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USS or the Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker were in Victoria last night for another Zone Show.  Before the rock was brought to a sold out Lucky Bar, the boys came on the Zone Afternoon Show for a live performance.  have a listen.

Song: “2 and 15/16th”
Song: “Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole”
Song: “Laces Out”
Song: “Anti-Venom”

Interview and complete Performance: USS on The Radio

It was nice, Ash (the lead singer guy) was into my scooter, so I let him rip around after the set.  He mentioned that today he would pull the ultimate tourist move and rent one from that place downtown.  We shared a moment indeed.

I feel like a piece of ass because I flaked on the show last night.  I went home after my show to watch some hockey.  I ordered a pizza, cracked a beer.  One turned into almost a six-pack, Nucks win… and I just wanted to cuddle a pillow on my couch.  That and I was in no condition to drive, so no USS at Lucky Bar for me… bad radio DJ, bad.  Next time.

Go with yourself.

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mmm, I am drinking Rum and Eggnog right now.

I want to write more, but I also want to enjoy a rum and eggnog more.

I am getting in the festive spirit.  I meant to go down into storage and pull out the tree and lights… but I am thinking that I will need to map out the logistics better first.  Miss Monster will rampage everything if this not planned very carefully.


The family and I went to the lower mainland for some family parties and Christmasness.  My Mom turned fifty something (fifty-one seems to ring a bell) so Madelyn wanted to come over and celebrate.  We watched Wall E.  What a neat movie.  I have been reading some pretty heavy blogs today… people’s spirits are down.  I recommend a Rum and Eggnog and the movie Wall E.


USS stopped by the Zone today.  Ash told me to check out his music video for “2 and 15/16th.”  He said it was pretty special.  So I’ll leave with a video and get back to my rum!

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