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the hip

Last night, through an incredible turn of events, Coral and I scored box seats to The Tragically Hip’s final show! After some frantic texts and calls to Grandpa and Grandma to secure childcare we were crammed into Rogers Arena for the legendary performance.

Today I rolled into CFOX and had a chance to interview Jay from USS about their upcoming single “Work Shoes.” But I also asked Human Kebab if USS has ever played a showed with The Hip. The answer is yes and the story is great. Also Jann Arden was there.

Here is that Hip set from Canada Day in 2013 at London’s Trafalgar Square. I *think* Ash is getting turfed around 15:30.

We also talked about the new song called “Work Shoes.” The guys in USS are working pros and the new song takes them back to working manual labour jobs around the Toronto area, making money to live, party and fund being artists.


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photo 3
Starting to get the summer vibe on Vancouver Island.  The weekend was a huge one. It felt like the whole city was sitting on a patio, out on the trails, or riding a bike.

My weekend began at the USS show. The band performed a high school concert out at Stelly’s during their nooner and then they performed a 19+ show at Club 9one9.  The radio station tapped me to DJ the opening set which was a lot of fun.

Ash and Jason were exceptionally generous with their time and made sure that anyone looking for a picture or autograph were given an opportunity.  Both shows were packed rooms of passionate fans. If you have stumbled on this blog from outside of Canada and are wondering what’s up… USS are a Canadian group form Toronto.  They have at least a half-dozen modern rock singles that have been played radio across Canada for a few years now.  Man, when they launched into “Yin Yang” or “This Is The Best” the party went sub-atomic. Have a look at the pictures!


This exceptional weather calls for some bright summer music.  Lindsay is a record promoter from New York, and she sent over some fun nu-disco and house tunes.

“Baby show me something I ain’t ready for…”

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Last week I posted a story about the new USS song, “Mavericks.” I talked about how I was confused by the lyrical content.  What was the Human Kabab spewing about during the breakdown in the track?

Turns out… sometimes people actually do read my blog and Jordan sent in this great email.


Hey man, saw on your blog you were confused about what Human’s going on about in the middle of the new USS song “Mavericks”. So I’m going to drop some surfer knowledge on you….as it is my theory behind that part of the song. You might want to double check my facts on the net, this is just what I know being an avid surfer.

First, Mavericks is a crazy surf spot in California. Look up some pictures, it’s amazing (picture at top is a shot of a surf competition stolen from the internet). It’s typically a winter spot, with huge waves. Second, Jeff Clark is a surfer that was born down in Cali. I think he was around the Half Moon Bay area where Mavericks is located. He’s retired from competitions now, but he was one of the first (some people say he was the first) to ride Mavericks back before people used it as a hot spot. I figure humans doing the breakdown in the sports broadcasting style. When he’s yelling “Mavericks loses” he probably means Jeff Clark beat waves that people were too afraid to even look at for his time. That’s what I figure anyways. The surf picture of them made me put the pieces together. Hope that helps! 




Bad ass investigative journalism Jordan.

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How long has it been since we’ve heard from Ash and the Human Kabab?  March of 2010 by their reckoning.

Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker will be unleashing a new album on the huddled masses soon… and to wet your pallet for new USS, they have sent me a song to post right here on ye ‘ole blog.

Right now, the only other place to hear “Mavericks” is by signing up for their mailing list.  OR on October 11th you could hop scotch to their website and download it.

But why wait? download>> USS – “Mavericks” (mp3)

STREAM IT from The Zone dot FM RIGHT NOW

The song features some mean fiddle from Ashley MacIssac. fer realz.

The Human Kabob has nice breakdown in the middle about Maverick losing something to Jeff Clark?  I dunno, I can’t seem to figure it out.

Ash is channeling his best Seattle grunge rocker circa 1991.  This is for sure one of the more aggressive USS cuts that I have heard.

Hope you like it.  You thoughts? Leave a comment.

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illScarlett performing in the Zone (last summer, but it was the only picture I could find)

The past couple weeks have seen a parade of bands come through The Zone Afternoon Show.  Here are the interviews with a bunch of them.

Download: illScarlett (perform “Milkshakes and Razorblades”)
Download: USS (perform “Laces Out”) *this interview is too funny
Download: Daniel Wesley (perform “It’ll Be You”)
Download: Priestess

The USS interview is my favourite.  I always enjoy hanging out with Ash and the Human Kebab.  Ash tells his Lenox Lewis story and we even dabble  with some wrestling talk.

Thank you for finding my blog and downloading.

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Please note, at the :23 second mark of this video, Ash drives by on my scooter. Yeah, that happened and its on film.

Thank you for the heads up Heather!

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USS or the Ubiquitous Synergy Seeker were in Victoria last night for another Zone Show.  Before the rock was brought to a sold out Lucky Bar, the boys came on the Zone Afternoon Show for a live performance.  have a listen.

Song: “2 and 15/16th”
Song: “Hollow Point Sniper Hyperbole”
Song: “Laces Out”
Song: “Anti-Venom”

Interview and complete Performance: USS on The Radio

It was nice, Ash (the lead singer guy) was into my scooter, so I let him rip around after the set.  He mentioned that today he would pull the ultimate tourist move and rent one from that place downtown.  We shared a moment indeed.

I feel like a piece of ass because I flaked on the show last night.  I went home after my show to watch some hockey.  I ordered a pizza, cracked a beer.  One turned into almost a six-pack, Nucks win… and I just wanted to cuddle a pillow on my couch.  That and I was in no condition to drive, so no USS at Lucky Bar for me… bad radio DJ, bad.  Next time.

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cue up this gem from South Africa.  How exotic.

—–Original Message—–
From: rowanstuart@webmail.co.za [mailto:rowanstuart@webmail.co.za]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2009 11:34 AM
To: Jeremy@thezone.fm
Subject: South African music

Hey, Jeremy.
Do you still play music from South Africa? My name’s Rowan Stuart & I’m a
South African solo artist. My album’s more alternative pop than rock, but
definitely worth a listen, if I may say so! I’d be happy to send you a CD
if you think your station might be interested. Otherwise, I’ll leave some
links to check out my music, in case you wanna.

Thanks a lot!
Rowan Stuart




An email from Dave between him and another Zoner behind the lore of USS’s new track, “Laces Out.”

—–Original Message—–
From: Oscar *** [mailto:oscar@***.com]
Sent: Sunday, January 25, 2009 9:20 PM
To: Dave Sawchuck
Subject: Laces Out – Ace Ventura Reference

Hey Dave,

A quick regarding USS “Laces Out” and the potential Ace Ventura.  You are right on the money.  Here’s the specific remarks from their manager when I asked:
“Yes – that’s where it’s from.  When USS performs the single live, Jay usually asks the crowd if they know which way the laces should go according to Ace Ventura – of course they yell “out” and then Jay gets into a call and response with the crowd with him yelling “laces” and the crowd shouts back out” – now they’re ready to play the song!”
All the best,


Coral and I decided long before Madelyn was even born that she would be a music snob when as she is growing up.

Teacher:  “Alright class, time to do a sing-a-long.”  How about Ba Ba Black Sheep.”

Madelyn:  “swa, That song sucks.  Just stab me in the ear, that would be easier than listening to this pedestrian shit.”

Keeping with Madelyn’s educational goals, Sara P found this wonderous product.  And hey!  Madelyn has a birthday coming up…

The Indie Rock Alphabet Book

Yeah yeah… I bought a cell phone on Saturday.  My first cell phone ever in my 29 years roaming the planet.  I love the future, I am totally not going back!

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