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Writing a top 10 list of favourite records has become a bit of a holiday tradition for me.  Not too sure how long I’ve been doing it… many years.

Thank you if you took the time to read… we’ll level up that thank you if you also shared a link.  The other day’s blog post was one of my bigger posts in terms of web-traffic in awhile.  Thank you.

Megan Will asked if I’d string the songs together for a Mixtape so she can listen to it as like a podcast.  Easy enough and thank you Megan for asking!

Mixcloud: Mixtape >> Top 10 Records of 2011

Go with yourself.

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Happy New Year!

I am really looking forward to crushing this night tonight and starting 2011.  I will be busy, DJing at the Veneto Lounge till 1AM then traveling up the road to do an hour and half at the Zone NYE party at Sugar.

I was reading Seth Godin the other day… I loved his blog post about “What are you working on?”

Great question.  If you got asked that question would you be excited to answer?

Gooooo 2011!

No resolutions here…. except Coral said this weekend we’re tearing apart our apartment and pulling a Rozie.  Getting rid of stuff.  Clean lines, clean apartment, happy wife… more sex?  gooooooooooooo 2011! ha.

Go with yourself.

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