary Commodore Ballroom. If you’re ever visiting Vancouver on holiday or business and you get a chance to see a show there, that’s the place. Killers in Pemberton on Saturday. Going back in time to 2004 for this one. When is a club going to have a Millennial night? Songs of the Oughts!

Homeboy Koni with another bouncy cloud house cover. Adele… her song “Send My Love” is so hot right now.

I could actually see this Shakira remix working in the Starlight Casino.

This TLC remix only has a few hundred plays…so I don’t know. Maybe it’s not good? That’s a shame, because fun song to remix.

And Coldplay!

Get after it this weekend.

Go with yourself.

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Summer is raging in Victoria.  Busy as ever with work… and Coral and I are planning on taking Mads on a road trip to Alberta.  Good thing there is an oil tanker FULL of new music.

New Bloc Party rolled off the assembly line yesterday.  The song is called “Octopus” and you’ll find it on their August 21st release, Four.  When I got home last night, I downloaded the song and it immediately got me jazzed on their 2005 record Silent Alarm…which to this day is still an amazing record. I like Bloc Party.

Bloc Party – “Octopus”


The problem with too much good new music (I know… #HipsterProblems too much good new music?) is that it is hard to focus on any one song or record in the way you might have in the olden days.  Its like weekly, or even daily, I get a few new songs across the desk or computer.  Diving in and really enjoying music can be hard.  I am looking forward to some playlists and long drives to soak it in.

The Killers are back with an album on September 18th… also their forth, called Battle Born.  The first single is called “Runaways” and the style is taking you back to Sam’s Town-esque Killers.  What did Pretty Much Amazing say….

“If you ever liked The Killers’ unabashed brand of escapism, “Runaways” won’t disappoint.”

The Killers – “Runaways”


That’s it for now friends.

Go with yourself.

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01) Nelly – “Just a Dream”

Hey, be easy… I like this song.

Now, I’ll always love you Beat 94-5, you have superior DJs and generally a better broadcast experience compared to most radio stations.

That said, Sirius Hits 1 plays this song pretty much twice an hour.  No sane radio station should be burning songs this mental, but I am sure glad Sirius doesn’t care about convention and plays this song over and over and over and over… and you get the idea.

I don’t know why I love it so much.  I was going to post the single cover for this song on my blog… but then I saw Nelly on the cover and I hated myself.

I guess the song makes me think of Coral.  That is nice.  I was thinking about her today in fact while the song played and she phoned me.  Whoa, kismet.  I told Coral about my cosmic experience but she didn’t look impressed.  She said, “You know the song is about breaking up with your wife right?”  hmmm.

02) The Daylights – “I Hope This Gets To You”

The cover art at the top is for this LA band that I also heard on Sirius Hits 1 between Nelly.  I like that Hits 1 plays some modern rockish type songs between the pop. This is one of them.

They give me the expansive melodramatic feel of the Airborne Toxic Event.  Speaking of the Airborne Toxic Event, I should put that song on.  Damn they were good.  Why they aren’t major rock stars is a tragedy.

03) Floyd Cramer – “On The Rebound”

We travel back to 1961 for Mr. Cramer’s (RIP) #3 instrumental hit.  This song you might recognize from the opening credits of the film “An Education.”

Was it just me, or were you also pretty let down when Peter Sarsgaard asked to see Jenny’s tits and the camera angle was so artistic as to not actually show anything?  It was just me? oh.

Coral heard this song during the film and we had to add it to the collection.  now it lives during my sets at the Veneto Lounge.

04) The Killers – “Leave Your Bourbon on the Shelf”

I says to my iTunes the other day, I says, “iTunes, do I have any songs about bourbon?”

Yup, I got one.

The companion song for my video that I made yesterday.

05) Fitz and the Tantrums – “Moneygrabber”

Fitz & Company like the soul music of the 60s. I like soul music from the 60s.  Despite your gimmicky name, we can be friends.

What’s that? No guitar? You don’t say.

This song is currently my ear candy song on the Zone.  Its a good song, but sounds GREAT on the FM stereo sound of 91.3 FM.

06) Atomic Tom – “Take Me Out”

Brooklyn hipsters begin career by selling out… basically they perform their song “Take Me Out” (not a Franz Ferdinand cover) on a NYC subway car using iPhones.

The video gets viewed a bunch… and now they get played on the radio a half world away on the Zone.  My bones tell me to not like this song, but I always sing along when I hear it.  Whatever, I’m weak sometimes.

Go with your bad self.

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The Morning Zone’s Quest to fill the Chevy Cruze is spiraling out of control in the best of ways.

An event that began as Dylan’s Mom wondering why the Zone doesn’t do MORE to help kids has escalated into a great event on Friday, December 17th.  DW and Jason will be at the Mayfair Mall parking lot at 6AM till 10 doing their radio show.  Please bring new unwrapped toys.

Not that you need another reason to do the right thing, but Future Shop has kindly donated FIVE prize packs that are valued at at least $1,000 each!  You can win if you bring toys.  Plus Future Shop is starting to fill our Cruze with music instruments for kids that could really use them.  Wow.

On top of the $1,500 in Toys from Brett and Dave Wheaton Chevy and Dylan says another $250 from The Real Canadian Superstore.

A Zoner also showed up with TWO boxes filled with Toys as he can’t make the broadcast on Friday.


The Killers are on the hiatus… but they are not letting that stop them for jamming out a Christmas song for the holidays.

I do believe it is number 5 in their series of Christmas singles.

What I like about the song “Boots” is that its not overtly Christmassy.  I don’t think they say “Christmas” in it once… while still painting a beautiful (and slightly melon collie) holiday song.

The song talks about watching Christmas programs on TV… like “Its a Wonderful Life.”

The Killers – “Boots”

And since I’m feeling a wee bit festive…

I got an email from Ellisa Hartman… I *think* she is a local singer-songwriter… There was no bio on her website.

She did a nice take on “Little Drummer Boy.”  Which… and I didn’t know this, is religious.  I know now because Treehouse had a cartoon on the other day that was about the little drummer boy being a slave to some fat evil guy… then he ran away to see the baby Jesus.  Good times.

Ellisa Hartman – “Little Drummer Boy”

Go with yourself.

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Here is a post for Vancityrockgirl… the new Brandon Flowers’ solo record Flamingo is out today.

First listen and I must say, I do enjoy it.

The man is having a pretty good couple days.  His record has already gone #1 in the UK and it was also announced that he is expecting another young’n to his family brood.

I have always loved the Killers and so far so good, the solo stuff is as good… or maybe better than some of the Killers songs.

If you’re a Killers fan, you’ll easily get into the solo stuff.  Flowers has stated that many of the songs were destined to be Killers tracks but when the band went on hiatus, the Dad had to stay working, so solo it is.

The Zone is jamming out the lead single right now, “Crossfire” (number 1 on NME).

Picking a favourite album cut is a challenge right now during this first listen as I have enjoyed all the songs.  The opener is pretty cool… I could see it being a travel theme song for my favourite Rock Travel Agent, “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas.”

“Hard Enough” is sexual as its a duet with Jenny Lewis and she’s hipster cuteness.

“Playing with Fire” isn’t doing it for me.  Maybe he’s singing about being a Mormon or something? I don’t get it.


Skip again.

“Magdalena” might be another religious song. maybe he is singing about a Spanish sweetheart?  Lots of different southern Mexican sounds mixed into the epicnessisms of Brandon Flowers.  Songs builds into an expansive Western Film sounding song.  go Mexico!  I think A Perfect Circle rocked this subject matter harder.

Near the end of the record we get to the hit, “Crossfire.”

You already know this cut and have an opinion on it.

The record ends with “On The Floor” and “Swallow It.”

“On the Floor” calms it right down after the more energetic radio single.  trying to like it but sadly… skip.

And now the closer, “Swallow It.”

Brandon are you singing about a young lovely swallowing your knob?  Maybe its a metaphor for life, but it seriously sounds like forcing your wang down someone’s throat who might be performing oral for the first time.

Well there is no “Parental Advisory” on the cover, and he is a married family man… so I guess its a metaphor for life.  Sorry to take this to the gutter, but come on… listen to the song.

OK lets add it up.

10 songs.

3 skips.

I’ll give the record 7/10.

Brandon, you won’t be getting into UVic with that grade… but a couple years at Camosun, keep your nose to it, you might make something of yourself.

The record is overall enjoyable and if you’re already a Killers fan, I’ll put a recommend on this record.

Hey remember that time I interviewed Brandon Flowers?
Brandon Flowers Website

Go with yourself.

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