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USS or the Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker were in Victoria last night for another Zone Show.  Before the rock was brought to a sold out Lucky Bar, the boys came on the Zone Afternoon Show for a live performance.  have a listen.

Song: “2 and 15/16th”
Song: “Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole”
Song: “Laces Out”
Song: “Anti-Venom”

Interview and complete Performance: USS on The Radio

It was nice, Ash (the lead singer guy) was into my scooter, so I let him rip around after the set.  He mentioned that today he would pull the ultimate tourist move and rent one from that place downtown.  We shared a moment indeed.

I feel like a piece of ass because I flaked on the show last night.  I went home after my show to watch some hockey.  I ordered a pizza, cracked a beer.  One turned into almost a six-pack, Nucks win… and I just wanted to cuddle a pillow on my couch.  That and I was in no condition to drive, so no USS at Lucky Bar for me… bad radio DJ, bad.  Next time.

Go with yourself.

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Yesterday afternoon the boys from the band Hey Rosetta! stopped by the Zone Afternoon show for a chit-chat and live performance.  Have a listen.

Download: Hey Rosetta! LIVE on The Zone @ 91-3
Song: Red Heart
Song: Red Song

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I have been working an epic week of production, filling in for Sheldon in the studio.  On Friday, Coral and Maddy O came for a visit.  Coral voiced a couple spots and Madelyn got jealous!  She wanted a turn.  This is Madelyn’s broadcasting debut.

Have a listen: Madelyn rocks the mic!

Go with yourself.

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Right near the end of my time broadcasting The Morning After Show at CiTR, I fell into it with a band called All State Champion.  I had the chance to see them live a few times and even played a song of theirs on The Zone late at night when no one was listening.

ASC would go their separate ways, but leader Daniel Sioui would continue with a new project called Carpenter.  I might like Carpenter even more.  Coral likes to tell the story of the time I ignored her at a show at Logans! (duh, boys ignore girls that they like, that is biology!)

Today on Capital Rock City I talk to Daniel and play the music of both All State Champion and Carpenter.  You can see Carpenter live in Victoria on Friday when they open for Gob at Lucky Bar.

Download: Capital Rock City #46

You can also subscribe to Capital Rock City in the podcast section of the iTunes store or use this handy dandy RSS feed.

DJ Notes:

01) All State Champion – “Regret’s a Bitter Taste”
02) Carpenter – “Best Place”
03) Carpenter – “You Can’t Keep a Good Man Down”

I hope you enjoy the show as much as I enjoyed crafting it.

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Listen: Capital Rock City #43

or subscribe on iTunes.  Actually please do subscribe on iTunes.  Go into the iTiunes store and search for ‘Capital Rock City’ and it’ll shoot up.

01) No-Fi Soul Rebellion – “Lets Pretend”
originally from Alaska, now calling one of my fave towns home, Bellingham USA!  Thank you Brandon for sharing this band with me!
02) Justin Hewitt – “Close Your Eyes”

03) Franco – “Date with Destiny”
February Zone Band of the Month.
04) Luna Riot – “Song of the Rising Stars”
Luna Riot review in the Province.
05) The British Columbians – “In the Leaves”
Folky rock that sounds pretty from the Terminal City.  Thank you to Todd for sharing this song with CRC.
06) Langdon Auger – “Too Many Dudes”

Couple things went down for this weeks Capital Rock City.  Tuesday, The Clubhouse booked a big party of convention people.  Great for business, but I couldn’t record my first live-to-tape Capital Rock City with Acres of Lions.

It will still happen, but the first one will have to be with a different band?  Anyone want to volunteer?

Tyson said they’d be down to record one for me in April.

The other plan was to have Miranda and Ryan of the Paper Cranes on the show.  But on Monday (when I record the show) I ended up at the Victoria Film Festival.  Miranda and Ryan will be next week for CRC 42.

The film festival was very fun.  I saw 14 short films!  It is too bad that there is no place on this planet for easier consumption of this great art.  My favourite films I couldn’t even find websites for, let alone streamed on Youtube.  Hey film makers… if you make a film and want people to actually watch it, you have to distribute it.  (shakes head).

There used to be a TV show on the CBC called Zed.  Do you remember that show?  It must have been on TV around 2000?  I was living with Paul in Burncouver (or was it Vanaby?) and we smoked a lot of pot.  The show was basically a film fest every night.  Then it stopped.  WTF CBC… Stoners are Canadian tax payers too you know.  I like Strombo… but I’d have a nighty time explosion in my pants if my evening went Strombo at 11P then Zed at midnight… or who knows, maybe Zed is still on?  I can’t find it and have never seen an ad for it.  Anyways… the show was basically a collection of short films, animations,  and avant-garde music videos presented for an hour or two every night from mostly Canadian but also world film makers.

The only issue I had with the film fest is a personal one… I was tired and it was along night.  I went from The Zone directly to the film fest and sat on a hard chair for 4 hours.  Great films… but long night.  Like longer than Titanic!

During intermission I was hungry as shit.  So  I left to find some food, but in the end all I wanted was a coffee.

I wander back into the film fest and the lady taking tickets turns to me and says, “do you know where to get any food around here?  I am starving!  I had to rush from work to the film fest and I ate no dinner.”

“Me too!” I reply, “I just found this coffee.”

“Did you know coffee is an appetite suppressant?”

“No I did not.”  Then I related the story to her about the time time I ate an apple.

“one time when I was doing my show I said on the air that was very hungry and during the commercials I was going to eat an apple because I love apples.

“this lady phones my show and says to me, ‘Jeremy did you know that apples are appetite suppressants?’ and I said really?  when I am hungry and I eat some food my appetite is suppressed? who’d have thought of that?”


That’s all I got, if you like podcasts check out Pol’s fantastic audio adventure The Polcast.

Go with yourlsef.

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I read a great interview on Spinnerette.  I feature the song “Ghetto Love” on my show on The Zone @ 91-3.  Before that we played “Valium Knights” and even the Distillers.  A great read if you care.

Tell me about the single, “Ghetto Love.”

It’s just about being overwhelmed by humanity, and trying to find common grounds, and trying to keep it positive. The one thing that I didn’t really have so much of before, or care about, or feel that I didn’t even want it, was love. So it maybe it sound kind of cheesy but I have a family now and that’s pretty much the most important thing.

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Capital Rock City #40 is done.

Download: Capital Rock City #40

On the show today I was very lucky to get the chance to talk with Dan, Lewis and Tyson from Acres of Lions.  They brought the new record “Working” and we fired up three tracks from the album.  If interviews with bands are not your bag, fast forward to 3 minutes to get right to it.

Set List

01) Acres of Lions – “Closer”
02) Acres of Lions – “Working”
03) Acres of Lions – “Entertainment”
04) theset – “Little Ones”
05) Said the Whale – “This City’s a Mess”
06) Everyone Everywhere – “Oxberry”

Lewis’ brother Elliot is in theset and he chose “Little Ones” to fire up on the show.

Said The Whale is fronted by this cat named Tyler and I know Tyler from way back in 1999-2000ish when I was in a band.  Tyler was 15 and in a band called My Buddy Dave. I used to play them on my CiTR show, The Morning After Show.  Tyler has always been a quality guy and its great that he is still making music.  Take a moment to track down some Said the Whale.

That’s it for this week.

Next week some Justin Hewitt, Bronze Age, maybe something from Edmonton… and who knows.  If you’re in a band and want to be featured… email works, jeremy@thezone.fm.

Go with yourself.

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I was cyber stalking your profile when I came across an ad for The Zone on Facebook.

The Zone’s Ad

If you’re on Facebook, don’t be shy, add me up and find the Zone’s facebook group.

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Holy FUCK!  I just opened up the cell phone bill and $160!  WTF?


Tim and Dave from The Stills dropped by the Zone Afternoon show today before the first of two show they would be (are currently) performing in Victoria.  Last night they opened for Sam Roberts and Mike Devlin had some good things to say.

We jibber jabbered about, you know stuff.  I asked Dave why he thinks the song “Being Here” has really grabbed people’s attention and Dave gave a pretty perfect answer, but I didn’t really give him a chance to get the joke in.  Listening back I now hear what might have been a rad joke if I hadn’t stepped on his reply, so that is my bad.  The boys then perform “Being Here” and it ends with Tim and I talking about Nine Inch Nails and their insane LED light show.  Tim knows the man that designed NIN live light show experience!

Download: The Stills Interview with performance of “Being Here”

Download: “Being Here” (live @ The ZAS)

Moment Factory


Day 03

Day number three of single Dad is winding down to an end.  Another glorious challenge.  I really have so much more respect for ZooeyJane and Huckdoll after kinda trying my hand at single parenting.  Mads was a wee bit ornery this morning and wouldn’t nap or even really let me put her down.  Nana came early because Fridays are an epic challenge as it is, getting all my work done… so I had a quick shower and shave then off to the radio factory.  Had a good show and came home to take Nana out for a birthday dinner and Madelyn had/has spots all over her torso?  SWA?

I’m no Grey’s Anatomy doctor so I have no idea what is wrong.  She was n a much better mood when I got home (Nana does that to her) we decided dinner wouldn’t hurt.  Auntie Alyx joined us and we punched back some Greek food.

Brought Madelyn home for a bath and just to she why you never leave a baby unattended in the tub, while sitting there in the water, she’d get herself worked up and then like fall over in the water.  She’d freak and almost freeze up in the water and couldn’t right herself.  If I wasn’t there, like right there beside her, that would be it.

Madelyn likes bath time so she was ready for bed.

I packed up the Jeep while she was sleeping because we are off to visit Grandma Mom and Grandpa Jack tomorrow.  Day Three is done.

Baby is still alive.

Dad: 03
Israeli Air Force: 00


Have a great weekend.  I likely won’t get a chance to write again till Monday.  Go with yourself.

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Webmeister Bud chopped up the Movember saga with A Morning for a little video on the Zone’s website.

Jeremy’s Lame Mo on A Morning

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